For Spanish Readers

As usual, the indefatigable, wonderful, Sinfo Fernandez from has translated some of my posts into Spanish - making them available to Spanish Readers. Links below.

And as usual, I extend to her and everyone in my appreciation and sincere thanks.


Anonymous said…
In my magic crystal ball I foresee, before the century leaves its adolescence you will be wearing a gorgeous bright red wedding dress, your hair loose playing with the winds, your nostrils filled with forgotten dear scents, your ears filled with cries and shouts of joy all around, your eyes filled with warm sunlight, your body and soul improvising a wild dance in the midst of a crowd of known and unknown equally beloved faces, all together united, free and happy under the shade of a freshly erected, three times taller statue in Firdaws Square, Baghdad, Iraq.
Anonymous said…
An Iraqi need not explain to a South American what is happening in Iraq becuase they have all been thru it, all of them - same "divide and conquer", and same death squads and cival wars - but thank you Sinfo Fernandez for carrying the message for a people who care to listen :)
Anonymous said…
Viva Chavez,

Tell your President, if he is really a socialist and a friend of the oppressed peoples, then he must stop supporting the Iranian regime which is fascistic and treacherous by faith and is the Empire's best ally in the destruction of revolutionary Iraq and the genocide of innocent Arabs everywhere.

Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…
forture teller,

What a nice heart warming comment.Thank you.

Do you think I will be president too ? :-)
Layla Anwar said…

You seem to be very aware of much stuff--- hats off!

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