Exorcising a Child's Nightmare...

I woke up today with another sinking feeling. I thought I've gotten used to them - sinking feelings, by now...but no.

I dreamt of being in some sort of refuge center that takes in abandoned children, Iraqi children. It looked more like some rehabilitation center than anything else.

The whole dream was tinged with a dirty beige color, reminding me of those missionary orphanages, or these medieval looking hospitals.

I saw myself in this place, and two Iraqis kids were brought in, one girl and one boy. Our "mission" was to bathe them, give them a clean bed to sleep, and feed them...

So I and this "coworker" whoever it was, bathed the two kids. And I could not help but notice that their private parts looked like those of an adult.

In the dream, I said to myself, how can that be ? These are kids not older than 10!

So I made the remark to my "coworker" and she said "pay no attention".

I replied "how can I pay no attention, their genitals are over-developed for their age. Something is wrong here. And this girl's private parts look like that of a woman who has given birth"

So I asked the little girl, I said to her, "what happened, you can tell, I promise I will not let anyone hurt you." And she replied in a soft, sleepy voice "Please let me sleep, I have not slept in ages..."

I woke up from this dream and I understood that the time has come for me to write about the sexually abused, raped, trafficked, sold children of Iraq and dedicate that post to them.

I've been deliberately putting it off for some reason or another. Maybe because this subject affects me deeply and I can already see the emotional, psychological, moral, sexual and spiritual damage reverberating for generations to come, contaminating and scarring all future ones... Such things are never forgotten -- on a collective, conscious or unconscious level...they will be passed on from generation to generation...

I guess my own unconscious having been patient enough with my willful procrastination on the subject, gave me that dream. Its way of telling me "now, you expose it for what it is." So I am obliging with my own limited means.

And now has come the time to share a piece of news I've been putting off for some time. I know I have, on several occasions, alluded to Iraqi children being sold and trafficked into sexual slavery. I have also mentioned about those who are sexually abused in orphanages, streets and the rest...

So this piece of news was from an email I received on the 15th of March 08, from M. And this is what it said :

" Swedish press reveal serious facts on the markets for the sale of children in Iraq. Investigative journalism, published on page 6 of the broadest and largest newspaper - Swedish Agency for World News Express - which has been translated into more than 12 languages throughout the globe in the last 24 hours, which has caused an outcry in Sweden...

The disguised Swedish press (Tiris Christenson), and her colleague (Thorbjorn Anderson) went in an old Brazilian Volkswagen car and followed closely the sale of children in a large market at the centre of Baghdad with pictures and sound .. Market for the sale of infants and adolescents .. Slave market in the land of the cradle of civilisation which made the readers and viewers cry the minute the story was published and shown on Swedish television!

It's an Iraqi girl named (Zahra) age of 4, sold in the centre of Baghdad for $ 500! Then the journalist shows the children that are sold at the copper market, and women forced to prostitution. The actual figures are not shown in the daily number of killings, the journalist continued describing the lives of the Iraqis under the daily killing, hunger, torture, kidnapping, slaughter and total anarchy, all under the cover of Democracy.

This story will make thunders around the world and hopefully will awake some conscience...

The Swedish government has announced that they will grant the abused Iraqi children and women an asylum to live in Sweden and they will be allowed to have their families with them...

The amazing thing is the reporter talks abut a place where children are sold and shows it on a map inside the Green Zone of Iraq and no one knows to whom and where the children sold being taken to."

I will tell you where they are taken to. They are taken as sexual slaves to neighboring countries like Kuwait and Iran. They are taken as merchandise and sold to "civilized Westerners", including Americans and Brits. They are prisoners of pedophile and porn rings...

And NO, the Swedish government and the rest of the "civilized Western" governments and societies will not do anything despite their so-called outcry. In fact Sweden and the rest have closed their doors in the face of Iraqi asylum seekers. So spare us your crocodile tears...

