October 6, 2007

Here is, True Solidarity for you.

Yesterday, I received the following e.mail from an American.
I was pleased to read it. In fact I read it many times. It is what I call an uplifting e.mail.
I salute this person's honesty, integrity and courage. And these three qualities are uplifting to me. A piece of crystal in a pool of mud.
And as token of thanks, I am publishing his/her response for all to see.
Since I have not asked for prior consent, the name will be withheld.

" Thank you for your hard-hitting, passionate writings.
They may not be what we want to read, but they are what we need to read.

I read your essays..and found them to be excellent...
I expect "A reminder... just in case you forgot" will spark some controversy...
Nearly everyone...is constantly blithering about a US military attack on Iran any minute now.

The entire US "antiwar" movement has been embarrassing themselves by predicting the same thing for at least four years now. I tell them it won't happen, at least not during the remainder of the George W. Bush presidency, which comes to an end in January of 2009...

Of course, I am sometimes regarded as a heretic for dissenting from the "party line."

I suspect most of the "antiwar" crowd in this country will continue embarrassing themselves with predictions of imminent war against Iran which will not come to pass. They seem completely oblivious to the fact that together Iran and the Washington-Tel Aviv axis have destroyed Iraq.

You sometimes bring up in your essays the lies told about Saddam Hussein and the Baathist government of Iraq. Sadly, the majority of the US "antiwar" gang, during the periods before the 1991 and 2003 attacks against Iraq parroted all of these propaganda stories, and were full collaborators in the demonization of Saddam Hussein and his government.

Often, "antiwar" speeches I heard would begin with something along the lines of
" I do not support the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein who has..."

The speaker would then launch into the same atrocity propaganda stories being spread by the US government and media before saying that even though Saddam was Satan incarnate, he or she still did not support the war and thought we should give sanctions more time to work. Of course, there were and continue to be exceptions to this general rule.

Far too many of the "antiwarriors" here also refuse to ever mention the crimes of the Zionist entity, or its role in pushing for US action against its enemies. Sometimes it is out of fear of being labeled antisemitic (a real enough fear, by the way), and other times it is because of the involvement of a fairly large number of "liberal Zionists" in the "antiwar" movement.

I recall one "liberal zionist" woman who was speaking at a meeting in 1991 while the brutal assault on Iraq was taking place. She was literally crying. Her words were something to the effect of "I don't like this war, but Saddam Hussein is so horrible, and he is attacking Israel. He has to be stopped!"

Is it any wonder the "antiwar" movement here is so ineffective?

In closing, I wish you well...and my hope is that soon Iraq will again be united and independent. "

Now this is what I call TRUE SOLIDARITY !