June 9, 2008

Puppet Maliki & Iran.

While some websites are still crying out about a probable, possible, eventual, likely, hypothetical, US/Israeli attack on Iran, none of these websites reported that :

Maliki - the American/Iranian ,puppet, stooge, "prime minister" of Iraq is in Iran, busy signing reconstruction deals.

And none of the websites who are waving the Iranian "anti-imperialist" flag, reported that puppet Al-Maliki has assured Iran on its security and he textually said

"We will not allow Iraq to become a platform for harming the security of Iran and neighbours" (BBC report here) (Al-Jazeera report here)

So do you think that Al-Maliki will give guarantees and vows to Iran if he had not cleared it first with the Americans ? Of course not.

And do you think that Al-Maliki will pledge security and safety to Iran had he not cleared it with the Israelis via the Kurdish "president" of Iraq, Talabani ? Of course, not.

And just as it so happens, a key Israeli "defence official has accused one of Israel's deputy prime ministers of threatening to attack Iran in order to boost his own political standing." and adds that Shaul Mofaz's statement "did not reflect policy". (article here)

So basically, things are going as planned - An Iranian Shiastan in the Center and the South of the country and a Kurdish Zionistan in the North, all under American "protection".

I still can't believe what has happened and is happening to Iraq. I truly, honest to God, can't believe it. I always think this is just a bad dream I will wake up from very soon.

And it turns out to be one hell of a long nightmare...