October 23, 2007

A Short Lesson...

Do you want to know what am doing right now ?

Of course, you will think to yourself, this woman is a bit of a moron, really- asking such a question. It is so damn obvious what she is doing, she’s typing away on her keyboard.

Wow ! You really guessed right, here.
So, you do still have some common sense and you can spot the obvious. Hats off to you. Am impressed.

Now let’s see if you spot that one.

" U.S. working to stop Turkey from invading Iraq."

How does that strike you ?

I know it's difficult but think again, after all you guessed right about my typing away at some keyboard…

Too difficult ? Ok, let me give you a simpler one.

Iran to the U.S - stop meddling in Iraq. U.S. to Iran - stop meddling in Iraq.

Is this one any simpler for you ?

Nope? Elusive huh? Complicated equation ? No common sense ? Can’t figure out the logic ?

Ok we give it one more try...

No, wait, wait...

Maybe I should start with an elementary lesson in Politics 101 -
"Definitions of Sovereignty."

How about you go and study that a little and then come and reply to some obvious questions.

Thank you. End of Class. See you tomorrow.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Muhammed Muhradin