The Truth and Nothing but the Truth.

This is probably the shortest post you'll read from me. But then Truth is always short and simple.

And I tell you this bit of Truth and take it as is.

Had it not been for Iran, the Americans and their string of criminals would have been long gone, by now.

And anyone, and I mean anyone - regardless of who they are or what they stand for, who tells you otherwise is a deceitful, shameless, lying motherfucker.


G.Gar said…
Salam Layla,

Would love to know what both the Arab and western leftshet as well as the Muslim brotherhood could possibly say about this very obvious and simple "truth".

Well said
Anonymous said…
"Had it not been for Iran, the Americans and their string of criminals would have been long gone, by now."

Really??? Only a complete idiot would say say such nonsense...
Samer Dallasheh said…
Alsalam Alaykom.

كبف حالك؟

Patience Layla, patience. From my point of view, Iraq is boiling, what may look really bad right now. Might appear a good thing to future Iraqi's. Because after this occupation am sure this land will be free for another 500-5000 years.

Just have a little patience, like a weird American song i heard some time and i don't know any other words.

الصبر, والكن القيام بعملية مخططة بقمة التخطيط. فليس نتشبة بمنظر وملبس الامريكان, ولكن نأخذ نمط تفكيرهم ونقوم به بقمة النجاعة ونستبدل حظارتهم المفسدة يا لها من حياة.

خطر في بالي.... لماذا العرب؟ كيف للعرب ان تتمزق بهذه البشاعة؟ اين الشعب العربي؟

لماذا لا يتقلدون بالرسول؟ لماذا لا يتقلدون بالمعتصم يوم فتحه لعمورية؟

لماذا الشعب لا يتحرك؟ الا يعقل ويدرك مصيره؟ ولماذا ولماذا؟

نحن بحاجة الى تحليل هذه الامور والتطور وانشاء امة عربية موحدة. غير ذلك لا يوجد مفر.

ليتني لم اعرفهم, ولكن من واجبي ان انصرهم.

الله على الظالم, الله ينصر المظلوم, الله اكبر انصر فلسطين والعراق وافغانستان
Anonymous said…
Had it not been for the US INVASION that toppled the Baathist government and destroyed the secular multi-ethnic mosaic, Iran would never have been able to penetrate the Iraqi society and would have remained what it always was: an unreliable neighbor to contain and keep at bay, nothing more.

America is the one that opened the gates of Hell, when it is defeated everyone else will be suddenly weakened and easy to neutralize.
Anonymous said…
Iran will become a Muslim nation one day inshaAlla - till then it will keep on killing one million Muslims per year. Afghanistan should have been a warning, but I am glad Iraq has been a good warning to Lebenese and Yemen to mind their Iranian "Imamiya" stooges and their Iranian armed and trained death squads.

What do the DUMB Iranians think thier Shia death squads do to unarmed people? to children, to women - anyone named Omar they murder, and whay kind of "Muslims" murderes 1,000s of Imams and destroys hundreds of Mosques just becuse a bearded Persian man told them to? Don't they have brains - as the Quran asks, if they care to read it instead of the lies the Iranian imams write for them.

The Iranain death squads kill Iraqi Civilains only - they protect the American army and soldeirs and hunt down the Iraqi Freedom Fighters and kill them - all on "fatwa" from an Iranian guy who knows less Islam than most 12 year old children.

It will be nice to see Islam return to Iran, till then they can keep on worshiping their bearded old man instead of worshiping God alone, all the Iranians had to do was to read the Quran or at least let their children read it - Iran has murdered over six million Afghanis and over one million Iraqis - and they want to kill more, all for the fear of the Quran - dumb jerks will only learn when the death squads come for them and their famalies to.
Anonymous said…

The Persians' hatred for the Arabs and especially the Mesopotamians PREDATES Islam.

A racist, bigoted, aggressive culture is their problem - heresy followed.

As they say, even a good seed can't take root in a barren soil.

God bless.
Layla Anwar said…
Salam Amre,

Seems you are one of the few ones who "got it"...
As usual, for a few others I need to do some explaining....

