October 8, 2007

True Colors...

Did you know that in the Arabic language there is no such thing as "How are you."
In classical Arabic the phrase is " Kayfa al Hal " meaning how is your state- of being or mind.

In colloquial Iraqi it is "shlonak." I suppose "shlonak" comes from "sheenoo lonak" meaning what is your color. And again, I suppose that "color" means state. The color of your being.

I assume the above linguistics turns, were derived from Islamic medicine, which classified "humors or states" and "colors" for the diagnosis of illnesses.

Well, yesterday, had someone asked me "shloonak" or "kayf al hal", I would have responded "Bright Red."

Yesterday's program on al-Jazeera made me really angry.
The program titled "Al Ray wa Ray al Akhar" - roughly translated as Differing Opinions.
First of all Sami Haddad, the moderator, was abysmal. I never really liked him. He comes across as smug and pompous. But yesterday, his performance was nil.

First, he was terribly rude to one Iraqi guest, Haroon Mohamed. He literally told him: "You should not argue like a waiter in the street." But he was very courteous to the American, the Kurd and the sectarian Shia from Iran.

I do not know what these pedantic Arab presenters have against waiters. He used the word "garçonieh" from the French "Garçon".
And of course Sami Haddad believes he is above a "garçon."

I used to have esteem for al-Jazeera and I must say it is dwindling...
Still, I prefer it to Al-Arabyia. I will get back to Sami Haddad later. He had me fuming that night.

The program was on the Partition or Federalism of Iraq following J.Biden's proposal and the so called “non binding” vote in the U.S congress.
The invited guests were Edward Joseph from the not-so-great USA, “ Dr” J.Kandil, representing SCCI of the Al-Hakim mafia from Iran. Haroon Mohamed, a patriotic independent Iraqi, and finally “Dr” Fouad Hussein, representing “Iqlim Kurdistan.”

Everytime I hear that word “Iqlim Kurdistan” I crack up laughing. The Kurds never had a state in their whole entire history, except for one year in Iran in the 40’s. An artificially constructed state that went down the drains within 12 months. And so it shall be again...

And notice how many “Doctors” of political science we now have in Iraq. Masha'Allah. Iraqis who voted for those criminals must stand very proud and tall today for electing such specimens. Sorry, no sympathy for you guys.

Edward Josef's position was the usual American bullshit. Iraqis can’t get along... the only rational thing to do is to split them up. It is up to them if they want a "loose federation" or "independent statelets." Ex-Yugoslavia style.

Haroon Mohamed, who was nastily castigated by pompous Sami Haddad, argued and rightly so, that Iraq since the 20’s had a strong national centralized state with its modern institutions. And that since the 90’s there has been a Zionist design to split up Iraq. And now they are going according to the said plan.

Of course Sami Haddad spilled the same crap that the Americans and their cohorts have been spilling for decades, “Is it not better, that Iraq splits since the previous government was brutal on the Shias and Kurds ?”
“Exaggerated, fabricated lies" responded Haroon Mohamed.
Exaggerated, fabricated lies indeed. Lies precisely concocted for the invasion, occupation, regime change, fake elections, and ultimate division of Iraq.

“Dr” Kandil of the Iranian Mafia in Baghdad argued that the official SCII stance is against partition, that Maliki himself was against it and that Ammar al-Hakeem was against it, even though and check this out as it is very important – Ammar al Hakeem was engaged in several private talks with J.Biden before this resolution passed in Congress and agreed in principle to the idea.
“Dr” Kandil added that there are clauses in the non final draft of the Iraqi constitution that does mention federalism for the nine Southern provinces.

Basically, some hair splitting on terminology and how much they will be getting out of the partition deal.
They – the sectarian shias - really want their 9 provinces on an independent basis. Do not forget that oil is concentrated there.
But it seems there are tugs between the Shias and the Kurds over Kirkuk. I think these will be resolved soon. The sectarian Shias do not care for a unified Iraq.
It is in the interest of IRAN to have a decentralized Iraqi state. And this is what they will be aiming for and it is in the process of becoming so with Baghdad as a weak administrative center.

The South is already under the full control of the Mahdi – SCII mafia. It is a question of percentages and who gets exactly what. Furthermore, only a few days ago, the Mahdi and SCII signed an agreement on the Southern and Center provinces. Et voila !

Also note, that the so-called “Iraqi opposition” i.e the Iraqi sell outs agreed with the Kurds, before the invasion, to accept Federalism as the only viable option for the New Iraq. And this agreement was included in the new Iraqi “constitution” that was drafted by the Americans still to be finally ratified. And when I say Federalism read Balkanization, read Partition.

