Papier Mâché...

An acquaintance approached me the other day and suggested I join the world of media/journalism. Utilize my writing skills and whatever intelligence I have left, to good use...

Good use? Because the media is good news? And am not only talking about mainstream media here...

Besides, becoming part of some media - and that includes some of the “alternative media” also known for its share of blatant lies - means I will no longer be allowed to tell you some basic truths.

And I don’t want to miss out on the fun by being clustered and cooped in some box writing news reports when I can sit here and spill it all out, without having to be so " objective, impartial and fair ” about it.

I know, some may think it is very important to get the Truth out. Big deal.

The Truth is out and knowing the Truth out there is not ENOUGH . ACTING on that truth is what brings results.

And acting on that truth does not consist of signing petitions and joining a protest once a year either.

And acting on that truth does not consist of reading articles and passing them on and filing them in your inbox under the "truth."

All of this remains words on paper...

Daily, you read words and papers. A bulimia of words and papers...So ?
Daily, I read thousands of words and write them too...So?

Has it changed anything? Has it improved anything ? Has it given me and millions of other Iraqis any hope...?

Sadly, the answer is NO.

Why is that?

History shows that words followed by actions moved masses and produced change.

How come you are still asleep when a Genocide is happening in your name?

And repeat that word GENOCIDE, until it sinks in deep, into your thick skulls.

How come you are still asleep when you are regurgitating words daily ?

How come you are so sunk deep into some lethargy unable to move yet you go on babbling away about the intricacies of politically correct definitions ?

So in reply to this acquaintance and his suggestion, my answer is NO. I will not join any media.

I know you will say because the media manipulates, etc...We are not being told the truth, we are fed lies, we have been robbed of what this country - yours - stands for and what our founding fathers - yours - fought for and after all we are suffering too, we are overstressed, overworked, underpaid, riddled with hormones, numbed, etc...etc...etc...

More words again...Delusional words and delusional beliefs.

I have news for you here and they are not good.

You are not only being fed lies, you entertain those lies by constantly lying to yourselves as well.

The ILLEGAL invasion and occupation of Iraq. Its massive, irremediable DESTRUCTION. Its untold suffering. Its deaths in the millions. Its refugees in the millions. Its plundering in the billions of $. Its rape and torture; physical, geographical, psychological, social, spiritual...right down to the individual body. Its contamination with the most lethal chemical weapons in history; DU, phosphorus bombs, Neutron bombs, cluster bombs, Napalm...
Its stripping it away from any identity, from its history, from its roots, from its people...and I can go on and on and on...

ALL of that has failed to MOVE YOU TO ACT.

And that despite your knowing "alternative medias" and reading hundreds of articles, and joining hands in prayers, and participating in conferences and giving speeches and showing up on you tube, and blogging and interviews... and, and, and...

And you want me to believe your lies of how you have been robbed of the ideals of what your nation stood for ? Who are you kidding here ?

You are kidding none but yourselves.

Iraq was the golden opportunity that you have deliberately or stupidly failed to seize. And I call that BAD FAITH.

Iraq was the golden historical opportunity for you to finally put into practice those ”ideals of your founding fathers” that you o' so preach about all the time...

But you did NOT. And that is a FACT!

And I will tell you why you did not. Simple. Because you have no such ideals. You are deluding yourselves.

You have forgotten that your so called "democracy" has been nothing but a SHAM, a travesty from the very beginning.

And you have also conveniently forgotten that your so called "democracy" only gave rights to "african americans" in the late 60's. And that is just 40 years ago.
Until then, you were living segregated lives...preaching “democracy.”

So what ideals are you exactly talking about?

And I can go on and on about your own history but your history does not interest me...anymore. You do not interest me either. Nor you, nor your collective or individual stories...

Words and more words...and more words.

Files of papers filled with words, riddled with words like bullets. And this is exactly what your words ended up as, they ended as...BULLETS.

Bullets that ripped through us, through our being, our psyche, our identity, our culture, our very existence...

So spare me your words, articles, news, analysis, research, theories...papers.

And remember you are not to preach to me, someone whose ancestral fathers invented the letter and the word and taught you how to write.

You are nothing but words on paper. And we have become nothing but a target people riddled with your bullets.

Take your words and your papers and make some papier mâché.

And here is a definiton of what papier mâché means

"...shreds of paper mixed with glue or paste, that can be molded into various shapes when wet and becomes hard...when dry."

