June 5, 2008

A short note on the American-Iraqi Deal.

I am swamped. I am swamped with emails, I am swamped with articles, I am swamped with ideas, and swamped with posts in draft form and swamped with comments - 75% of which are pure GARBAGE.

There is much I want you to know. A lot of it comes from Arabic articles which I simply have no time to translate.

You must agree with me, I can't write posts, reply to 1000000 mails, read 100000 articles, reply to comments and translate - all at once...I am not the Goddess Ishtar, not yet.

So I kindly ask you and yes I can be very kind at times -- I kindly ask anyone who can read Arabic and has spare time to come forward and contact me. There are articles where I can use some help.

Not only me, but also URUKNET is looking for voluntary translators. I promise you, I will not harass you with long articles and will not ask you to translate word for word. Will just ask you to alleviate some of the workload on my back.

If you don't want to help me, then help URUKNET who is even a more important news source on IRAQ and which I urge you to consult daily --- a good place to start debunking a lot of your myths regarding Iraq.

Why this introduction you may ask ? Simply, because I am about to give you a very brief note on the US-Iraq agreement by linking to two sources.

One is the infamous Cockburn from the Independent and the other is from Al-Safir newspaper (thank you A). And this the ensuing analysis.

Basically Cockburn argues that Bush is trying to have this deal signed before he leaves office. Cockburn got a few facts wrong as well. It is not 50 military bases, it is 4'000 military posts around the country. Never mind, we will not quibble over a few thousands. That is not the point am trying to make here. You can read the article for yourself for all of its contents. A grotesque colonisation of the 21st century.

Now the Al-Safir in yesterday's article, in Arabic has another twist to the story.

Their reporter, Ali Al-Haj Yussef in Tehran reveals that high ranking sources in Iran have the perception that this is what Bush is looking for and that the recent moves by the Sadrists and Sistani in Iraq who supposedly "oppose" this deal are part of Iran's pressure on Bush to tell him that if he badly needs this agreeement with Iraq, he will have to sign with Iran a COMPREHENSIVE deal. A good sharp insight, I must add.

This explains the "resistance" speech by Nasrallah when he alluded to Iraq by saying that some "resistance" can be part of the political process and others should fight the occupation. Read my post "A toast to the Charlatans."

And that explains that after 5 years of fighting the occupation, it is only a week ago that Nasrallah suddenly remembered the resistance. And not the true Iraqi resistance who has been fighting the dual occupation for 5 years now, but the so called "resistance" of Muqtada Al-Sadr - the chief ethnic cleanser of Iraq and who is nothing but another tool for Iran. Like Nasrallah himself.

And this also explains the "miraculous breakthrough" in Lebanon following its last political crisis.

In other words, Iran is telling the US and the US is listening - trust me on that one - "WE ARE IN IT TOGETHER REMEMBER HOW WE HELPED YOU IN IRAQ."

Hmmm, I just "love" this kind of Iranian "anti-imperialism, anti-zionism" Don't you ?

A good critique of Nasrallah by the TRUE Iraqi Resistance - the 1920 Revolutionary Brigade can be found here. Again it is in Arabic. Hence my introductory "cry for help" in translation.

Now if you excuse me, I need to go and finish cooking dinner.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Shaker Al-Alussi