So what can be done locally when "the budget allocated to projects that help street children and orphans is decreasing day in and day out," notes an Iraqi Red Crescent employee refusing to give his name.
" Worse still, almost NO NGO is dedicating itself to this group of kids who are subject to trafficking and sexual abuses in the streets."

So the trauma of occupation, of a stolen childhood, of violence, of losing one's parents, one's home, of dreaming of artificial limbs, of poverty, of empty stomachs, of child labour, of untreated diseases because of lack, of phosphorus and depleted uranium deformities...are not enough for you. Of course there has to be more, and more, and more...

Who is going to save them from the inferno of adult sexual perversion ?

Who will stop these children from having the genitals of a grown up ?

Who will exorcise them from the devil's claws ?

Who will stop their daily nightmares ?

Who will let them sleep in peace ?


P.S: Afghanistan is following in our footsteps. All thanks to You -- "civilized world."

Painting: Iraqi artist, Falah Al-Saeidi


Anonymous said…
Dream-o-guess, of an ADDHD - so not much good :)

Dreams are always unimportant, the important ones you'll know. The thing you mind is not to fall for a child like man, looking like a Buddah, Dali Lama, Gandhi etc, they might be like Khomayne or Hitler, fakes - learn from the idiots who follow the bearded ones - especialy those who look at you as a child could not look at a woman - you don't actually have to see their priavte parst to know their private hearts - learn from the Farsis mistake and ignore those you think might be important - even if they are cute :)

Now do not going like an owl, all Who, Who, Who - you know the answer very well, just think in Arabic - and pity the poor jerks who don't - just give it time - "Optimistic" is just a start, think anyone will get away with what they did to Iraq? Americans are "optimistic" that God will forgive them, i am confident God will not - His name is Justice after all.

Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous above,

I understood NOTHING of your comment. Sorry to tell you but it made absolutely NO SENSE to me.
KM said…
cant get words together for this one, other than this is the worst of Everything
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla, your post today affects me very deeply - I wasn't even sure if I should comment here but have done so because I wish for you to know that I've read it.

In solidarity.
Cecilio Morales said…
I have tried to find corroboration of this without luck.

For example, I could not find a newspaper your correspondent identified as the largest in Sweden -- Swedish Agency for World News Express. I drew similar blanks seeking information on Tiris Christenson and Thorbjorn Anderson. No one else in the world appears to have heard of your 4-year-old Zahra. Similarly, I cannot find any Swedish television report containing your information.

Could you post detailed information that a person in the West could verify? These are very serious charges and, if true, they should be raised so that the powers that be can't evade responsibility.
Layla Anwar said…

Had difficulty writing it myself, let alone dream about it.
Layla Anwar said…
Dearest Little Deer,

I know exactly what you mean. Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…


Knowing in advance that I might be getting a comment along yours, I have deliberately posted another 2 other links, one re.Iraq and the other re.Afghanistan and typed in them in BOLD.
The Iraq link clearly states
" No NGO is dedicating itself to this group of kids who ARE SUBJECT TO TRAFFICKING AND SEXUAL ABUSES..."

The Afghanistan link from IRIN - A UN.PRESS AGENCY -starts with the title " I SOLD MY DAUGHTER".

I have in my files over 1'500 links on Iraq children and women. I wanted to post all of them, it is simply not possible.

The website IRAQIRABITA in Arabic, has story after story of children being sold, trafficked and the rest...

UNICEF's official website as far back as 2004, had a whole article on the TRAFFICKING of IRAQI CHILDREN straight after the Occupation and warned against it.


I can go and on, please set aside your skepticism, and ask Iraqis in Syria, Jordan, Egypt and inside of Baghdad to corroborate for you.

Alternatively you can check the URUKNET website, it has many articles on Iraqi children and if you read them each single one of them, you will find reference to the same subject matter raised in my post.