They make boxes out of papier mâché. So make boxes out your words and papers...and store more words and paper in them.

Or if you feel terribly charitable and want to give yourselves a good conscience, ship your papier mâché boxes over to Iraq as...coffins.

Only then can you truly pride yourselves by remembering your “founding fathers."
And let it go down the annals of your glorious "history" as - and don't forget to quote me...

"We killed them with bullets, covered them in words and buried them in paper boxes."

Congratulations to you and your founding fathers.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Moed Mohsen (date n/a)


Anonymous said…
How about, after the liberation and the reconstruction, when and if God wills that Iraq becomes again a strong and powerful state, the restored Iraqi Army returning the "favor" to the Yanks, counterattacking, colonizing their country and teaching them the True Civilization ?
Alan the Red said…
Isn't genocide what they did to the Native Americans too? The Yankees are incapable of guilt.

When are you going to realise that there are only two types of American?

The ones who ran away from our tyrannical monarchs in Europe, leaving us to resist their oppression on our own, and the ones who went to America with the sole purpose of enriching themselves at the expense of the rest of the world? Of course, our tyrannical ruling classes have seized the opportunity to play "age of empires", once again, but they aren't fooling us.

They are just a parasite nation. All they care about is that "American Dream"; they just don't give a damn about anybody else. America is like a cancer upon the face of our Earth Mother, and cancers always kill the host body, unless it is surgically removed.

The only man in the whole world who has promised to surgically remove them is Kim Jong-il. He promised to do it, and he lives in the Oriental world where they have to "Save face". Believe me on this Layla, my wife was Oriental. "Saving Face" is all important to them. If Kim doesn't keep his promise, then he ceases to be Korea's "Sun-God". He has to keep his promise, having made it, and he made that promise, to the whole world, in the Asia Times.
Anonymous said… that Donald Rumsfeld?!
Layla Anwar said…
phoebe- from the Friends Series?

Angel said…
Hey, Layla.

The only ones the bill of rights were for, and the constitution, are the Americans. If you are not American, then of course, torture, lies, murder, various attrocities can be committed on other peoples of the world.

Their founding fathers would be turning in their graves, shocked at todays US administration. Outright ashamed of them.
Anonymous said…

There are no shades of gray when considering war crimes – an action either is or is not a war crime. The illegal invasion and occupation and the continuing genocide of the Iraqi people is a war crime – if not, what is it? – a minor military excursion, an unfortunate mistake or good intentions gone bad? NO, it is a war crime of horrific proportions against an innocent people. OK my fellow Americans, you need to repeat that every second of every day until the last American’s boot steps off Iraqi soil, you need to repeat that each and every second until those responsible for initiating it and those who continue to fund and support it are brought to justice.

Make no mistake, Layla will endure and prevail, the Iraqi people will endure and prevail, the brave men and women of the Iraqi resistance will endure and prevail because it is the essence of the human spirit to prevail over brutal oppression. And when the mountains of collected evidence [this is 2007 of the digital revolution, not 1907] documenting these horrific war crimes against the Iraqi people is made known to the world, those responsible must be held accountable and brought to justice. Justice does not always come on time, but it does come and the gallows are waiting!

As Gandhi says, “ When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fail – think of it ALWAYS”.
Anonymous said…
I don't know who is on the friends series other than the woman who was married to the very handsome Pitt guy. Now he could definitely be my friend, even in his skirt (kilt)!
Layla Anwar said…

what were the founding father doing when the civil liberties bill of rights was only introduced 40 years ago?
The founding fathers are nothing but a bloody sham if you ask me.
Layla Anwar said…
Politically Incorrect,

I think that is an absolutely brilliant idea. Specially now that we know that the U.S has WMD's, ties with 9.11 and al Qaeda and has is threat to the world...
Axis of Evil must fall.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello. But, am tempted to say a big BUT here...Were not the 1991 Gulf War, followed by the sanctions a PRELUDE to this?

Is this admin only to blame? And what about the Democrats cigar suckers ? and what about the Bush Ze Daddy? and what about Reagan the third class actor? And what about Kennedy and his unconditional support for the ugly witch Golda Meir...and and and...
And what about Latin America and the staged coups ? And what about Vietnam ? and what about and what about and what about...????
And when will it all end???