The leftishit and the MB will have no more eyes to cry once their turn comes under the Iranian "resistance"....hahahahaha. That shall be a day I would love to watch.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous no.1

too thick, too stupid and no it with bad faith and lies ---and I KNOW where you're coming from idiot ---and the end mixture is none other but YOU.
Layla Anwar said…
Salam Samer,

Thank you for your uplifting words and you have every right to question "al dhamer al arabi" --- mafkood, na'em, m7shish, maredh, ta3ban, aw ma7zoom ? Aw rubama al kol sawa aw rubama faked al shay' la y3ateeh.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous no.2

Had you read my "truth" carefully, you would have perfectly understood.

I repeat what I said in simpler words since the first time eluded you.

" Had it not been for Iranian direct involvement including ALL of its proxies --- the IRAQI RESISTANCE would have driven the American occupier OUT by NOW."

Do muse on that before commenting again. Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…
Omar ,


I can sense and I can tell that you are talking from DIRECT EXPERIENCE. And am glad that you commented here because your direct experience and I know it to be true, as some of us have also experienced it, really points to the HEART of the MATTER after the invasion.

Yes the Iranians facilated and did for the Americans their dirty job for them.

Well said. Thank you.
Cecilio Morales said…
"anyone - regardless of who they are or what they stand for, who tells you otherwise is a deceitful, shameless, lying motherfucker."

Not deluded? mistaken? lacking the secret information that only you seem to possess? stating those mistaken ideas? and (since fucking is so much on your mind since our verbal roll in the hay) why not father-rapers or sister-impalers? really, why do mothers get all the fun?
Anonymous said…

You are bigoted sounding Omar when you say you hope that Iran will go back to being Muslim.

Shias, whether in Iran or elsewhere, are Muslims just like Sunnis are Muslims who read from the same Holy Qur'an, worship the same One God One Creator of all mankind called Allah, who believe in all of the Prophets of God Our Creator and who follow the final Prophet Muhammed(pbuh), fast during Shahr Ramadan, pay Zakat and Khums, go to Hajj for pilgrimage, and pray five times a day.

The difference is that we Shias believe that the Ahlul Bait of the Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) were the best examples of the Prophet
(pbuh) to lead and follow the Muslims, where Sunnis such as yourself believe it was those like Abu Bakr, Omar, and Uthman.

We simply disagree with you on this point....
Anonymous said…
I tend to like to listen to the more reasoned sounding voices rather than the radically unreasoned sounding ones:

Alarm spreads over Turkey's troubles

"......The outcome of the struggle will be keenly watched in the Middle East and wherever observant Muslims agonize over the state and religion. Needless to say, growing political instability in Turkey will have massive international repercussions at a time when the standoff between the US and Israel on one side and Iran is nearing a fateful climax in the coming months.

It seemed for a fleeting moment that last year's elections in Turkey would lead to engendering a balance between Islam, democracy, secularism and modernity. The AKP secured its mandate as a party of religiously observant people and as a party of the "average Turk" (to quote Erdogan), rather than as a party rooted in Islam.

The AKP insisted that its principal mission lay in integrating different sections of society as a movement dedicated to "socializing" secularism. The AKP challenged Turkey's brand of militant secularism as a one-dimensional concept, which the Kemalists in Turkey uphold as the final stage of their society's intellectual and organizational evolution. The AKP maintained that Turkey should not remain transfixed and must instead move in consonance with modern democratic societies' understanding of libertarian secularism, which provides scope for the cohabitation of individuals with different beliefs and lifestyles in society.

The AKP's contention is that secularism cannot be projected as an alternative to religion, as it is not the individual but the state that is secular. Arguably, this approach is not quite at odds with the European-inspired secular nationalism that provided the ideological underpinning for the Anglo-French system of states in the Middle East that came about after the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1918.

But what is at issue is the reality that the nationalist regimes in the region - including in Turkey - have increasingly lost their political legitimacy in the past few decades, which in turn created a vacuum that Islamism increasingly strove to fill in. The discredited secularist camp is unable to meet the challenge of Islamism, which has shown tremendous skill in integrating socio-economic grievances, couching it in appealing revolutionary idiom and giving it the coloring of anti-Western nationalism that is widespread in the region.