As for the honorable Kurdish Doctor, of Iqlim Kurdistan (hahahaha), in his typical chauvinist, Zionist, deceitful manner, argued that the Kurds were very eager to see "democracy" in Iraq (as in Kurdistan!)and that they were very "concerned" about the civil strife between Arab shias and sunnis.
And since they(the Kurds) have been so "cruelly oppressed" by the previous regime, it is only right for them to have their full independence. The Peshmerga militias are now considered the official army of "Iqlim" Kurdistan and no official Iraqi army is allowed to enter their "Iqlim."

I am preparing another post on the Zionist Kurds and I will leave it to you to see how “oppressed“ they were and how "democratic" they have become...

Basically what Dr.Zion was arguing is that a partitioned Iraq is a must. Undoubtedly so, since the Kurds have already signed 5 new oil contracts without Baghdad’s approval. And so far, the Maliki mafia does not seem to mind it all that much.
Moreover, I did mention in a previous post that Mosul’s turn in ethnic cleansing was approaching. And what I predicted came to pass. Mosul is being ethnically cleansed after Kirkuk and Erbil...Arabs are being driven out and Christians or what is left of them in Mosul, are now considered Kurdish Christians. Ditto for the other minorities like the Sabeans and Yazidis.

I can’t give you the full transcript of the program. But grosso modo, these were the arguments put forward.

Sami Haddad concluded his program in the typical English fashion – and he is located in England, so I guess English hypocrisy must have rubbed off after all these years -by quoting the late King Faysal of Iraq who said in 1931 to the effect “ Iraqis do not know what patriotism to a nation is, they have no sense of unity, they will remain as tribes and clans...”
Need I remind Sami Haddad what happened to King Faysal or to Nouri al-Said or to the English for that matter? Shame on you, pompous, English, Sami Haddad.

Am not finished yet...

Now what amazes me most, is why is everyone suddenly “surprised” or “shocked” by the Biden Resolution ? Any true Iraqi knew it all along. And as Haroon Mohamed above, pointed out, that was the plan all along, ever since 1990.

I would go even further, and assert that this was the plan all along, prior to Desert Storm in 1991 and I would add, prior to the Iran-Iraq war.
As a matter of fact, these wars were nothing but a preparation for this resolution. And this is where Iran was a very useful ally with its retrograde Khomeinism and political shi’ism. And Iran, the hypocritical dog of sectarianism, obliges till this very day.

So why is everyone so shocked ?

My grandmother who could not read and write used to tell me that the enemies of Iraq will never cease before they divide it and steal its resources. My grandfather recounting Britannia in Iraq used to say the same thing. My late father in the 80’s affirmed the same thing. My mother in her typical motherly fashion keeps repeating it today “See, I told you so, 20 years ago.”

So why are you so surprised or shocked?

When the Americans decided to invade and occupy Iraq and split it on ethnic and sectarian grounds, (kurds, shias, sunnis) were they not preparing for that day ?

When they declared “Iqlim Kurdistan” a safe, protected area in the 90’s, where they not preparing for that day ?

When the anti-war (another hahahahaha) sell outs, with Chomsky at their head, cried about the oppression of the Shias and the Kurds, were they not preparing for that day ?
Go and refresh your memories and read your darling Chomsky in the Independent of February 2007. You dig it out, I have no time to do your research for you.

When I wrote, article after article, affirming that the sectarian Shia militias from IRAN were ethnically cleansing Baghdad and its provinces in preparation for that day, I was the one who was accused of sectarianism.

When I repeated, article after article that the thug Muqtada al Sadr, that some of you still consider a "patriotic anti-American" was/is an accomplice in the ethnic cleansing along with the Badr Brigades of al-Hakeem, in preparation for that day, I was accused of being a partisan of the U.S.

When I wrote that the Kurdish militias also called the Peshmergas have not ceased ethnically cleansing the North, and were/are trained by Israel in preparation for that day, I was called a Fascist.

What will it exactly take ?
Well what you, hypocritical, intellectual perverts of the zionist left, and that includes a good deal of the so called Arab ”left“- wanted all along, took place and will continue - Partition, Federalism call it what you like.

Iraq, and I have said it many a times, is the fig leaf that fell on the ground and exposed all of your true colors. And what colors they are !

Next time you see an Iraqi refugee begging on some street corner, or one that is on his death bed from some bullet, drill or bomb, in the Red zone, ask him “Kayf al hal?” - how is your state ? or ask him which statelet he comes from.
Or better ask him “Shlonak ?” - What is your color.
And you will see yours reflected back at you.

P.S. If you want to laugh a little, read what our buffoon Kurdish president Talabani had to say today – click here for some good laughs.
And do you know why he expects a troop withdrawal soon in 2008? Because the partition would be in full effect by then..But he re-assures you that American military bases will still be needed and that Maliki is a clean guy.
So do keep him on board - Democrats and other "liberal, progressive, lefties."(hahahaha)

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Hana Mal Allah. "New Baghdad city map - U.S Map,2007"