Taking it Easy...

I will not be blogging much the coming days. I am tired and I need a break. Will respond to comments though. Well this is what I am telling myself, for now.

Besides, I've had a bad fall. Clumsiness combined with absent mindedness, compounded with a million holes in the pavements and streets. So I fell, bruised my knee, my elbow, my wrist, sprained my ankle, hip and back.

I felt nothing at first, except some warm blood oozing down my leg, thought nothing of it, except my fascination with the bright red...

Of course, my mind wandered to the tons of barrels of bright red that gushed on the streets of Baghdad and are still gushing elsewhere, covering them like rose petals...

It's only now, 24 hours later, that I felt the effects of my fall. A delayed response...and am sure that you and I will be witnessing more "delayed responses" after the "Fall".

So I am going to take it easy these days, rocking myself back to a "no bruise" state, until I recuperate my full senses...Maybe just wishful thinking on my part but I shall try...

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Sawsan Al-Saraf.


Anonymous said…
Sure this is not the first time "you" fall, as a child or later on in your story it must have happened who knows how many times - and "you" always got back to "your" feet afterwards, didn't "you" ? and "you" always were able to make up for the lost time, weren't "you" ? - beautifully so must I say...

This incident is not different or less transient than any other incident that occurred or that will occur to "you" in this life - it only feels so because it is occurring right now.

The trick is to manage to keep it on the surface until it passes without letting it affect "your" spirit in the meanwhile...

Best wishes for a quick restoration...meant to say recovery.
Unknown said…

Was just reading somewhere that for the first time in 5 years the Afghan resistance has inflicted more casualties on the scum invading their country than the Iraqi resistance has...

That is a shame seeing how the Iraqi resistance has really slowed down mainly due to the sectarien in-fighting and the tribal sheikhs being bought with some $$$ to form the sahwas.

My repsects to the Afghan fighters...You truly know how to speak the language the invader understands.
Anonymous said…
It's because the Taliban are UNITED, ONE movement with ONE program and ONE strategy.

The various groups, grouplets, fronts, counter-fronts etc. of the Iraqi Resistance should really put the Iraqi People's common good above their contrarian spirit, old grudges and reactionary temptations, swear loyalty to a representative general command and adopt a pure Arab nationalist line clean from sectarian deviances like they had when they were a regular army of a modern State.
Unknown said…
Recover fast. May peace find you.
Anonymous said…
Serves ya right.This is what happens to Baathist whores.Now all ya have to do is look for a job and a boyfriend and forget about the tyrant and this whole politics business.Jesus will forgive you for your past sins and you'll be able to start a new life.
Anonymous said…
WILL E-MAIL. KMwasright.
Ian said…
I'm glad you did not break anything and I hope you recover quickly. Perhaps you will be able to relax a bit though I suspect your mind will be racing the entire time.
Anonymous said…
It İs only 233638405405*6*5-766--76-years later, she feels the.......of her fall............
pitiful really!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
And before she repents, for what she has said about the glorious MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK, she will only be able to crawl like the snake that she is!
Anonymous said…

Sorry to hear about your accident; step back, relax and come back stronger. Hang tough...
Anonymous said…
Anonymous was me, hit the wrong button...
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry about your fall, Layla, and I hope you recover soon. Perhaps, the break away from all this will do you good, too. It can't be easy to have some really vile individuals posting their nasty comments here.

Take care.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
It may console you to know
that we too are living under
American tyranny in Australia -
that "staunch" ally of the US.
Oh it's much milder and
covered with a sugar coated
normalcy ...but tyranny just the same.
Forty years ago the yanks destroyed Australian democracy
when they murdered Prime Minister
Harold Holt - an American supporter
until he realised the true significance of the bases in Australia and set about to recall parliament and address the people.
But instead of the people hearing of their Prime Minister's fears,they were told that
he had drowned in a swimming
accident near his beach front home
(Harold was in fact an excellent
swimmer,in top condition,who knew
the sea currents in the area like the back of his hand).
We've had tame little puppets
in office ever since because of
America's global control centre
at Pine Gap to which no Australian
has access.
The Americans have also waged
a vendetta against the people
disguised as workplace reforms.
The workplace has been totally
distabilised with most people
living on the edge in casual part-time employment and no hope of
improving their lot.
Labour and the unions
are just shadows of yesterday.
And corporate contract
killers roam about freely
staging "accidents" and
Hollywood-style murders
to keep the populace cowering
and malleable.
As a reporter with the nation's top current affairs
programme,I escaped a "hit-and-
run" attempt on my life after declining to co-operate with the Gestapo.
Then policemen with guns
bulging on their hips and accompanied by a tame quack
knocked on my door and I was
certified and escorted to the
There,without any pretence of assessment,I was forced
to strip naked before male staff.
Then I put on a sick gown because
I was sick and deposited in
a lock-up ward for violent,
insane people.
Clearly this was meant
to send me over the edge to be
permanently incarated.
"Oh,poor M",my colleagues
(who'd all buckled under the gestapo regime)would have said..
"She couldn't take the pressures".
Anyway I managed eventually
to get to psychiatrist who couldn't
find anything wrong with me.
He was clearly just a pawn in the
whole proceedings and without
thinking to consult anyone,
he let me go.
I made my escape and have been underground ever since.
I think it must be clear to you that America is out to destroy
the sovereign nations to impose
it's own fascist world government.
If Americans can't criminalise
a government,they just bomb the
country instead claiming to be
rescuing the people from tyrants.
Anonymous said…
you must be the only person who has never committed a sin.What rubbish you write.I cant stand preachers go to your church and let it all out there.
Anonymous said…
We are all wound up like an overstretched rubber band, about to snap. Try being under constant surveillance for a while, it has a way of raising the tension.
Anonymous said…
Layla is Saddam's illegitimate daughter.
Unknown said…
Layla: try ice on sore spots for 20minutes, then off, then on etc. Unfortunately the second day after is the worst....I speak from experience....I'm a born klutz usually because I'm not paying attention when I should be.

