October 30, 2007

A Virus...

I have been feeling lousy for the past two days. Actually am quite sick. Nothing serious, just a nasty strain of the Flu.

And am not good company when am sick. Am grouchy, cranky, and terribly anti-social.
But I had to go out and get some Panadol from a pharmacy nearby.

“Salam Aleikom, I need a box of Panadols please”
“Is the Panadol for you or for your husband?“ asked the inquisitive pharmacist.
“My husband is dead“ I replied in a flat voice and with a straight face.
“Oh am sorry”
“Don’t be. I killed him.”

My, you should have seen the look on his face. He still managed a tiny faint smile and gave me what I needed with no further questions.
And that is the way it should be. He had a wedding ring on, and on top of that, a beard. I guess you all know by now, my “position” vis à vis beards...

Now, before you go around cyber world, spreading homicidal rumors about me being a “man killer,” let me assure you, I did not kill my ex. But he could be dead for all I care.

Mind you, he is not the only one on whom the death sentence should be carried out. The “men” in charge of the ministry of Health in Baghdad deserve the same verdict.

I am lucky, I can still afford a box of Panadols and if things get worse (hopefully not),I can always go to an Iraqi doctor friend of mine – who is not only very competent but who also gives discounts to other Iraqis trapped in the wilderness.

Which reminds me of a “joke” going around in Baghdad. A guy has a tooth ache and needs to have the bad tooth extracted.
-The dentist:"This will cost you 100$"
-The patient:“Can’t you just loosen it up for 10$ and I will pull it out myself ?!”
“Occupation” black humor at its best.
Give it a little more time and you will be witnessing a whole generation of Iraqis smiling at you, toothless. The “Occupation” smile. Pity we will not be featuring in your Colgate toothpaste ads.

As I have mentioned in the past, Iraqis no longer have teeth fillings, they just have them extracted instead. For one it is cheaper. Second it takes less time- security reasons. Three, anesthesia is not always available so I guess one hard pull is less painful than drilling – especially that this latter can bring on terrible reminiscing fears of what awaits every Sunni Iraqi if he/she is not careful in hiding their sect.

Yes, you guessed right, the nefarious, psychopathic militia of the Jaysh al Mahdi. The military wing of the Sadrists whose head is none other than the top notch driller of Baghdad - His Eminence Muqtada al Sadr.

And as it so happens, the Ministry of Health is under his “patronage” and that of his “men.”

Every Baghdadi knows that if you are sick and happen to live in a Sunni area- these categorizations were INEXISTENT prior to our “liberation”- you’re royally screwed.

Not only getting to a doctor outside your area is dangerous, nay impossible, but even the hospitals in the Sunnis areas turn you away.

Radhee is no liar. He swears that they turn away many patients in his Sunni ghetto and only allow “very serious cases.” The reason? Lack of everything.

No hospital beds, no medications, no equipment, no electricity, no nurses and worst of all, no doctors.

The figures, and these are the only ones I could find, state that over 20’000 Iraqi medical doctors have fled the country in 2005 alone. God only knows how many have fled to date.
And God only knows how many dentists, nurses and other paramedical help have also escaped the hell of Iraq.

In 2005 alone, over 250 doctors were kidnapped and killed,65 were reported missing. I leave it to you to calculate how many are killed and/or missing to date.

Today Iraq has 1/3 of the doctors it needs. Those who remained, are daily harassed by armed militias storming into their clinics. Some have closed shop and work from home instead.

The Health Ministry has a DELIBERATE policy of not providing Hospitals in the Sunnis areas with funds, equipment, medicine and staff. This is a deliberate act that falls in perfect line with the overall sectarian nature of the puppet government. Another way of furthering the smaller genocide within the grander genocide. The Iranian genocide against the Sunnis within the grander American genocide against the Iraqis.

The same applies to the Ministries of Works, Transport, Interior, Education, etc...But I will leave those out for the moment as I really want you to focus on the “Health Service” disaster that is now the norm in Iraq.

I will not even start mentioning the rampant diseases that we had ERADICATED before our “Liberation,” now making a comeback.
Cholera, Typhoid, Malaria, T.B, Hepatitis, Dysentery, Polio and AIDS. This latter was virtually unheard of in Iraq.

