October 11, 2007

Pink and Red Clouds...

I honestly don’t know why I entitled this post “Pink and Red Clouds..."

For starters, Pink is not one of my favorite colors. I am not anti-Pink, it’s just that Pink reminds me of Barbie dolls, praline candies “à la rose bonbon", girlie-girl romance novels...You know which ones I mean, don’t you?
The knight rescued her and swept her off her feet novels...and they always forget to add that 9 times out of 10, she lands flat on her face.

Or maybe it reminds me of Nancy Pelosi. I remember once seeing her dressed in a pink suit. Incidentally, I heard that she was hospitalized in California following an overdose of Botox Injections.

What wouldn’t women do to stay attractive to the opposite sex. I just wish the opposite or opposing sex (depending where you live), invests as much energy to remain pleasing to the female eyes, andropause and all...

Maybe pink reminds me of Code Pink, another anti-war female group. They promoted at one point, the selling of female pink peace panties and pink peace nail polish...to oppose the war effort. War effort? You mean illegal occupation, right?

Or maybe it is a reminder of other liberals and lefties on the pink-orange-red political spectrum...or maybe the pink clouds of denial,where a lot of you are safely tucked away in a rosy la la land...

In any case, I will soon find out myself why the pink and...the red.

One of the nice things about not being a journalist, is that you really never know where the writing takes you...This is one of the pay-offs of not having a private agenda, like most journalists do. And consequently not having to cower to any editor’s political and ideological authority...I guess you can call it Freedom of Thought.

Freedom of thought. I love that sentence. It must be a wonderful feeling to think without censorship. Like floating on a pink cloud...

It must feel great to be allowed to be free in your person, make decisions, assume responsibilities for them, grow into some form of true self-hood, unhampered and untainted by dictates from others...
I am not taking about personal anarchy here...Anarchy, I know it all too well...
This is not the kind of space am referring to. I am not talking about destructive chaos...I am talking about personal freedom. A measured, wise, centered, grounded... personal freedom. Away from “Authority” and sometimes in the face of “Authority."

Take for example Iraq.

What used to be the opposite sex has become the opposing sex. The Authority per se, the Editor, the Censurer, The Controller, the Janitor, the Oppressor, the Killer... of Women.

From being one of the most progressive countries in the Middle East in gender matters, Iraq has been turned in the space of 4 years into one of the most oppressive countries for women.

From being a secular state that allowed and encouraged women in all walks of life, it has become a sectarian prison state that targets and murders women...

From being a country that respected its women and their contributions to society in arts, politics, literature, poetry, music, science...it has become a country that tortures, imprisons, rapes, mutilates its women and send them to the gallows.

From what used to be a civil society, emerged the monsters of Freedom and Democracy, destroying our families, our parents, our children, our lovers, our husbands, our friends...and us.

Look at the current ideological atmosphere that reigns over Iraq. It is a disaster of monumental proportions.

All the laws pertaining to gender equality have been changed. Everything that Iraqi women struggled for since the 1920’s, everything that the previous governments tried to establish in matters of gender equality, has been ripped apart.

Now there is talk of the Sharia’a becoming the legal corpus of the State.
And what kind of Shari’a! The most repressive interpretation of it.

What do we need the Sharia’a for? Weren’t we Muslims before ? Weren’t we religious enough before ? Or maybe you think you have monopoly over the Truth, or maybe you think you have monopoly over God himself ?

And why should a non-Muslim be forced to live under a Sharia’a imported from Iran?

They tell me, don’t rock the boat. Why should I not rock the boat?
By God if I had the power, I would overturn that cursed boat and let all those on board sink right into the bottomless pits of the ocean.

Why should I and other Iraqi women be forced to live under mullah rule? Has anyone asked for our permission? And who are these mullahs anyways?

Don’t think you can fool us with your robes, turbans, and silver rings from Qum.
We know who you are and what your backgrounds were. We know how you all rushed to buy that robe and buy that turban. We know how you were eager to grow that beard and we know at what price you were given the Masonic ring from Qum.

And we also know about your militias and your men. We know how much they pocket, and what they do after evening prayers. We know their secret vices, their whiskeys and their heroin, preferably in capsule forms...and their muta’a girls...Yes we know.

Now you come and impose on us your brand of religiosity ? You pimps for Teheran.
In the numerous cities over which you have full control, women are massacred daily in broad day light.
What crime have they committed ? You statue devotees, you idol worshippers of dead Ayatollahs and senile corrupt ones.
To hell with you and your Ayatollahs. To hell with you and your Sistani.
To hell, to the raging pits of hell.

Every month, an average of 15 dead female corpses are found littering the streets of Basra like some discarded refuse, like some garbage...murdered.
One because she did not wear the veil, the other because she had pink lipstick, the third because she did not look like a walking tent...