We are in it together, you sink with us. No other way.
Anonymous said…
good to see the standard of discussion has picked up somewhat
Anonymous said…
Dear layla,

Your writing takes the breath away and cuts like a knife. But i'm just an arab. I don't know how it touches the american windy heart.

On finishing the last line I found the air letting itself out of my mouth with a phewww.

It is inspired writing. I hope one day to hold a book, an anthology of your writings , to my children , for them to hand it to their children.

While growing up, many the thin large pictorial science and nature books came from iraq. I remember asking my mom what is "Teshrin" ? And I then realized it is one of the month names as used in the iraqi "gregorian" calendar. I remember the emblem of the printing house. I grew up on children's books from iraq, which filled the arab world.

My sole volume on Arabic music theory , a large thick volume and comprehensive volume and catalog of arabic and persian musical scales, was printed in Baghdad.

Today, you are my media. Forget their media.

"babbling away about the intricacies of politically correct definitions"

is a symptom of the insanity that is the modern "western" mind (or at least american).

An insanity that comes from the inherent contradictions between their "values" and the way they actually live - on the loot and spoils of the rest of the world.

When 0.05% of the world population find no shame in consuming 25 % of the world's energy output, and actually consider any revision in that insanity as outside interference, it becomes clear what those folks are like.

If the world was a society, those would be the most anti-social among them. The mafia, the gluttonous Marie Antoinette.

I see the power and anger of God in your words, and therefore , if I may, your words are not for nought.

I hope your words prove a balsam for iraqis and all oppressed peoples , as much as their words prove to be bullets for them.

Layla Anwar said…
yes phoebe, that was very deep indeed.
Any latest news from Paris Hilton or Britney Spears rehab?
And oh, one more thing, with a boring air head like you, I doubt very much you will ever get a date...but mind you in America all is possible seeing that your men are not exactly luminaries themselves.

Anonymous said…
Believe me on this Layla, my wife was Oriental


lord cerne dickhead i am sick n tired of hearing abt your stupid dead wife.....yes we know she japanese, yes we know the us was responsible for her death, can u shut the fuck up abt her now
Layla Anwar said…
JR !

I thought you said its picking up!
If you can't be nice to the living, at least respect the dead !
Anonymous said…
im sorry layla but i cudnt help myself. sum of these people think they own the blog n we want 2 hear all abt their dreary little lives. well they r sadly mistaken. but yes, i will respect the dead since it is your blog n that is what u want
Layla Anwar said…
Dear less confused Arab,

WOW. Thank you!
Are you a writer by any chance?
You seem to me to be very clear headed and lucid.
Yes indeed, Baghdad and Cairo followed by Beirut were the printing houses of the M.E.

Iraq used to export FREE of CHARGE and even DURING the Iran Iraq war and up to the sanctions years text books for universities and schools throughout the M.E and parts of Africa.

Thank you for reminding me of these "little" facts that everyone seems to be taking for granted in the Arab World.

Had they not, they would all be less confused as well.

Salam to you.
Layla Anwar said…
Jr, ok ta very much luv.
I agree it does get dreary, I guess ze Lord, has some personal issues he really needs to sort out...
Anonymous said…
ok ta very much luv.


layla the only people who speak like that that are the lower class common muck......not the sort of people who u want 2 b imitating
Anonymous said…
Oh my, all the hatred towards Americans!

I love me some Layla. She is straight up racist and manages to believe that she is on the side of right. No, Layla dear, you are on the side of the murderers, torturers, kidnappers, and haters. You pour words out of your black heart to erase all doubt.

We in America think about you third worlders every now and again, mostly in hopes that our soldiers don't get killed by you and your friends. Other than that, we think of you like we would any other savages.

I love - LOVE - the comment earlier about the American Indians. The Comanches used to raid both Indian and white settlements, just for the pure joy of having people to torture. THAT is what the American Army wiped out. But you enjoy thinking of whites being tortured, don't you Layla? Insh'allah it will happen to you.

Keep on being racist and full of hate, and wonder why your world reflects that. I laugh at your hatred and your pain alike.
Layla Anwar said…
oh Jr, with all those one liners, you have suddenly become very elitist, I must say - Oxon ???
Anonymous said…
Marhaba Layla,

"Iktashaftu" 3anki munzu zaman qasir u behibb kalamek.

Tashayya3!!! Fi nass ktiir ma3ki u ma3kun.

