October 9, 2007

Charitable Hands...

I have received a few mails, asking to make contributions to Iraqis in need.
I thank you all for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

I, personally, cannot take responsibility to receive any money transfers for several reasons.
First, this would require my divulging personal information. Something am unwilling to do.

Seeing the current "security" situation in Iraq, I will not put any member of my family or myself at risk, especially that my blog is considered "fiery."

However, I know of someone, who has established a small pool of funds for internally displaced Iraqi families who are in dire need and he is currently supporting 6 families by sending a little money each month. This money goes a long way for them.

I trust this man and it is rare for me to trust people on the net. But he is worthy of my trust. Hence, am mentioning him.

So for those of you, who wish to help an Iraqi family, with whatever you can contribute, please contact me and I will forward his address to you.

And please do remember, Iraqis were never into mendicity before their "Liberation".