Another Stolen Childhood - Afghanistan.

The child workers of Afghanistan video / Al-Jazeera 2/6/08


Anonymous said…
This is the democracy the U.S is spreading Layla.. can't you see!

Fucking heartless bastards I tell you. All of them, including these anti-war anti-poverty fucks who went out and protested against these wars AFTER they saw the destruction they are causing and the bodybags that kept coming back home to them.

I remember having this conversation with my dad, and he told me they drove the taliban out but instead brought another group/clan of Pashto shits (ie. Karzai's).

I don't get it.. are people this stupid, to totally forget the cold war and how they armed and supported the taliban and now they've driven them out? Aren't they sick of these games and shuffles being played on them, or are they this stupid?
Anonymous said…
What's the problem?

You complained when there was no work, now your complaining because the children have to work.

hard work never hurt anyone.
Anonymous said…
Indentured to slavery for $800 fucking dollars? $500 dollars and you can buy another human? What the fuck is wrong with this world! More reason why I'm glad to be an American.
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous I,

What can I say but I AGREE WITH YOU.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous II

How was it when you were in the SS in some Nazi camp, asshole. Why don't you "share" your experience with us?
Layla Anwar said…

I prefer you when you're drunk, pass by later when you've had your fill of denial through alcohol..but you don't need that do you, you've been suckled lies from the crib...
What a despicable character you are, what a dickhead you are, what a repugnant personality you have.
Fuck you and fuck the whole of your america.
Samer Dallasheh said…
Looks like slavery is coming back to the trend thanks to the U S and A.

I think we all should unit and solve these crisis... Free children should not be enslaved. And there should be no slavery....

People you think they actually earn anything from this work? they don't, the debt lenders have them by the balls... With the help of usury they'll never be free unless some one pays off the debt or some government.

By the way usury is forbidden in Islam, and we can see why.

But i don't simply think we should help, its our duty and we must help i'll try to help them.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,

Saw this heartbreaking story on TV. Great crimes have been committed by the US (and USans collectively), but I pray that they never get away with the crimes committed towards innocent children. Ignore the garbage that visits your site with trash flowing out of their drink-sodden brains, if they have any. They have children, too, and somewhere along the line, they will ask God what they did to deserve what their children will have to go through. You reap what you sow, and God, isn't the entire world wishing the worst on these demons from hell?

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
half the planet was developed using what is now considered 'slave labor'.

China, UAE and many other countries are also hotbeds of slavery, but who cares about them? noone.
The best part is that most of them don't even know they're slaves...LOL.
Anonymous said…
It's when I look around the world that makes me...
Layla Anwar said…
Hiya little deer,

please check your mail, urgent.
Kosta said…
I’ll make this long to give you some ammunition.
Anonymous I said
"Fucking heartless bastards I tell you. All of them, including these anti-war anti-poverty fucks who went out and protested against these wars AFTER they saw the destruction they are causing and the bodybags that kept coming back home to them."

I’m Australian as I've said, born here of Greek parents.
We, or those that represent us,(Australia) stood up alongside America and UK and came to kill your people. Many of 'us' conveniently rationalised this action as one to get rid of 'evil Saddam or Talliban', most may have said no, but still we went. So now the time has come for us to answer for this crime, we rightly can find nowhere to hide to escape the spot light for blame.

In my city of Adelaide, in a population of appx 1_Million, about 100,000 or 10% went to the protest demonstration, even though the vast majority 'voiced' objection when asked.

To be honest, I didn't go.

As our then PM John Howard sent naval ships to the Mid East; the public was asking 'where is the navy going' and we were told, 'just manoeuvres'.
Which I didn't believe for a minute.

Then I noticed what I thought a strange behaviour.
Some would say 'well we are there now, we're committed, we can't turn tail now and run'.. ‘the fleet is over there’.
To my disbelief, it was evident to me at that point, that my fellow Australians were increasing their support to war for no more reason than 'pride'.

We went in.
Then some 'anti-war anti-poverty fucks' as you described, headed over to Iraq as so called human shields.
I didn't go.
I had a wife and kids here, so a valid excuse some might say, and I most certainly didn't have the balls to go anyway.

So what have I done while on my moral high horse.
fuck all really.
argued every day, face to face and online.
My not-close friends tell me constantly to worry about my family and don't get too involved with things I can't control...That's what they say....most people that is.

So yep... that's the truth of it.
How many of you would come here if the tables were turned to save my life. One man from Adelaide (maybe more) out of 1 million went to Afghanistan and allegedly went for Jihad, but 'saw no action' I believe, and I guess they had nothing they could prove against him because after 5 years the Americans released him from Guantanamo. Either that or he gave them information they wanted to hear and now he's back home.