Huna fi sura mumti3a
Layla Anwar said…
to the Sadist, above,

Not only do I found you boring and quite reminiscent of sadistic KKK's and long dead Nazis but to be totally honest with you, I also find your type quite hmmmm let's call it retarded- for the time being at least.

Oh by the way, You know those fires in California ? It was Allah's will too. More to come insh'Allah. As you say- Enjoy.
Anonymous said…
Where are you when u r needed!
Stop boozing! Come and give Anonymous above hell about his comment on Comanches. Easy on the booze!
Anonymous said…
layla stop clowning around and get to work on the new blog.
Anonymous said…
If you have so little faith in the Word as a weapon of war, then why on earth don't you "act" YOURSELF, take up a gun and join whatever you want to call the Resistance, instead of waiting for the pain to slowly wear you down to a wraith or a robot in front of that blessed computer ?
Layla Anwar said…
Layla yawns at popsicle.

Another phoebe round the blog...

hahahahaha, what a bunch of losers.
Layla Anwar said…
Less confused Arab,

Can you please send me your mail address ?

Layla Anwar said…

Shukran jazeelan wa laken

la pagina del pais, no existe.
less confused arab said...

Your writing takes the breath away and cuts like a knife.

Amen, Still here, and reading Layla, even though I know it is not enough to help you in your fight against the injustice of this illegal war and occupation
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks for visiting and reading.
Layla Anwar said…

Why do you call yourself a gym rat?
Are you a rat that lives in some hole in a gym? Want a piece of cheese?
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar was a very popular journalist in Iraq.

She has been writing on Uday's "Babil" from 1996 to 2002.

Hence her...ahem..."colorful" language.
Layla Anwar said…

God only knows how boring I find your type.

Keep Guessing son of Zion...

And I shall keep yawning. As a matter of fact, I am going to go to sleep now. Love to Mossad and Co.

Nite nite.
Anonymous said…
I concur with everything less confused arab wrote. Layla is the hope and promise of a lost old soul like myself. Why do none of your correspondents mention the UK who are the root of all this in both crime, planning, economics, empire and their revolting brutal history.
Anonymous said…
I concur with everything written by less confused arab. Layla is the hope and promise for a lost old soul like myself looking out on the world. Why do none of the correspondents mention the UK who are at the root of all this trouble in the Middle East, who always used war crimes, who concerns are empire, power, economy and their fraudulent sovereign family. My regards to you Layla for everything I have read here on your blog.
Anonymous said…
"Truthful", how desperately naive you are !

Let me give you an eye-opener: "Layla Anwar" is NOT a real person.

It is just the CODE-NAME of this particular stage of a certain "mission"...

MANY participate in it, of both sexes and different nationalities.

And it is NOT what one is led to believe from "her" (their) words; quite the OPPOSITE... (alas)

So stop guessing and go back to sleep.

Nite nite.
Average Joe 2.0 said…
less confused arab said...

"When 0.05% of the world population find no shame in consuming 25 % of the world's energy output, and actually consider any revision in that insanity as outside interference, it becomes clear what those folks are like."

That is right on point sir. It angers me daily. And I am DOING something about it.
Layla Anwar said…

what a fucking eye opener. Who would have guessed ? My oh my what an acute, perceptive brain you are.

Rightly so. Am not human. Am a alien robot just landed from a UFO dish on a special mission.
To subvert the minds of puritanical Americans and anally retentive Westerners...

Brilliance, sheer brilliance.

Tell you what can opener, why don't you stop watching those Sc.Fiction movies, take your- anti paranoid psychotic conspiratorial -neuroleptics drugs and go back to sleep.

Nite Nite.
Anonymous said…
"Layla" dears, you're all such lousy actors...
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Jocelyn and thanks for visiting.

Tell me do you also feel the "love" here the way I do ? LOL

I do touch upon not so G.B, the English way though - "drop by drop" as a friend is in the habit of saying.

But I do agree, I concentrate more on :

puritanical,racist,hypocritical,anally retentive, neurotic, psychopathic, addictive, confused, apathetic, indifferent, spoiled, whining, emotionally constricted, fraudulent, righteous, arrogant, pompous, puerile, ignorant, megalomaniac, ego centric, narcissistic, politically correct, America.

But no worries at all, I do not intend to spare the Brits either.
Remember "drop by drop" Ze English way. :-)
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous, eye can opener...