To be sure, the post-September 11, 2001, world politics and the "Islamo-fascism" that the US and Britain insisted be at the core of the "war on terror", provided much boost to the platform of political Islam. Simply put, the Islamist forces are frontally challenging the established currency of political power....."
Layla Anwar said…
Oh Ceciliaux,

what pleasure to have you around.

Aren't you the same Ceciliaux who chronically farts higher than his ass ? Yep I suppose you are the one and the only...

Idiot, and you are an idiot, an ignorant idiot, and these are the worst --you claimed you followed Iraqi politics since the sanction years and today I can tell you in public that you are a lying motherfucker.

I can also tell you that you're one of those anti-war shits on an Iranian payroll. I can also tell you that you're one hell of a fucked up guy --since you seem to attach much importance to the word fuck -- I shall use it generously with you...

You know fuck all about Iraq, you read fuck all about Iraq, and you don't give a flying fuck about Iraq.
You are here to alleviate your filthy putrid conscience, sitting on your ass in Washington DC.

Get it now boy - Or do I need to tell you to fuck off again ?
Layla Anwar said…
Notice how dearest western shit uses the Royal WE.

Now an american represents the shia....hahahahahahahaha

You deserve it shias, you always sold it cheap.
Anonymous said…
Screw all Sunnis, and all Omars, and Abu Bakrs, and Usman. Long live the new Iraq, the Shia Iraq!
Layla Anwar said…
hahahahahahahaha @ anonyteez above.
Layla Anwar said…
ok now for the idiots and the lying motherfuckers....

A few links for you to check out.

1)Pentagon AFP : Future US forces in Iraq don't threaten Iran: Pentagon

2) Iraq (under US occupation) Iran sign defence pact- Reuters

3) security and long term agreements Iran and Iraq under US occupation - Al Hayat.

4) Iran to help build Iraqi army- Iranian Press TV

and I have lots lying motherfuckers.
Anonymous said…
"Now an american represents the shia....hahahahahahahaha"--Layla

I don't represent all Shia Layla, but I am a part of the Shia, which is where the we comes from. As if there aren't any American Sunnis that would refer to themselves and the Sunnis as we... There are probably some that would even claim to be so-called secular Baathists with foul mouths to boot....
Anonymous said…

If your neighbor were attacked and than occupied by its attackers, and you were being constantly threatened with an attack by the same occupiers wouldn't you do what you can to devise a strategy that would help ward off an attack by your neighbors attackers while at the same time trying to help your neighbors in whatever way you can to rid themselves of those who attacked them and who keep threatening to attack you?
Layla Anwar said…
"dearest" western piece of shit,

you see: you are so warped, messed up, screwed up, fucked up, that no amount of Truth can penetrate that thick skull of yours.

in your petty little head and it is petty and little, foul is the word "fuck" but NOT the fact that your zionist brethren, called americans and iranians killed, tortured, raped and murdered...

you are the typical farcical american who needs so desperately to belong to anything and anyone and in her totally deranged way opted for a pseudo of western shia.

your pseudo says more about you than all the garbage you keep posting.

enough said, stop making a fool out of yourself.
Anonymous said…
Iran Mullas are NOT Shia - they follow a religion based on hate of all Arab Muslims. They know that the Persian Quran is nothing like the Arabic Quran yet their hate of Arabs and Arabic makes them stick to the weak Persian one that needs an old Persian to tell them what it means for them.

I have talked to 1,000s of Iranian ex-Muslims, and they have dozens of web sites any "westeren Shia" can join - they have been trained from birth to hate Arabs and Arabic, to think of the Quran as just like the Bible or the Torah - even now the Iranian teanagers are leaveing the khomayne worshiping religion that Iran calls "Islam". Try to tell them to learn Arabic and they consider you an Arab idiot.

Why do you feel obliged to defend Iranian death squads? You like death squads killing your Iranian family just as you defend them when they are now killing your Iraqi neghbors family? - Khomayne sure did a good job in teaching Iran to hate others.

Defend your death squads in the Iranian Shia forums, they are still dumb enough to belive that Iranian death squads are "nice" - Israel has good use for those death squads, they trained them as they trained the South American death squads to - John "death squad" Negroponte is still teaching Iranians the fine art of death squads. (Google Iran-Contra affair)

Iran will become Muslims again when Iranian parents let their children learn to read the Arabic Quran - Khomayne made sure to remove the Quran from all his false "Shia" teachings so they could not know Arabic and could thus hate and kill more easily - and the result is millions of new Iranian ex-Muslims, and million more around the Shia world - the Televangelists love Khomayne, none have spread Christianity in the middle east more than Khomayne.