So most didn't protest anymore, in fact maybe 30 or 40% are 'offended' if I merely raise in seeming disgust, the Issue of the wars over oil.
So here is one "anti-war anti-poverty fucks", and perhaps I flatter myself to accept that tittle because I didn't even have the balls to take any physical action, if even only to go as a so called 'human shield'.

But what the fuck can I do.
Could I have gotten a rifle and assassinated John Howard; would that have helped you, would it have helped to remove my guilt and your blame for me.

What of the Australian Muslim "anti-war anti-poverty fucks", what did they do for you.
I went to an Australian Muslim Chat Site, hoping to find some people that better understood your pain. People with which I could be kindred spirits.
I was even faced with a couple of accusations of anti-Semitism, for being critical of the so called 'Jewish State'. and that was perhaps a year and 1/2 ago.
You see, even they are spooked, for fear of bringing disrepute upon their beloved website, because some local media groups were keeping an eye on them.

Disappointingly (perhaps mistakenly)for me, these so called Muslims seemed more interested in saving man's soul than his flesh.
Sure they express love and pain for you, but they seem to wish to avoid getting labelled, what faux (FOX) news might call, extreme or heavens forbid "Islamists" (what ever that means).

I just hope you understand my position, because I try and I think I do understand yours…. But that’s what we all say I guess.
I really don’t know, we are both humans after all, you and I. and so I ask again, would you guys have done any more if the tables were turned… be honest, don’t answer me but ask yourself…. I don’t know…. But I think better of you than that.

What I can’t understand, is the fucking assholes that come here on this site from our Anglo-Centric nations and attack you with insults, as disgraceful as those you throw at them, but unlike you, they have lost fuck all.
A few thousand in the world trade centre, I forget the date, a handful in the English Subways, ( and mind you they can’t even be sure that your people did it) a few thousand more dead soldiers in the oil war and perhaps I missed a hundred or two.
They or we’ve lost fuck all really; I’m yet to meet anyone personally to say ‘those bloody rag heads killed my brother’…. ‘they killed my father’….’my mother, sister, baby cousin, grandmother, half my family, 22 members of my family including 2nd cousins, they killed my best friend and his wife’…. Nope, I hear none of that.

They tell me, oh but our people have suffered and the Muslims, Arabs, whatever, ; must be stopped from killing.

I know what, I’ll argue that my crime is less.
You fucking Americans here that attack layla and her friends
What fucking arrogance and contempt for others you have, because your nation lost a poultry few hundred or a thousand or two in the WTC. And who did it? Allegedly some guys with box cutters performed a synchronised high jacking and spoilt your day.

Wouldn’t it just be better for all involved if you ‘get over it’ and forget the WTC, after all, you never lost anyone.
wouldn’t you rather do what so many of YOU (perhaps not you) so often do:
Dress up your 8 year old daughter in a fine glittery coming out dress with her hair all done up and wearing more make up than a 20 dollar transvestite whore, tell her how sexy she looks as you drive her down to the Miss Pre Teen Contest.
Don’t tell me Mohamed married a child, because that’s just a myth to me, you see, I’m an atheist and you most certainly can’t believe that, because you think it’s a myth too.
Screw you, these people have watched there baby cousin die through haemorrhaging from the ass because your people aided and supported the dumping of 35 Tons of so called ‘depleted’-Uranium in their back yard.
Don’t breath a sigh of relief yet my Aussies and Poms.
They are our accomplices.
How fucking dumb are we Aussies, ‘supporting our (so called) allies’

Where the fuck were they when the Japs attacked us. Don’t tire yourselves typing a response I’ll tell you..
When PM Jon Curtin sent Dr Evatt as an envoy to suck up to the Brits for help (I hope that’s all he did); after a ‘fuck off no thank you’ he came back with nothing more than his dick in his hand.

So even though it’s in none of our history books, what did the illustrious general Mac Arthur say to Curtin after Curtin had made a grovelling public appeal for protection; according to the minutes of the meeting between them’… don’t answer you blind dick heads, I’ll tell you. ….Check out the Curtin University web site…
” The Commander-in-Chief desired to point out the distinctions between the United States and the United Kingdom in their relations and responsibilities to Australia. Australia was part of the British Empire and it was related to Britain and the other Dominions by ties of blood, sentiment and allegiance to the Crown. The United States was an ally whose aim was to win the war, and it had no sovereign interest in the integrity of Australia. Its interest in Australia was from the strategical aspect of the utility of Australia as a base from which to attack and defeat the Japanese.
In other words, for those who are intellectually impaired because we’ve sold 20% of our tertiary seats… let me splain it for you…’fuck you jack, we owe you didly squat, we only lookin’ out for our ass; you want help? Then you’d better cough up some doe…. We want a permanent base.’.
While we are on the topic of dumb suckers that we are and don’t know our own history, and moan about immigrants… let me give you a Donald Bradman Related Test. I mean after all, they do have a Bradman related question in the immigration test. I’m sure you know that he’s ‘considered’ Australia’s greatest cricketer BUT
Who was the Young Aboriginal Lad that bowled out ‘the don’ for a fucking ‘duck’ and was subsequently sent back to the reservation…. Bet you don’t know that one… now go spend the next month trying to find out coz I ain’t helping you this time…. Oh sorry about that…
you see how myths and false Idols like Bradman are created..