And in all honesty, do you think the American or Western media will will give you leads to such stories so you can press charges.

Goodness me, the whole occupation and its dire consequences are still minimized, underplayed etc...
Even the death toll is lied about, do you think they will tell you about the trafficking of children ?
Anonymous said…
I read a very sad report not to long ago from Tom Dispatch about the women victims of Africa's wars, and of course this goes with out saying that if women are victims so are the children.

The trafficking and abuse of children and women will be openly and uncontrollably committed in what are mainly men created war zones and occupations. Children and women are considered as weak and defenseless commodities, therefore they are always the greatest victims. After wars and occupations end, the abuse of the women and children that took place is never really addressed properly, nor is justice on their behalves ever taken.

It is primarily in the hands of the women and children to demand recognition and justice for women and children. If left up to the men, it will never be addressed properly let alone dealt with justly.

How often are the rights of women and children in war zones addressed and discussed? Not often enough....
Anonymous said…
Layla: I'm with you.....I have no idea what Anon (1st comment) is/was trying to say...total garbola.

Have had some contact with a woman from IRAQ (helping me with Arabic pronunciation and syntax)who moved to Jordan and is working with orphaned children a noble cause indeed....to actually help these children if you are a Westerner (Canadian) is near impossible because of immigration laws in the Middle East. We have the same problem helping women and children in Africa. Help is refused by the prevaling government and any interference results in accusations of Westerners "kipnapping" children...

We also have the problem of children and women being used as human bombs. Who do you trust when children, women and men dressed as women are strapped with bombs and detonated by remote control in areas of heavy people density. Who is the animal in this case? A Canadian peace keeper in Afghanastan is approached by a child,the soldier hands the child some candy, some bastard blows them all up.....make sure you don't confuse our peace keepers with American soldiers. We keep trying to rebuild infrastructure but there are some that seem to think it great fun to blow up newly rebuilt schools, temples and hospitals.

You tell me how we and/or any compassionate Western Nation can help....

Anonymous said…
Why do they have to suffer?.

I can't stand this anymore... I just look at the little children around me ... To hurt something like that...

There is no telling....

I can't. Must...
Anonymous said…
"We also have the problem of children and women being used as human bombs. Who do you trust when children, women and men dressed as women are strapped with bombs and detonated by remote control in areas of heavy people density. Who is the animal in this case? A Canadian peace keeper in Afghanastan is approached by a child,the soldier hands the child some candy, some bastard blows them all up.....make sure you don't confuse our peace keepers with American soldiers. We keep trying to rebuild infrastructure but there are some that seem to think it great fun to blow up newly rebuilt schools, temples and hospitals."--AJB said...


The crux of this problem is the military occupation. As long as there is a military occupation there will be resistance, even of the unethical, detestable kind ..

You cannot effectively win the trust of the Iraqis and Afghanis as a peace keeper trying to help while they are being simultaneously and unethically militarily occupied. And another problem you have in winning the trust of these people is that there are many so-called peace keepers who are there trying to convert Iraqis and Afghanis to Christianity under the protection of what is seen as a military occupations by majority Christian nations.
KM said…
Anonymous above,

Please keep in mind that this is my personal belief and I am not doing a 'comparison' between you & I, etc.
A couple years back I thought of going to Iraq to try to help in anyway I can. I have computer, elctronics, medical and construction experience. I thought in some way I could be used somehow.

I did a bit of checking around and I realized that I would just be tagging on the heels of an illegal invasion and getting paid to do it. Its a hard call for me and still don't know if I had made the right decision.

There is a website regarding Palestine and the hell taking place there too. I've done some checking there too and they too need help and will arrange it for persons to go there and help.
I can post the website if nobody would mind. You can also call the man that runs this organization and talk directly with him.

Also, if you can organize a small group and better still, if yer group would know a doctor/surgeon, you can start a sponsoship under NOMOREVICTIMS which is on the net.

