December 19, 2008

On a Blood Tainted Platter...

Do you recall what I mentioned in my post on Muntather Al-Zaidi ? It was a detail, but an important one, nonetheless.

I reiterate. I said that Bush during his "surprise" visit to Baghdad and before receiving the "surprise" pair of shoes in his face, met with the Green Zone stooges...I also said that the only stooge, puritanical Bush kissed on the cheeks with warmth and affection, was Abdel Aziz Al-Hakeem, head of the Supreme Iranian Butt Council and head of the Badr Brigades, one of the sectarian Iranian, Shiite militias that is governing today's Iraq.

The SIBC stands for SIIC - Supreme Islamic "Iraqi" Council previously known as the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq. Tailored after the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution of Iran, also known as the SIBC - Supreme Iranian Butt Council. I just love it when things come in full a snake rolled up onto itself with its head and tail making one.

Do you also remember what I told you some time ago ? I said that during the sham elections held in Iraq, over 1 Million IRANIANS participated in them. I also added that they came in buses to vote...

I also mentioned throughout my posts, that Nejaf and Kerbala are literally 90% owned by Iranians, today.

In other words, Iranians have bought most of the land and property estates there.
I do not have the exact figures for Basra and the rest of Southern Iraq, but I believe that this part of Iraq suffered the same fate i.e ownership of land by Iranians and for peanuts. Hence, you can understand why there are calls for an "Independent" Basra.

Now the following is news that you will not read in any of your media or websites, and this information came to me from a VERY,VERY reliable source...And just as the information I shared with you in the past proved to be accurate as time went by... you will undoubtedly have the following information confirmed to you, from some other source, as times goes by...But by then, it would be too late.

The 1st piece of information that no official Iraqi source will provide you with, neither the Dawa party, nor the Sistani office, nor the Sadrists, nor the SIIC, is the following :

Any Iranian who purchases land in Iraq, is immediately entitled to the IRAQI citizenship, nationality and passport.

The 2nd piece of information, which is very important and I want you to re-read it several times.

In 2005, Abdel Aziz Al-Hakeem, the one who got the kisses from Bush, issued a decree with IMMEDIATE effect - namely the granting/bestowing of the IRAQI nationality/citizenship to 4 MILLION IRANIANS. That was in 2005, only God knows what the exact number is today.

And I am talking here of pure Iranians, not half Iranians. The majority of which did not even speak Arabic then.

The above took place and is still taking place under the "auspices" of the American Occupation, under the eyes and nose of the Occupier.

What does that mean to you ? Does it mean anything to you ? Can you make head or tail out of it? Or do I need to spell it out for you, again ?

Do you now understand why the sectarian "strife" erupted ? Do you now understand why the sectarian cleansing took place ? Do you understand what purpose it fulfilled ?

Not yet ?

OK let me put it in bold letters for you.


Hence, and by logical deduction and reasoning ; the IRAN-IRAQ WAR, the subsequent KUWAIT episode, GULF WAR 1, 13 years of SANCTIONS, GULF WAR 2 and its Operation "Freedom" were nothing but a preparation for this offering from the USA to IRAN.

So, ALL the propaganda, the vilification, the demonization of the martyred President Saddam Hussein and his government were also devised to serve that same purpose.

The wiping out of an ARAB nation, a once staunch anti-Zionist country, an ancient, strong, resourceful, potent country and erasing its identity and replacing it with an Iranian "Islamic" identity, all in the name of the "War on Islamic Terror."

And the price was an Iraqi blood filled Mesopotamian platter.

And the price is Iraq.

P.S : Since am on this subject, let me also tell you that : "Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah received an honorary doctorate in the field of political science from an Iranian university in the Isfahan region...The doctorate was given to Sayyed Nasrallah in recognition by the Iranian university of the achievements made by the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon in redrawing a defense strategy in the region and unifying the Islamic ranks...Former Iranian Parliament Speaker Ghoulam Haddan Reda Adel said that Sayyed Nasrallah, the people of Lebanon and Hezbollah offered a lesson of steadfastness, resistance and victory against the tyrannical and stood firmly against the imperial proposals." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

"In a statement from Sayyed Nasrallah read at the ceremony, his eminence thanked Iran for its support of Hezbollah fight against the Zionist entity and expressed the hope that one day the Resistance group would change the face of the Middle East." (source)

I can already tell you that the face of the Middle East HAS ALREADY BEEN CHANGED. Thanks to ZIONIST - AMERICA AND IRAN.

Enjoy the rest of your fucking show !

Painting: Iraqi artist, Dhia Al-Azzawi, 2002.