December 3, 2008

Pink Geishas.

Oh! Pink, pinkie pink, pinkie pigs, pinkie pimps...pinkie ...
Am bloody allergic to pink.

I wrote a post over a year ago, entitled "Pink and Red Clouds". I suggest you read it again, it is an easy read. Won't take much brain work. The post dealt with the current plight of Iraqi women under a dual occupation, American-Iranian.
It spoke of the rape, imprisonment, torture, serious erosion of gender rights, daily male violence perpetrated not only by the U.S soldiers, but also by the representatives of the "new democratic" sectarian government of Iraq and its armed wings, its death squads acting upon Iranian directives.

As I said, it is an "easy" read and you can click here to refresh your memory.

In that post, I also mentioned a group of Yankee "feministas", by the name of Codepink.
A year ago they were selling pink panties and pink nail varnish to help in their "anti-war" effort. hahahahahahaha.

Now Codepink is not really known for being all that anti-war really. They are the Obama the booma crowd. Well, I said it over a year ago, but some commentator, nearly bit my head off, she/he was/is another anti-war "monger". Like how dare I criticize pinkie piggies !

Anyways, when I finished writing the above-mentioned post, I was so disgusted with pink, that a friend sent me a cute picture of a pink dolphin adding "to be reconciled with the color at least." I liked the pink dolphin, and my allergy to pink kind of eased off, however it has made a full-fledged comeback with a frightening intensity.

Guess why ? Pinkie piggies, aka Codepink the Yankee feminists, are in Tehran sucking up to Ahmadinejad in one big slurp, slurp, slurp... Another confirmation of the true nature of the "anti-war" American "left" hahahahaha and a good indicator of on whose payroll they are listed.

Not only these pink piggies Geishas are in Tehran kissing ass, but they also have the fucking audacity to compare Saddam Hussein to the current Iranian theocracy, stating :"I have been comparing the atmosphere here to that of Iraq under Saddam Hussein and here it is very different. People in Iraq were afraid to speak out against Saddam, people in Iran aren’t." - I suppose she means that people in Iran are not afraid to speak out against Saddam Hussein. American brains !

In another diary, the comparison between Saddam Hussein and Hitler is made, plus the whole fabricated lie about weapons of mass destruction used by the Iraqis, is quoted with no questioning, a lie that led to the current occupation of IRAQ not Iran. If anything it is Iran who possesses today weapons of mass destruction. American brains !

Over and above these political blunders, I need to remind the reader that this is a so-called feminist group and this group knows fully well the current condition of IRAQI women under the Shiite theocratic regime from Iran in Iraq.

These bad faithed, idiotic Yankee females, know very well that over 3'000 Iraqi women and that is the official figure have been murdered in cold blood with accusations of immorality by none other than the mullahs and their reps whom these geishas were busy visiting in their "anti-war" effort.
That the number of rapes and torture are staggering. That honor killings, something unheard of during the previous regime, is on the rise, so is burning with acid, forced veiling...and the rest.

In sum a whole backlash has been instigated by both their shitty government, country and people and by Iran and these pinkish piggies geishas have the gall to criticize the previous regime whose members and leaders were assassinated by none other than Zionist America and Iran. Not to mention the thousands of Iraqi women who have been killed, detained, raped, tortured, traumatized, suffered countless losses and grief and rendered destitute and pauperized by this DUAL OCCUPATION - USA/IRAN.

And you ask me why I think the anti-war movement sucks ?!

Have a look at their grotesque diaries online, with their tea and pistachios stories, and how they found sexy pink lingerie and pink table sets for 20$ only - enough to make you puke... Gertrude Bell comes across as a green tenderfoot, novice in comparison.

I will not even mention the fact that Pink Geishas did not even bother to dig below the tea and pistachios surface and see the gross human rights violations that are currently taking place in Iran. For that you may want to read the article by Reza Fiyouzat, an Iranian who wrote on the subject of Codepink in Iran HERE

Enough said. I, seriously ask myself, what is worse - the new misogynists that are currently ruling Iraq or these American feminists ?!

Painting : Iraqi artist, Thamer Al-Nasry.