It's f'n nuts talkin 'bout this cuz none of this should be happening at all to Iraq or Palestine..or anywhere. The 'civilized' with their scientific research in finding better, more efficient ways to kill human beings and the so-called 'adults'.
KM said…
It's 'our' responsiblity.




Anonymous said…
I absolutely agree that this is a horrendous situation. I don't believe however that the majority of Canadian/and UN peacekeepers are trying to Christianize anyone....I know that there are organizations run by true Christians that don't try to convert but alas there are others that are so caught up with themselves they think that's how to 'save' people instead of addressing immediate physical and emotional needs.Are they the majority? I'm not sure....

I have issues with anyone who's religion says that everyone else's religion is 'untrue'....whether Christian, Jew, Muslim or Buddhist. Even Christ said there are many paths that lead to God. Why can't we just live and let live?
In Calgary, Canada where I live, I can attend temple, mosque, church; I can join in on celebrations of all faiths. You don't have to be afraid if you disagree with a cultural issue within a faith, Lutherans are not fighting with Catholics in the streets. As long as no one kills each other, or is disrepectful, we are free to make public comment. We may do so through humour, Candaians are fairly self depricating I don't see that tolerence in the middle east.

I can still approach a child in the street in Calgary and not worry about dying...I can work here to make sure women and children have the things they need to live. I can donate I can write letters but have no idea if I could personally help women and children caught in the cross fire of war.

Americans are not going to listen to me, nor are they going to listen to our Prime Minister who has always refused to get involved with their occupation of IRAQ...What would convince you that there are a lot of us that may not support your cause but who are passionate about helping women, children and the elderly?

KM said…
I disagree with you saying Canada is not involved in the occupation of Iraq.

I personally know a lady that lives in Jakarta, Indonesia and her sister is marrying a Canadian. Guess what he's doing? He works for a contractor in Iraq after the doors of Iraq were blown open and the illegal invasion & occupation began.
Anonymous said…

The most meaningful things I believe that we can do at this point in time for the women and children of these occupied countries is to completely reject the occupations of these countries and their people, demand that our media start telling the objective truths of the effects of these occupations, and put consistent pressure on our respective governments to do whatever necessary to put an end to these illegal occupations that are destroying Democracy in the name of Democracy. We should demand in the name of justice for the arrest and trial in an international court of the Bush administration officials. And we should be demanding that restitutions are paid to all of the victims of these immoral/illegal wars and occupations.
Anonymous said…

I checked out the website you listed (http://www.cooperativeresearch.org)in the comments under Layla's "Too Little, Too Late..." post.

I am curious, do you take this information as being 100% accurate? If you do, doesn't much of it make the U.S. government institutions like the Whitehouse, CIA, State department, and Pentagon look to be very incompetent and corrupt in a contradictory kind of way to say the least? How can having such contradictory and corrupt policies serve U.S. interests in the long term? And how do they serve the interests of a country that claims it has principles based on human rights, freedom, and justice for all?
Anonymous said…
surely canada is so safe and tolerant because white/european people are civilized as opposed to the brown people of the rest of the world who are savages. yes, i can understand your agony at not wanting to get close to brown children because crazed animalistic brown adults might blow them up just to get at you. it's a good thing that canada is offering peace out of the goodness of its heart. what would the rest of the world do with out the goodness of the colonizers? (please note sarcasm.)
my advice: stay away from brown children and our brown families. thank you.
Layla Anwar said…

FEM has already replied to you. Get your fill of it and do stay away, we don't want "people" like you around. Thanks.
KM said…

No, I don't take it to be 100% truth. Actually, it isn't saying much of anything that is proof positive.

What that link is saying, is that there was an FBI translator, that apparently was spying on certain individuls. She is alleging that what she overheard is of importance to the public.
I would like to hear all of what she has to say.

