October 15, 2007

A Few Good Ones Left...

I want to share with you two other true Solidarity mails I have received.

They are important for me. They tell me that I am not talking to the walls, or "pissing in the wind." (to use one of your expressions.)

They tell me, that there is an echo out there, and that means a lot to me and am sure to other Iraqis as well...

One such mail comes from a German lady M.R.
I am taking the liberty to publish it nearly in its entirety. Read it and you will know why, yourself.

" Thank you so much for every single word you have written up to this very day.
Your essays should be part of the curriculum at the high schools of our so-called "civilised" Western countries.
I share your true feelings, your grief, your fury, your uncensored anger, your despondency, your hope, your heartfelt compassion, your passion for Iraq.

Germany did not send troops to Iraq in 2003 but we are guilty like the rest of all European countries. Our governments supported the criminal sanctions against your country.
Our people watched all this crimes live on TV. We should stop talking about Auschwitz without mentioning the Iraqi Holocaust.
The indifference of the world towards the genocide committed in Iraq, our silence is a crime against humanity. Nobody of us can say: "we didn't know"....

I am almost 50 years old, I remember the solidarity campaigns against the war in Vietnam we have organised in Germany. Regarding our solidarity(?) with Iraq, the so called anti-war movement continues parrotting the fabricated lies of the mainstream media.
"We are against this war, but Saddam Hussein is / was a brutal dictator..."

Can you imagine that the so called German left, is still discussing the legitimacy of the Iraqi Resistance?!!! On the other hand they are "celebrating" the 40th anniversary of Che Guevara's death, organising a folckloristic spectacle. Hypocrites!

It is the duty of all honest human beings to do what is in their possibilities to stop this criminal neo colonialistic war, to ease the suffering of the Iraqi people, to support the Iraqi Resistance!...

I know how proud the Iraqi people are, and I know that your country was the envy of the Middle East. One of my collegues, he comes from France, lived in Baghdad in the 80's. He often tells me how beautiful the Iraqi capital was. "Baghdad was like Paris" he said...

I will always remember the example of dignity and honour, embodied by the hero and martyr President Saddam Hussein, the symbol of the independent, united and free Iraq. May his blessed soul enjoy the glory of eternity!

I believe in the unity of the Iraqi Resistance and I believe that Iraq will be free again. "United and one, like the fingers of one hand" your heroic people will expel the invaders. Just remember the history of your country, the cradle of human civilisation.

Keep on writing! People like you are the conscience of the world!...

May next Eid see us congratulating each other for the liberation of Iraq and Palestine..."

and, M.R continues, in another mail, by saying:

"The "civilised world" has committed the biggest crime against humanity in modern history: The criminal sanctions, the fabricated lies demonising President Saddam Hussein, the daily atrocities of the occupation...
The world community must pay compensation to the Iraqi people!
Here in Germany we are still paying to the "State of Israel" for the crimes committed during World War II and the generations following me will continue paying...

I have run out of words to express my sentiments.
The indifference of the world, the silence of the anti-war movement has caused more destruction in Iraq than an atomic bomb.
The clowns of the German left are lost in discussions about the LEGITIMACY of the armed Iraqi Resistance. Was there ever a discussion if the French Resistance against Nazi Germay was legitimate or not?

Let us never loose our optimism:
I am sure you have read this: (quote): The puppet Iraqi "National Security Adviser," Muwafaq al-Rubaie confirmed in his recent Washington visit that "Saddam has planted an incurable virus" in the minds of Iraqis.
That "virus" is non-acceptance of the occupation and refusal of its puppet government. In the same breath, al-Rubaie affirmed that he and his associates have "chosen once and for all its strategic ally and that is the United States of America."...

My solidarity and my prayers for the Heroic Iraqi Resistance! I believe that Iraq's National Liberation Front will free your country of the US/Zionist/Iranian invaders! Inshaallah!..."

And this is another touching e.mail I received from the U.S from someone called Ironhead. And this is what he has to say :

"Everyday I raise hell and forward as much truth as I can find to try to make these people here understand the magnitude of the horrors we have brought to the noble gracious People of Iraq, Afghanistan...and Palestine.

I am fortunate that I have learned to live way below what is considered the 'poverty line' in America. For me, my key to happiness was to have less instead of more, more and more. Consequently, because I do not waste my time chasing worthless dollars, unlike most Americans, I have much more time for fuss and disruption...

I will not rest until these horrors are stopped and the perpretrators...all of them are brought to justice.

Next week I will stand with friends of mine who are charged with a variety of federal offenses from when they disrupted a company that provided planes to the CIA for torture flights...One of them (my friend) is well into his eighties and may very well die in jail if convicted...

We all feel that as we are all going to die one day anyway, one's life must amount to something.
If our miniscule disruptions can help bring Peace back to the People of the Middle East, then, for me, my life will have been worth something.

I cannot describe the magnitude of the shame and sorrow I feel daily for what we have done to your People. My rage against these Greedy Criminals grows with each heartbeat...In solidarity and with deepest respect."

I am in no position to thank on behalf of the people of Iraq, as I do not consider myself their "official" representative, however...

Thank you M.R, Ironhead and the several others who keep sending me their words of Solidarity. A heartfelt thanks from me and...the true people of Iraq.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Amer Al-Obaidi.