Do not forget to add the neuroleptics for Multiple Personality Disorders in your cocktail mix.
Anonymous said…

I made an arithmetic error and I must apologize.
it is not 0.05 % but 5 % (Five percent) that uses 25 % of the world's energy output (measured in oil output only).
The 5 % comes from the percentage of the US population of about 300 million against the world population of about 6 billion (6 thousand million).

So I apologize for my arithmetic error, it was not intended.

Dear Layla,

I have responded to you in a separate comment.

No I am not a writer. Thank you , coming from you , it is a very humbling compliment.

I am fascinated at the people who wage wars of total destruction against defenseless people, and then , when the defenseless people complain bitterly and call the agressors on their crimes, the agressors then accuse their victims of hate!

The sheer audacity, the sheer absence of compassion and rationality is mind boggling.

I think one factor is that Americans have never felt war. Despite the bravado and their Hollow-wood which produces more war movies than the entire world combined , they have never endured an occupation or a blitz . They are a spoiled child that has been left unchecked into adolescence.

Europeans have felt the brunt of war, so did the japanese and the russians and the chinese and the africans and the latin americans.

But like Michael Moore pointed out. It is paradoxical. Canada is similar to the US, but is yet more human more dignified, far less violent, and still has a claim on some decency (at least more decency than the states).

it is a paradox that I care not to understand, because it is a manufactured paradox.

People are peaceful by nature. They tend to love by nature.
the policies and media of the US are poison. It poisons americans, and it poisons the entire world.

Anonymous said…
Lord Cerne Asshole...which type of American designed the flag you use?
Anonymous said…
Hello to those who "know" me.

Good writing Layla, as always.

Stopping in to say "hello".

Stay safe.
LostHere said…
"anally retentive Westerners..."
WOW! What a literally creative way to put it... Did anyone ever said you were not "polite"

As always, I find your posts extremely well informed and lucid... Many USAmericans should also look back into what the "founder fathers" really were, and perhaps even read some of their history and constitution, instead of just regurgitating what they are often told. You rightly pointed out when the Bill of Rights was incorporated to the constitution and when vote for Black natives was instituted... In short, you Layla are a lot more informed than most US "natives".

As for you being part of the media... why not the media just printing your writings, unadulterated and without conditions?
Anonymous said…
I just would like to know why you stopped corresponding with me last spring, if it was because of what I said on "that" subject that hurt your feelings or for other personal reasons of yours.
Anonymous said…
Layla baby, you call me a sadist but the fact is that you are the one who is full of hatred. Not me, kiddo; my life is sparkling nice next to the shithole you've allowed yours to descend into.

As for a defense of the Comanches, one has not been written because it is not possible to do so. Sorry, kiddies, the American Army was - as usual - on the side of mercy and justice on that one. As it is again.

You know what is nice about your open, unapologetic racism, Layla? It confirms everything we civilized people think about you.

Have a lovely day, baby.
Layla Anwar said…
lost here,

Hello and thanks for the pun :-)
Are you implying am not polite ? God forbid...

There is no media that will print my writings unadulterated. Am too polite.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear less confused Arab,

I truly hope one day your pseudo will change to Lucid Arab.

Thank you for your comment and I did not notice the slight arithmetic mistake. It is indeed 5 % of the world population consumming over 35% of its resources and not 25%.

Basically a gargantuan whale of a consumer.

I will write to you to your private email address.

Layla Anwar said…
Hey Ike,

Nice to "see" you again after such a long absence.

Hope you are well. Take care dear Ike.

Bless you.
Layla Anwar said…
Yas, hello,

Care to refresh my memory ? I do not recall corresponding with anyone called Yas.
And if I have then I assume you have kept my email address...
Angel said…
Layla, you know I am not good on politics, in fact I'm bloody awful,

I have US relative's who are agahst at what is happening in Iraq, as you know.

But, it is middle America you have to watch out for. They are the most narrow minded of all. M. couldn't believe the amount of people with University degrees, who were compleely trapped in their own small world, knowing absolutely nothing, outside of America. Not only that, they didn't want to know.

Take aside the carnage in Iraq and Palestine, for a moment, hard to do, I know.