I believe most governemnts have highly intelligent people within them. I also believe some of them individually or as a group will not hesitate to kill in a heartbeat. To me, this is a bad combintation...intelligent killers.
I would rather have a dumb killer after me than an intelligent one. :-)

I do not think the govt we have in America is looking out for 'our best interests'. When push comes to shove, they will ensure their survival over us in the herd. We can always re-populate. We don't get the extravagent bomb shelters or 'shadows' to ensure the continuation of operations. We get funeral services.

I believe the US govt ( corporate-government ) has been very abusive to many countries in the World. They do not want 'democracies'. If Egypt truly had a democracy, US involvement may very well be brought to a mimimum, for example.
Our govt has been this way for a long time, its just that with this current band or marry men that steals from the poor and gives to the rich, have taken it to a new / in yer face level.
What they do plan to begin implementing in places is THEIR type of democracy...a corporate controled mutant.

So no, I dont see them as putting 'us' as numero uno on their lists of priorities. Corporations are much much more wealthy than you or I so they know full well who butters their bread.

Do I think US government institutions are corrupt? Oh HEll Yes.

I hope that answered you. If not, I will try again. I'll always try to answer as best I can.
Cecilio Morales said…
AJB and Fem,

While I understand resentment, not being pale white myself, I don't see that shooing away people who wish they could be helpful, people who empathize and are supportive, merely because they are not of your exact background. That's not a world I want to live in.

Besides, Fem, you misunderstood AJB. This commenter did not say he or she would not go near children who were brown, but rather that in Calgary, Alberta, there isn't the kind of violence where even children are used as bombs. Surely you don't support strapping children to bombs -- any more than you support their sale or abuse or killing in any other way. AJB was showing solidarity and acknowledging the distance between the relatively peaceful North American life and and the tragedy of Iraqi life.

It's a mistake to push sympathetic people away, although I can understand how feeling aggrieved can have that effect. But how are you different from the racists and haters and abusers if you heap abuse and hate and on people just because their skin is paler?
Anonymous said…
AJB and Fem,,

I am what you would call a lily white person married to a not so lily white person, who chose tp convert to the religion of Islam, that is probably viewed by many ethnocentric lily whites as a religion for non-whites. Even though Islam is for all people of all races and all walks of life who choose to accept it.

I happen to believe that if the U.S. or Canada were rendered to the same conditions as Iraq or Afghanistan you would see just as many horrendous human rights abuses taking place if not worse. I base this on the fact that here in the U.S. under what we call a civilized nation of laws we have one of the highest rates of crime and the highest prison population in the world, so just imagine if this country were rendered as lawless under foreign occupation with the highest prison population in the world combined with the world's largest military weapons caches in the world....
Anonymous said…

Thank you for you response, I believe that it was a very sufficient explanation of your position.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Cecilieaux & Western Shia Woman.....

You hit the nail on the head....I have many brown friends and white friends who are Muslim. I also have friends who are black, white, yellow, and freckled. I'm invited into their homes without prejudice as they are welcome in my home (my mothers definition of a 'lady' someone who makes you feel welcome no matter rank, social status, religion, tax bracket, religion or colour). If I could I'd whisk away all children and women no matter race or religion to a place that is safe. I do the same thing in Canada.

Is Canada perfect? Far from it....Is there prejudice? yes....do I live in fear because of what I believe? No....do I fear occupation? Do I fear children?No.....but mainly because it's too cold here for most anybody but eskimos and Russians...

So what do I do? do I clean up my own neighborhood first? I think we should just let the men blow each other up, then we women can move in and clean up the pieces and show true leadership and true democracy. (Please don't get democracy and capitalism mixed up...so many Americans are pure capitalists, in Canada we're a bit more like democratic socialists. Almost half my salary is consumed by taxes but those taxes pay for social programs that would not exist without support from the general populous..

Anyway, Still sympathetic in Calgary...

Layla Anwar said…
AJB, Ceciliaux,

Excuse me, but what is this UTTER bullshit that am reading here ?