And you know what, in speaking against the war to Iraq, only one of our federal politicians stood up screaming properly every day against the others that it was all bullshit and a con.. he was a gay man Called Senator Bob Brown, leader of the Greens Party.
And even though I’m a self confessed sexist and homophobe deep down; I can tell you, I think he’s more of a man than ½ of our polies put together.

Ps. Queen Elizabeth is the largest non institutional share holder of Rio Tinto; still enjoying the benefits of the wealth created by them when they were pedling opium to China during the opium wars for her great grand mother.
Some Klans are just no good.

Well; there’s your ammunition, it’s the best I can offer.
Kosta said…
If convenient
Could one of you Brits pass a message onto our gracious queen liz for me.

I don't wish to appear 'gossipy' or spoil her weekend being that it's her birthday holiday weekend , but I think she's got another little slut in the family.

Like I said, I'm not one to talk like this normally, BUT; apparently, according to some sources,.....Young Pring William has been seen out and about with none other than Camilla Al Fayed.
And a real Raven Haired hottie she is.
Well let me tell you more...
In light of concerns that he's been hooking up with the young 1/2 sister of Dodi Alfayed, the man who use to get it together with his mum; young Prince Willie's steady Kate Midleton has been seen out on a revenge date and locking lips with his best mate.... I forget the lad's name.

Like I said; I hate to be the bearer of bad news for her majesty, but just in case she hasn’t heard, it’s probably better that she hears it from one of her own subjects.

It’s all been fairly hush hush since I read it in one of my wife’s gossip magazines a few months back, so don’t spread it around.

If I may be a little familiar: A very happy Birthday to you Liz.
Good Luck with Chuck too… he’s a worry.
Layla Anwar said…

Some hard truths here.

Thank you for the "cry from the heart" the no nonsense comment.

I agree with you, I've visited "islamic" chat rooms myself, and they will debate for hours if water during ablutions should reach the elbows or not --- but will keep "politics" out of it.

So yes, I can relate very much so...I know exactly where you're coming from. And I agree on Australia too. Was just reading an article the other day where Australians in Iraq evoked concerns that they were not "active" enough...

Seems that old anglo saxon blood is was itching to go for the kill.
Kosta said…
Yes I heard that on the radio here about 1 or 2 weeks ago.
But the news as of several days ago is that Australia's remaining 500 troops are leaving Iraq, ....pretty well forthwith.
We will still have troops in Afghanistan
Yes, that’s right Five Hundred Troops out of an original 2000.
Our combined regular armed forces is 30,000 and that includes secretaries, generals, and cooks.
Our number of men and women in our total armed forces is but a piss in the ocean, and here we are in the middle of Australasia.
In Indonesia and Timor, heads are literally rolling and we know even less. about that than we do about the midEast. They have since the 1970's been leaving calling cards of the heads from neighbours families like bunches of coconuts in villages all overEeast Timor to control autonomy efforts.
Hard to believe, Life is cheap over there. These Asian countries are heavily populated.
The waters to the north are not some of the, but THE MOST notorious pirate waters in the world.

Those little men in New Guinea to our North, which we’ve nicely divided with Indonesia are said to have performed amazing feats to help our soldiers against the Japanese in WWII.
Australian story boasts of the difficulties our solders endured on the Kokoda Trail in dense tropical jungles with malaria, up and down rivers and mountains …but… but
these ‘little men’ carried our men (I say our even though my parents were still teenagers and still in Greece at the time) They, carried our fallen men on their backs on their own whenever!! found from all over the place when they were lost dying and on their own, and sometimes not ; while the Japanese (it is claimed by live witnesses) striped flesh from live men to eat on the odd occasion. We now help them fuck all.
And here we are in Aust with an armed forces totaling 1/2 of fuck all. In a country of immigrants where WE, WE, 45% of us are born in other countries or have at least one parent born overseas,, and we go around engaging in new racial tensions.
Lets not even mention that ‘Bush the Son’ has invoked that word (crusade).please.

But you and I , I hope, don’t get off so easy as to find the root to be as natural as Anglo Saxon Blood..
Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not even going near an argument that it’s not the Anglo-Centric nations.
Of which I, and other non-Anglo ‘races’, are a significant part of.

I could go on

Is this ‘spaming’, you think?

The rest of you have been most gracious toward me I feel. In your absence of hostility. It is not just more than I expected, it is literally much more than I expect.
Kosta said…
disregard the 1st six lines in my previous post.
I was searching to find you a link but it seems I 'apparently' heard wrong.
It's not so possitive'''

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