After 3 days you can alternate between heat and cold.

No alcohol it will just make it feel worse in the long run, lots of water will also help.

Layla Anwar said…

Stumble, fall, pick yourself up, walk again...etc... Yep I got the message. Thanks.


Salam. I will have to disagree with you on several points, but maybe I need to start a post about that - at least you inspire me.

When comparing the Iraqi R to the Talibans, you are not doing justice. I have noticed the same line from some pundits - the mullahs know it all - not that has anything to do with you.
But when thinking of the Afghani R, you need to bear in mind the following points.

- there are no sectarian iranian militias in Afghanistan,

- there are no Quds brigades in Afghanistan

- there is no "Al Qaeda" in Afghanistan

Why do people forget these FACTS !

please read my response to Layth, applicable as well regarding your comment.

Thank you for your good wishes :-)

Kiss my Iraqi ass !

Thank you, my mind is racing though, how did you know ? Being an army guy, you probably would know all about it ;-)

you slimey, vermin thing, my brother got a message for you. He reads my blog too. He says to you "shove your kemal ataturk up your ass" - end of message.

Thank you, am recuperating and avoiding holes...still need to find a cure for my clumsiness and absentmindedness though.

Little Deer,
Thank you. I must admit I am enjoying it away from the blog. I need a break in particular from the vile foul scum. Of course I can always close down the comment section. That is another option.

Oz Sheila,
Thanks for your comment. Am sure you may be going through tough times but please the two situations are simply not comparable, (iraq and yours) even though your personal experience was/is vile.

You may be under surveillance, but try being under 24/7 occupation. Not the same. Minimizing will not do it.

well thanks, I'll take that as a compliment of the highest order.
Besides for your info, illegitimate is when the father is unknown...so get your little legal facts right.


Thank you. Did try the ice. will pass on the heat, it's 38 C here, am melting. Cheers and do drink to my health :-)
Anonymous said…
You may be under surveillance, but try being under 24/7 occupation. Not the same. Minimizing will not do it."

You've got that right.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

I disagree with your disagreement :)

The IR from day-1 have had to deal with the scum militias in the form of Badr and Chalabi and ICIR (or whatever the hell their acronym is). Yet, with all the foreign forces, the militias, the betrayals of the kurds and shia in general, the IR managed to kick US ass and destabilize the entire occupation effort.

Yet, 5 years on, we have seen a clear dwindiling of attacks, an increase in cooperattion with the occupation, and an increase in in-fighting, etc..

With the Taliban, they were assumed totally destroyed by 2001, yet year after year after year they have been able to increase tehir attacks, coordinate their resistance, and cause more and more damage to the scum occupying their country.

The tactics of sectariensim and in-fighting which the occupation was able to spread in Iraq could not get a foothold in Afganistan.

I believe we should study the reasons and learn from them.
Anonymous said…
Certainly the two situations are not comparable.
We do not have five million orphans and two million widows plus
the destruction of an entire culture and a society that was ordered and viable.
My point was that the Americans spread their disease
everywhere in one form or another.
And the countries they call
their allies have been covertly
disembowelled of their freedom
and rights.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

'there is no "Al Qaeda" in Afghanistan'

How ironically true, i guess the 'al qaeeeeda' members have all moved to Eyeraaq!!

I read Layla's posts regularly as well as the comment section, skipping through the BS of course.
Your comments are amongst those I read with appreciation and respect, despite some disagreements.
This time around however I really don't understand the point you're trying to get at.
What's te point of the comparison?? It's not like there is a competition between the Iraqi resistance and the Afghani one..Who's better, who's more efficient, etc..
The two countries are incomparable anyway.There only commmon factor is the Occupation.But given the differences , be it historically, geograohically, socially, culturally, economically,etc.. it is only normal that the Resistance behaves and moves differently.
Even if you were referring to the religious common denominator, namely that they are both Islamic, the comparison still doesn't stand as the religious and social make- up of both countries is very different and thus needs to be dealt with differently.
Anonymous said…

Thank you for your kind words :)

The point I am trying to draw is that the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan is exactly the same (the US scum and their allies). Yet, we see one model of reistance growing and winning, while the other is said to be shrinking and dwindling. As such, I am merely trying to see what the key factors are that worked for the Afghans so we can apply them to Iraq.