You are concerned about kids strapping bombs around themselves now ? and for your safety ? Oh really....oh really ?

Tell me now, how concerned were you when half a million, 500'000 iraqi kids under the age of 7 died as a result of 13 years of sanctions ?

How about that time bomb that you dropped on us eh ?

And now you come all fucking patronizing teaching us your stinking politically correct Garbage....

What a disgusting hypocrites!
Cecilio Morales said…
Layla, your reply is completely and absolutely mistaken, you seem to have understood precisely the opposite of what I said. (I don't know AJB, and can't vouch for his/her intentions, but your reading of AJB's message seems completely baffling and does not match the plain meaning of the words.)

I understand that, because English does not seem to be your native language and you live in a non-English-speaking country, that some of the subtleties of native speakers escape you. Granted also, that I, at least, am not William Shakespeare, and I could always write more clearly.

I also understand that this blog is primarily about venting spleen about the terrible injustice and violence that has been to Iraq -- a matter on which I agree (see my post "I must not intervene in other countries">I must not intervene in other countries). I very much appreciate your impressionistic view of things.

Now let me explain what is mistaken about your reply:

1. It is really not necessary, and not particularly persuasive, to shout coarse words any time you think you disagree with what someone else has written.

2. It's not clear what you are outraged about when you rhetorically ask "You are concerned about kids strapping bombs around themselves now ?"

Is it that the concern is expressed "now"? If so, you miss a point by a mile. I am concerned about many things that I have been concerned about for many years. You happened to mention children in Iraq, so I voiced one of my concerns, not all of my concerns for all time, not just my newest concerns. Tu comprends?

2. "and for your safety ?" This bit is so completely off the mark as to be ridiculous. I never expressed the slightest concern for my safety. AJB, as I read it, was painting a picture of a general situation in which bombs exploded everywhere -- which is the situation in Iraq, and surprise, you might learn that you and I actually agree on whose fault it is -- rather than an expression of concern for personal safety. The writer was empathizing with those who have to live in fear.

3. You might be surprise, Layla, to learn that you're preaching to the choir regarding the effect of sanctions on Iraq, as I opposed them, way back when a lot of people didn't know what Iraq was. I am perfectly aware of this situation and many others. Your blanket assumption that merely because I write English better -- and than you do (which is all you know about me) I am your enemy, a hypocrite and what not, is completely unwarranted.

4. About the bomb I (as part of your blanket "you") dropped on you (the collective you), you'll have to be a little more specific. Taken as is, it's hard to know what you mean. I will not accept blanket responsibility for everything that anyone has ever done to any and all groups to which you belong. I, like many in the West, recognize the wrongdoing done to Iraq and would like it to end yesterday.

5. Having demolished the premises of the barrage of silly and incoherent insults you spew at the end, it should be little surprise that I find no basis in them.

Hypocrite? A hypocrite says something and does another; you don't know me well enough to make that statement, although I am sure that -- like you, you are not perfect, Layla -- I live in some hypocrisies.

Patronizing? Perhaps I sounded that way, even though it was not my intention. I voted for your blog when there was a recent contest and I empathize with much of what you say. I also think you have many interesting ideas and a unique platform to help bolster the majority of the people in the West -- the majority, surprise, surprise! -- who actually disagree bitterly with what their governments are doing in their name and with their taxes. Why do you do everything possible to alienate those of us who are your allies? If you only want to write for Arabs, why use a U.S.-based blogging platform to blog in English?

As to "politically correct," please get your catch-words right. PC is a term adopted by Reaganite and Thatcherite (Sarkoite?) neo-conservatives, that draws on Stalinist jargon to demonize anyone to their left. Do you really want to attack the Left? Are you a right-winger? I don't think so.

In sum, Layla, I am not your enemy. I am your friend.
KM said…
"Venting" huh? "Primarily about venting spleen", cecilieaux proclaims.