I will not even go through the cancer cases in particular soft tissues and blood cancer that have been multiplied by 600 thanks to D.U. This alone is a tragedy in itself.
And will not cover other common illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension for which people can’t find adequate treatment and can’t afford the medication either.
Nor will I touch upon the very serious mental health degradation of the majority of Iraqis. An ongoing PTSD with no end in sight.
Nor will I mention the lack of pre-natal and post-natal care. Nor the forced ceasarians before their terms. Nor the increasing number of miscarriages. Nor the infants who do not stand a chance of seeing the light of day. Nor the children dying in loads...No, I will not mention any of that.

The current Health situation in Iraq is a tragedy of monumental proportions. It is yet another crime that both the U.S and the Iranian puppet government in Baghdad have committed.

As I said, the Ministry of Health is run by Muqtada al Sadr’s men. It is one of the ministries that has been affected the most by corruption. See my previous post “Foul Play.”

Under the Sadrists, the Health System has TOTALLY disintegrated. And there is a VERY SEVERE lack of services. Except maybe for their own hospital in Sadr City. Persian sectarianism oblige.

Twenty Billion $ have been allocated for Hospitals and Medical supplies. All of it has gone missing. Some of the equipment and medication are later found being sold on the black market.

The culprits are none other than the Ministry of Health AND foreign “reconstruction” contractors. The Americans, Brits and the rest of the parasites that have infected Iraq.

Out of 150 health projects, only 6 have been completed and not totally.
The Health Ministry along with these foreign contractors have cashed in the money. Again corruption and fraud of the highest order.

And the Iraqis are left with their diseases, amputations, wounds and scars in total indifference. Indifference by both the puppet government, the Americans and the so called International Community.

I have also not touched upon the displaced, inside and outside of Iraq who for the most part have absolutely NO access to any medical care whatsoever.
I have not even spoken of the all too common sight- that of mothers, selling some food they received in charity so they can take their child to a doctor...
I have not even touched upon those who are riddled with cancer and can’t afford morphine and are left to wither away in agony...

My God...I do not know anymore where to start and where to stop...

And when I think back to the days when Iraq according to the WHO (who is doing fuck all by the way, except entertaining the “doctors” of the civilized international community by paying them salaries of 10’000$ ++ a month so they can write reports and watch us die away slowly.) was considered the most advanced country in the Middle East in its health care system.

Not only we had the best doctors, all sent abroad for further studies and specializations. Not only we had the latest equipment. Not only we had some of the best hospitals and medical schools. Not only patients flocked from all over the Middle East to seek treatment in Baghdad...Not only that, but it was also ALL FREE of charge.

Our hospital beds today have no sheets. No covers. No meal is served, you bring your own. No gloves. No syringes. No Hygiene. No equipment. No medication. No nurses. No Doctors. No prenatal care. No post natal care. No nothing but...

A lot of everything that is ugly, evil, hideous...and I have no more words.

Bullets, disease, radioactivity, malnutrition, unemployment, poverty, corruption, sectarianism, chauvinism, fear, grief...

These are the viruses of the dual Occupation USA – Iran. No, triple occupation – let us not forget Israel in the North. But then Israel is right into the heart of Baghdad too, lecherously gnawing away at it.

Yes these are the viruses plaguing the “ New Liberated Iraq.”
Viruses that come from predators attacking, like rabid enraged wild animals...and contaminating everything and everyone.

In short, the virus of Genocide. A Genocide happening in front of your very eyes. And you can’t come later and say you were not told.

My rage is never ending...truly never ending, as I witness the so many levels of crimes you people have committed and the so many levels of lies you people have lied and the so many techniques of murder you people are using...Never ending.
Truly a disgrace to anything called a Human Being.

And I still see some giving support to those genocidal psychopaths like Muqtada al Sadr. And I still see some engaging in preemptive mourning for the equally criminal Iran instead of denouncing its role in the hell which is now Iraq. And I still hear that Iraq has to wait and grill away further, on the back burner. And I still see some totally living in willful denial, cajoling themselves as to how civilized their American/ Western world is.

Now I feel much sicker. Truly sick. This nasty flu is nothing in comparison.
It is a sickness I am unable to get rid of and unable to heal...
The sickness that comes from realizing that my country is very ill, debilitated by a feverish illness, diseased, ailing, crippled, agonizing...gone for ever.
The sickness that comes from realizing that You are that killer virus that is ravaging Her body away...

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Yaqeen Al-Dulaimi.