Again, just to reiterate:

US invasion of Afghanistan = US scum + allies + Iranians + CIA + neighboring countries + locals (northern alliance)

US invasion of Iraq = US scum + allies + Iranian + CIA + neighboring countries + locals (shiites and kurds).

The resistance curve in Iraq looks more like a bell curve, while in Afghanistan it is more of a linear growth.
Anonymous said…
"Illegitimate" because your mom was a bellydancer in his harem palace, he never legalized their affair and never recognized you.

This is what I heard about you on forums, you know in every rumor there is a kernel of truth.
Anonymous said…
Layla,an ammendment.
Certainly there are no
Nevertheless we too are under
occupation:American corporations
are killing our children with lead poisoning and other toxic residues;
children are being compulsorily
injected with "anti-cancer"
vaccine which contains cyanide;
even our countryside is so saturated with American chemicals,
the birds' eggs aren't hatching.
Arrogant foreigners have flooded in
and are the new elite taking the best of everything...the run of the mill Aussie taking refuge in the back yard dunnie.
And secretly presiding over this southern Seattle is a Nazi
dictator giving orders to the
highly paid cardboard cutouts
in our "democratic" parliament.
In Sydney,hidden under a lavish American shopping mall,
a state of the art Dachau and Auschwitz has been built (am
working on proof of this - you'll see).
I'm reliably informed
that it has torture cells,gas ovens
and crematorium and the capacity
to exterminate the population
of Sydney.
Oh yes,we are under occupation.But it's what's to come
that looms so horrendously.
Fertile ground indeed for the seeds of revolution!
Layla Anwar said…
Oz Sheila,

When the revolution happens your end, please nudge me. Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…

Sorry but I still don't agree with your analogies. Iraq is way more complex than Afghanistan and I believe this is the point anonymous S was trying to make.
Layla Anwar said…
the truth ?

hahahahahahaha, poor thing...
You wouldn't even recogniyze Truth even if it stabs you between the eyes...
Saddam Hussein was not into belly dancers for starters and you can stick your forums where you gossip like an old matron, right where the sun don't shine.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla

The large slate sidewalks of some of the older neighborhoods where I lived in Brooklyn Heights are uneven because of the great roots of the old trees resting at the feet of the brownstones. I was walking, looking up at and comparing the top floors of some of the buildings (after WWII the influx of returning soldiers eager to rent motivated many owners to add a fourth floor to their brownstones) when I tripped and sprained my ankle on the edge of a section of slate. It took me about three f****n' months before I could walk without wincing. I still have to walk carefully, six years later.

I hope you recover a lot quicker! Wrap it tight.
Anonymous said…
The anology I was trying to make (and failed at it) is that Afghanistan is becomming more sucsuful because its fighters have one agenda and one goal - kicking the invaders out. While in Iraq we have a quadzillion groups with a quadzillion agendas.

Death to the inavders - that should be the motto of every resistance group so they don't forget or get side-tracked.

Otherwise, our resistance could end up becomming side-tracked like the failed Palestinian resistance.
Anonymous said…
Your brother has a message for me??!! Who the fuck is your brother??!! A relative of Uncle Sam??!!!!!!!
KM said…
Turkey & the Zionists have a very close relationship.
bARABie said…
"Otherwise, our resistance could end up becomming side-tracked like the failed Palestinian resistance."

I am sick and tired of reading your crap regarding the Palestinian resistance.
If they had "failed", you asshole, then "eretz" israhell would exist now.
Don't you dare take away from the Palestinians the only hope they have left, RESISTANCE.

Btw and this is not just directed at you but all who love to criticize the resistance from the comfort of your armchairs, STFU!
Anonymous said…
qkm, first of all, have the guts to pronounce your name!!!!!
And then before you utter a word about TÜRKİYE, have the decency of Greg, and pronounce where you are from! Yes, we are associated with Jews or Zionists, cause we helped them when they had their miserable asses kicked out from Endulucia, in otherwords, we gave them a home to escape to! Other than that, the only relation we could have with them, is through you ignorant assholes,who are welcome to cry their curly tails at the WALL!!!!!
If that is not CURLY for you, I don't know what is????!é!
KM said…
yer drinking again Nur.
Anonymous said…
and you are wanking again KM. And your wanking makes me drink, cause then I can sleep without being sick, that you are such a wanker!!!!
Anonymous said…
I'm sure your wife knows what I mean!!!!! And I certainly hope YOU WILL KNOW WHAT I MEAN ONE DAY!!!!!!When you are ZIONED TO THE MAX!!!!!

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