I'm wondering what "spleen" is. I have never heard a person mention that before so I'm not familiar with that term. Could you explain please?
KM said…
Look at you cecilieaux..setting in yer Washington DC habaitat...useing Layla for yer blogspot but then simultaneously wanting to mold her..wanting to shape her.. into something more comforting to you and yer beliefs and opnions.

I don't believe Layla just "happened to mention children in Iraq", as you put it. Do missiles "just happen" to fall from the sky? Did you "just happen" to be conceived from a womb as if it was a mistake?

I believe yer more upset cuz yer ego you apparently wear on yer sleeve has been bruised.
Cecilio Morales said…
For definitions of spleen go to


I used the phrase "venting spleen" in the sense that Layla is understandably angry and she is using the blog to release that anger in as constructive a way as she can. Most of the time, she does so admirably well.

As to locales, I would not presume to judge KM's character by where she lives. She should do herself the honor of clothing her prejudices -- naked bias looks bad.
Anonymous said…
Well put Cecilieax....I still think we should let the men blow themselves up, then the women can clean up mess (as usual)and start living and loving again....
KM said…
Judging character only by where one lives; No, but when comparing where You are and what you experience in yer day to day life .. and compare that to Layla's and passing yer judgement on her, is puttin yer needs first.

Layla has a right to be angered at times , dont you believe? Or would you rather try to bridle that as well.

Yer saying that most all people here are simply "venting spleen" and posting comments & links are all done out of anger?

What is it exactly you "admire" about her and her site if everybody is operating out of "anger" and simply "venting spleen"?
KM said…
anon above.

Yer Canadian right? I believe that is what you said.

What role is yer Canadian government playing in the invasion / support & occupation of Iraq? Or perhaps it's role in the slaughter of the East Timorese?

A "peace-keeper" huh? wow
KM said…
Canada & Iraq

Layla Anwar said…
Monsieur Ceciliaux,

How very quaint, were you breast fed paternalism or did you just acquire it with the years ?
Or maybe it just happens to be an inherent trait in your mind set, and has suddenly emerged in the virtual world, when few of your not so politcally correct nerves were tickled ?

Monsieur Ceciliaux, typing away in his mother tongue -- I understand english very well, I actually have 3 postgraduate degrees all passed with honors and in the english language.

I also understand what is written between the lines, and what is omitted.

I need not explain myself more here, since I owe you and AJB whoever the hell AJB is ,absolutely no explanation.

I think that AJB final "intelligent" reply sums up both YOUR and HER position.

Now kindly fuck off !
Layla Anwar said…

Yes, I suppose you are quite right, I need to be molded into the "acceptable" kind of spleen and whatever "they" deem to be the right amount of anger, tolerable for them as long as they don't get too ruffled in the process...
I made need to start spilling it in homeophatic dosages so Monsieur Ceciliaux and his likes can absorb it without too many side effects.

Anonymous said…
All I've been trying to say....You have every right to rant and rave about your circumstances, you don't need me to tell you that. But please know that there are Westerners who care what happens to the civilians of Iraq and no matter your angry rhetoric I still care and if I could help relieve the suffering of children and women I would.You are doing the same thing you accuse Westerners of, blanket generalizations about what life is really like in place you've never lived....
Layla Anwar said…

The only blanket I know, is the blanket of bombs that fell on our heads ---irrespective.
do you think the average Iraqi who has been subjected to 18 years of utter violence gives a fuck about your nuances ?
Anonymous said…
Probably not....but I'm still sympathetic...and passionate about helping women and children feel safe...everyone needs a soft spot!
Cecilio Morales said…

I wonder if you have considered the semantics involved in "fuck off." If someone needs to fuck off, it must mean that they were "fuck on" at some point. So in some sense this is post-coital expletive on your part. I hadn't realized that this was happening. I do hope that you enjoyed it.


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