Which country has an amendment that allows everyone the right to own a firearm, not just own one, but use it on another person, if need be. Who's schools have mass shootings, that we hear about on the news? Who's children take firearms and knives to school? Which country has the majority of mass murderers and serial killers? Who still covertly, has the KKK, that are still active in their hatred and persecution of black and Native Americans? Which country, for all their puritanical Christian teachings, still has the death penalty that defies one of the Ten Commandments, "Thou shall not kill"? (Bush's home state Texas is just one) Which President expects salutations from the rest of the world, when mass shootings occur at schools? I saved the best for last. Who's Middle Region has caught an entire town with the most "underground" sexual perverts in the world?

Don't get me wrong, I feel for the parents who loose children, on any side, But how can they be so "puritanical" about situations they have created, not only with this amendment, but the illegal invasion, occupation and destruction of Iraq?

If I've mis-spelled anything, excuse me, I am falling asleep.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous cowboy.

Why do they call you cowboys. Are you sons of cows?

First - do not baby me. You keep these terms of endearments reserved for your "women???". She might look like a whale but you still call her baby. So there you go.

Second - You remind me of some elephant dressed as a cowboy. You know red faced, pot bellied, brash, brazen, and whose only entertainment in life is to barbeque pork chops on sundays followed gulped down with 24 cans of beers. Then sits on the couch, and vegetates in front of some dumb American sports game and gets all upset when his favorite team looses. He then cries quietly in the toilet, away from the family, because he is the "man" and does not want to show "his weakness"...hahahahaha

-and thirdly, but not lastly. and you must be grateful that I have at least agreed to acknowledge your repugnant presence on this blog and that is very courteous and polite from me - all the above characteristics are grouped into some personage who has just retired from some army or contracting job in which he excelled at murdering people- and is currently suffering from a chronic high grade depression. Also called in your case "blood withdrawal."

Now you understand why I don't want some fat fuck face like you to baby me.

Have a great one.
Anonymous said…
How is the gentle Raouf feeling these days ?
Anonymous said…

You don't know me, sweetheart, all you know is that I am a white devil American, who you love to hate. Just hold on to that and all will be well.

I never served in the military, my wife is an absolute knockout, and you haven't a clue about how Americans live. Although the pork chops and beer (halal all!) sound delicious; mmm, sounds like dinner.

Are you gracious to let me on your blog? Eh, maybe. It's Western technology that lets you spread your hate in the first place, so don't be sure about who owes who.

I enjoy visiting this site because it validates what I thought about you savages: foaming at the mouth with idiotic rage, unashamed racism, and political agendas hidden so shallow that one suspects you aren't even trying.

Keep hating, dear; I GUARANTEE it won't make your life better and let's face it, you don't deserve better.
Anonymous said…
"Care to refresh my memory ?"

How, with a bucketful of ice-cold water on your head ? :-)

Not only have I kept your address, but I have sent you dozens of e-mails in these last months - unanswered.

Frankly, at this point, I have given up hope of ever winning back your friendship; but I think I have the right to an explanation at least, don't you agree ?

Please be fair, write me a line at my e-mail address.

Take care and keep up the good work.

Layla, you might be interested in what Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D., a retired USAF lieutenant colonel and LewRockwell.Com columnist has to say.
From Living in an Imperial World:
"The republic is dead. Not sick, not dying, not failing, or in a gradual decline, not waiting to be resuscitated, but already stone cold dead. (Hit the link for the rest.)
So, you might take some grim satisfaction that in murdering others, in some peoples' opinions, we have killed ourselves.
Alan the Red said…
Hey Yankee, it was an asshole named Christopher Gadsden, who knew full well that you just can't trust the stinking, lying, British Government, just like Thomas Paine knew, but you dumbfuck Yankees somehow "forgot" that....basically because you've become a nation of sycophants

In all my life, I have never bowed to that stinking German monarch, but your Dick Cheney call him Sir Dick Cheney.

Besides, what are you whining about? Your flag is that red, white and blue one. "I swear allegiance to the flag blah blah blah." Try looking up the flag of the British East India company and see what fools you've been, Yankee scum. This is my flag and so far, not one single Yankee has had the guts to try to take it back from me.

