June 10, 2008

Guilty even if proven Innocent.

I have a lot to do today, but I can't focus on anything. I have to write about this. Have to.

Some of you who have been following my blog regularly now (thank you) know of Kamel's story my relative who has been detained by the Americans on false "insurgency/terrorist" charges.

He was then transferred from a U.S prison to another Iraqi prison controlled by the racist sectarian Shias. In this last prison, the Shia prison guards asked for extortion money in exchange for his release, since there was no trial and no real charges.
The money was gathered and given as asked. They double crossed us and Kamel was not released.

Kamel is a frail over 60 years old man. In prison his health deteriorated greatly and visits were hardly allowed. He also contracted scabies and I wrote about that in my post called "Skins in Captivity". (see right at the end for links)

Yesterday, we were informed that he has been transferred to an American prison again.
And we were also told that he was found not guilty - again, and that there are absolutely no charges against him - again, that he is innocent and that he will be released "some day"- again.

As I said before, no trial was conducted in the first place.

What do they mean will be released some day ? The man is very ill.

They said he needed some paperwork done. What paperwork ? The man is innocent and they said so themselves.

"So when will he be released", we asked , "we don't know" they said "paperwork."

Omar, (another relative) on the other hand has been finally found.

I have also written about Omar. He was found in yet another prison in the South. He was shipped from a Baghdad US prison to a Basra (Shia controlled prison) about 2 years ago. Omar has been illegally detained for over 2 years and was underage at the time of his arrest. Again no charges, no trial. The only reason for his detention is because his name is Omar and he happens to be a "soooneeeeeee"

In Basra, he was placed in a prison that got bombed by the Mahdi army just before he was supposed to be released a year ago. Everyone thought he died and we could not get any news. Then his mother heard he is in some hospital for severe wounds but we did not know where and what hospital.

Yesterday, we learned that Omar has been transferred again to yet another prison in X location (will not reveal location from fear of reprisal). They informed us that he will be released - again, because found not guilty of anything - again. We know for a fact that Omar has been tortured since his arrest.

His poor mother, an elderly lady, travelled all the way to X. And once she got there to take her son, the sectarian Shias guards and I am starting to believe all of them are sectarians, asked her for 3'000 dollars - more extortion money.

This woman is in a very precarious financial situation. She begged them and told them "where can I get the 3'000$ from ? We are living off charity, the neighbors give us food when they can. I don't have such a sum."

They said to her "No money, no son"

And she returned to Baghdad empty handed...

So both Kamel and Omar are totally innocent, yet still guilty in the "new Iraq" simply because they are Arab Sunnis.

Sometimes I wonder who are more clement - racist Zionists or racist sectarian Shias !?

And Shias who are not sectarian and not infected by Iranism/ Khomeinism, do come forward and prove yourselves.

I made a similar request to the Jews in one of my posts. I said "Jews who are not Zionists do come forward", only one or two showed up.

I don't expect much difference this time around.

P.S : I just saw this article on Azzaman that very much corroborates what we've experienced ourselves. A must read.

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Painting: Iraqi artist, Falah Al-Saeidi, 2007