October 4, 2007

A reminder...just in case you forgot.

Just heard an interesting program.
Bush is ready and willing to face Iran tête à tête and NEGOTIATE on the nuclear issue.

Thank you Iraq. Thank you Iraqi Resistance. Thank you the 2 million Iraqis killed. Thank you the 5 million exiled...Thank you Iraq the everlasting sacrificial lamb.

The "anti- imperialistic " Iran on the other hand, urges the international community to support Karzai, the Afghani puppet. Just as it has urged the international community to support the other puppet Maliki. Re-read that sentence will you. Or are you deaf and blind at the same time ?

So "dear" anti-war movement and other pre-emptive wailers, when will the strike take place ? Tomorrow, next month, or next year? Maybe next century ?

Is this why Scott Ritter said let us put Iraq on the back burner ?
Of course, why should you give a fuck about Iraq.

You did not during Desert Storm also known as Gulf War I- when 700 tons of bombs fell on our heads. You certainly did not give a fuck when 13 years of sanctions killed 1.5 million Iraqis - half of them children under your DEMOCRATIC government auspices.
And you certainly do not give a fuck about the current genocide.

All you had to say and you keep repeating till this very day, was that Saddam Hussein was a dictator and that he oppressed the shias and the kurds. Lies you have FABRICATED.

Now we have a divided, partitioned "country". If you can still call it a country that is. (your zionist Chomsky must be very proud).
And all you do is defend Iran against an improbable attack USING Iraqi suffering, pain and destruction. And Iraq ? To hell with Iraq.

You have no scruples, no political ethics and no shame.
What a bunch of ...

Now what should I call you ? Sell outs ? Hypocrites ? Bastards ? Sons of bitches ?
Or maybe all of the above ?
Please choose which term you prefer best and I shall oblige.

At least with your neocons, we know where we stand. They are as clear as daylight.
But you, you are the worst of the worse.