Go to any ex-Muslim site and try to tell them (even in Persian) that Iran is a Muslim country, over %80 of all ex-Muslim are Iranians who hate the Arabic Quran - and if Iranian parents do not teach their kids the Quran then their kids will leave Islam to - simple.

Iran kills one million Muslims per year - fact. Iran destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq and is trying hard to destroy Lebanon and Yemen to - fact. America stays in Afghanistan and Iraq only becuase Iran protects them - fact. Afghanistan has become the world's largest opium and hash producer, Khomayne liked his worshipers happy and high.

Don't worry, Islam will return to Iran one day soon inshaAllah - I do not care really, just as long as your death squads stop - even if you worship little Persian dogs or cats is fine with me just as long as you stop killing Shia nd Sunni Arab Muslims.

Iran is America and Israelis strongest weapon in the M.E., the IRanian death squads kill only for America and Israel in Afghanistan and Iraq. If you think Iran is helping Iraq you are listening to much to an Iranian fool in a black turban. The Iranian mullahs have now murdered over 10 million Muslims, and they will kill more with your kind help and support.

Note to Jews and Christians - Iranians hate the name "Omar" becuase it's the name of the man who baught Islam to Iran and it is why Iranian death squads kill young boys called Omar when they can get away with it.

Congo, Sudan, Rwanda - all the same, death squads that people are proud of - I am glad there is a hell, and hope to see all of them enter it along with all the trolls who support and defend the death squads.
Anonymous said…
and u are a big fat motherfucker... go to hell Sadam lover...guess who just died now?!! ur tribe head...the dick head..haha
Anonymous said…
Ok, Iran is one side - the Shia side. The US is also on the Shia war wagon. Since it takes two to fight, who is the other side? Who is backing the other side?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous (2:01 PM), if you learn to say all that in the language of the Quran you will see why Khomayne hated Arabic and why he taught you and your Iranian death squads to hate and kill Arabs.

You can keep your hate filled Farsi version of Islam, just do not blame Arab Sunni and Shia Islam for the hate that drives the Iranian Khomayne Worshiping death squads.

"steen" there is no other side, America and Iran joined forces to kill unarmed Iraqi and Afghani civilains, and both plan to export their Khomayne worshiping death squads to other Muslim countries to spread the word of Pat Roberston, Hagee and Rod Parsely - the White American versions of Khomayne.
Jaraparilla said…

You are of course right.

The USA blew up the golden dome mosque in Samarra when the remnants of the Bush 41 Honduras-Iran-Contra cabalists were busy doing what they always do: divide and rule. Even their former CIA asset Iyad Allawi used to set off bombs around Baghdad, killing innocent people, in an effort to turn Iraqis against Saddam.

They created this civil war in Iraq because their pretext for staying in Iraq forever was to provide "Security". What else did they have to offer a proud nation sitting on a sea of oil?

I wrote this as I saw it in my second ever blog post, May 2003. I am nobody, but even I could see it then.

I am sorry, Layla. So sorry.
Layla Anwar said…
Western Shia shit,

This blog is not a platform for your shia hypocrisy nor your khomeinism.

Go and paste your drivel elsewhere.

Try the Dawa party official website, the Sistani website, or the Sadrists drillers, eyes gougers website.

Intellectual whores like yourself will be most welcomed there. You are not here.
Anonymous said…
I don't have any pseudos Layla, do you?

So you're back to deleting my posts because you fear that your truths are not exactly the entire truth and you don't want for them to be challenged on your blog?

When you delete my posts, you are proving yourself to be even more dishonest not to mention anti-secular Layla......
Cecilio Morales said…

Regarding "you claimed you followed Iraqi politics since the sanction years," it is really a pity you never learned to read. I never said I followed Iraqi politics (such as they were). I only said I was aware of the effects of the sanctions.

Why waste pixels explaining this to you? Only to show that the titles you so generously apply to me probably fit you better.

Layla Anwar said…
cecile o'

bof, petit crétin.

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