Every day in Baghdad, there are stories of women being kidnapped, raped, mutilated in their genitals by your militias. Every single day...

Every day there are stories of women being burned by acid for not covering up properly. Every single day...These are the practices you brought from Iran you bastards.

So what are you afraid of? Are you afraid that a bit of hair or a bit of pink lipstick will deviate you from the path of the so-called God you worship?
Are you afraid that a bit of hair or a bit of lipstick will detour you from your piety and bring back your sexual depravity and perversity to the forefront...
What a depraved, perfidious, perverse bunch you are. What a hideous criminal bunch you are.

As for the women, so called members of Parliament. You are a disgrace to your gender. You are disgrace to Iraq. And you are disgrace to Islam.
First, you have accepted working for this government. Secondly, you have silenced your voices in favor of your so-called sects. Thirdly, you have pocketed unlawful money. Fourthly you are part and parcel of this prison edifice brought with the occupation and which you call a government. And you dare talk about Islam ?

Why are you afraid to challenge article 41? You know it will mean taking us back to the medieval ages. But you fear that if you talk against article 41, you are indirectly praising the old regime.

Yes the old regime, which had the most progressive laws for women in the Middle East.
Well, I am not afraid to praise the old regime. I say bring back Saddam Hussein’s family law.
I wish I can bring back Saddam Hussein himself and be done with you and with your rotten laws drafted under the supervision of your masters the Americans and the Iranians. To hell, to the raging pits of Hell.

And what about your prisons where thousands of Iraqi women have been lingering for years with no charges. Some of them as young as 13 years old.
What about those fucking prisons? You tell me, "God fearing, pious ones."

What about their bodies covered with scabs, in filthy conditions, with no medical care, giving birth on floors covered with urine and excrements, with infections and diseases killing them before you kill them by hanging.

I will not even mention those women who are displaced, exiled, pauperized, abandoned, begging, sleeping on pavements, forced into prostitution and some of them as young as 13, to feed their families. All in the name of Democracy.

And you ask me why I am so angry? If my anger could turn into a blazing fire that will consume all of you, I will not hesitate one moment to spit that fire right on your faces.

And what about you Salafists Jihadists? Another bunch of hypocritical Takferees. Who are you to judge and by which authority, who is a Muslim and who is not ?
Who are you to decree who should follow your invented rules and laws?
Who are you to push women around, force them to cover up, beat them, humiliate them, insult them ? Who are you?

I will tell you who you are . You are nothing but another bunch of perverted misogynists, only able to flex your muscles on us instead of the occupier. Covering your political impotence with brute force. You are cowards, you are the idol worshippers of your little selves, of your male egos...

And to both of you murderers, since when in Iraq, does a Muslim ever kill a non-Muslim ? Since when does a Muslim ever displace a Christian, or any one else because of their sect or religion?

You are not from us. You are a strange body, a tumor, that needs to be surgically removed. All of you and your followers. To hell, to the raging pits of Hell.

And in the North, more cases are emerging of stoning to death in both the Yazidi community and the Kurdish clans. In this latter, there are also some reported cases of female excision.

Since when do we lapidate our women? Since when do we stone them to death? Since when do we have honor killings? Since when do we practice excision on our girls ? Since when ? Have you got no conscience ? Have you got no morals ? Another bunch of criminals. To hell, to the raging pits of Hell.

Is it not enough that we are occupied and plundered by the most barbaric nation on earth.
Is it not enough that we lost our children, our families, our loved ones, our homes, our belongings, our lives through this occupation.
Is it not enough that Iraqi women are imprisoned, raped, tortured, burnt, slaughtered by the Americans.

Only today, was the funeral of two Armenian Christian women. One of them was driving her car, using it as a taxi to raise income to feed her family, risking her life as a taxi driver through checkpoints, militias, barricades, to feed her family.
She was randomly shot at. Just like that.
A Mother gone, just like that. And so many other mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers...

Is that not enough for you? Is that not enough?

This is no Religion. This is no Islam. This is the Jahiliya. The age of Ignorance. The age of Darkness...
The period when girls were buried alive as a sacrifice, as an offering to the tribal Gods of the Pagans.

You are these Pagans today. You are the Kuffars today, You are the Unbelievers today. You are the Hypocrites that the Koran warns us about. You are the ones in whose heart there is a disease...Yes, you are the sick ones. The ones that will err forever and ever and will not see the Light. To hell, to the raging pits of Hell.

And these dead female bodies will face you on the day of Reckoning.
Each single one of them and will ask you for what sin they were murdered and your faces will turn red with shame.

Red as the fog of thick clouds in which you will grope, red as the roaring flames you will find yourselves in...In hell, in the raging pits of Hell.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Thamer Al-Nasry.