October 29, 2007

Surreal indeed.

I just read that Iraq is warning Turkey that an invasion would be disastrous...

Honestly, is this real or am I dreaming things up ?

Iraq is ALREADY invaded by BOTH the U.S.A , IRAN and ISRAEL in the North.

Why is the Iraqi government worried about one extra little invasion huh ?

Yalla, the more the merrier...Ahlan wa Sahlan as we say in Arabic.

Which reminds me of one smelly brave shit standing at the Iraqi -Jordanian frontier right after the U.S invasion, and letting in every single car, truck, bus, donkey, enter into Iraqi territory- no visas, no checks, no nothing and he was saying in that ugly nasal accent of yours: "Welcome to Eye Raq."

I say to Turkey, welcome to Eye Raq too.