Hey Layla, why are they called cowboys? Because they are full of shit, like cows. They just chew grass and shit. A cow's life is so boring. When they're not shitting, they're farting hot air. Shit like "Home of the Brave".
Anonymous said…
JR, remember that one day you'll die.
Layla Anwar said…

Is this some kind of a bad joke ?
I do not know anyone called YAS
I have not received any emails I have not replied to. I always reply to my mail. Unless it is offensive...
And I do not know who you are, so how can I drop you anything?
Layla Anwar said…
lousy anony mousey of a yank,

Do you think your venom is hurtful to me? Dead Wrong you are.
A knockout huh? You mean you have been knocked out by some M.E female, who wants to have nothing to do with your ugly face. Understandbly so...
I may not deserve any better but you deserve NOTHING.
As for the frothing at the mouth, I wonder if the parents of your brave shits are frothing too when they see that well over 4'000 of their brave shits are in the bye byes...

So keep barking rabid dog, and a filthy flea ridden dog is what you are. You have lost in Iraq and you have ALSO lost at home. So froth away and stew in your poison.

Do not bother replying, your not welcomed here.
Anonymous said…
try poetry. layla really digs poetry, but it better be good. Only then will she respond to emails. Just ask JR. He'll tell you.
Anonymous said…
So very very true, Layla. Ridiculous isn't it, that they can believe they are here to teach us all what 'democracy' is?! Will they ever realize this region knew democracy before they could even read or write the word?! And look at the mess they have created lately by supporting a terrorist organization, the pkk! Human rights they call it. They wouldn't recognize human rights if the term stared right into their eyes!
Glad to have met you, hello from Türkiye!
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Nur,

How do you say it in Turkish,

I agree somewhat, but I also think Turkey ought to seriously revise both her stands vis a vis Israel and the U.S.

I believe Turkey in her eagerness to join the E.U has forsaken quite a bit at home. I think a good opportunity is presenting itself for Turkey, to straighten out her agenda.

Gule Gule :-)
Anonymous said…
Layla, have you ever heard of/read a book, sort of poetico-mystico-philosophical essay, truly beautiful and intense, titled "Trilogy of Self" ?

If yes, do you remember the name of its author ?

I only know that he is/was an Iraqi.

Thank you very much.
Anonymous said…
you go girl,
Anonymous said…
...the "extra mile" ;-)

miss you, lion...miss your words...
Anonymous said…

Just got back from a needed inter soul connection. All though I don't drink many of my people do and have all the right to try and forget what has happened to us by the gready white people, you can ask Layla about trying to forget about such matters to you, she has more mothering skills then I do.

Sometimes I think you're into too many games and sorry to say I realy don't trust what you say. You must first learn to give respect to get it back just a basic.

To me you're either real young or a person that has never been able to trust people for what they say because you run around with gamers. You might try being around real grounded peoples to lift your spirits to being the true person you can really be.

You Also seem to be a caring person by some of your writtings or posts but sometimes I believe you just get overwhelmed by life. This could be because of the people you run with or a deep rejection that weights heavy on your heart and soul.

I can be all alone on a spirit quest for several days, but I still love and enjoy the things and peoples around me when I am not on such quests.

I am not sure or care what you believe in as far as a higher power, but if you don't have such a connection it might pay you to try and search your interself for answers to what really bothers you.

I truely wish the best for you Jr because you are cheating yourself from true inter peace. Do I like a lot of things going on here on earth? No! But, I can only expect to get what I give and to me let that be love.

Be a leader of goodness my friend.

howling wolf aka Savage
Anonymous said…
İyi akşamlar,
Yes, ALL politicians great and small should revise their motives, deeds and words, Layla.
I am sorry to see that you are very distressed and eager to hurt anyone on your path!
Hello, hello!
I don't know why you say good-bye, I say hello!
Anyway, EU and arguments about EU belong to politicians of the great and small kind. I belong to a higher Union.
Al Jazeera!? Sleep tight, Layla.
All the best.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous flirt,

Why don't you just stop beating around the "Bush"...
You have my email, you can write to me, instead of giving me all those coded inuendoes that are not amounting to much. Besides this is not romance chat room here.
So be a man and write.
Layla Anwar said…
Nuri Aris,

Hurt whom exactly? What al Jazeera? What Higher Union?
Woud someone please tell me what the fuck is going on here?
Best to you too
Layla Anwar said…
Howling Wolf,

Hello. JR is still young. Early twenties , this is what he said anyways. Poltiically he vacillates one minute here and one minute there...
But I must admit I have a soft spot for this little rascal, he does make me laugh.

Bless you Howling.
Anonymous said…
Am not a man nor a flirt nor seeking romance.

I just want my dear brother and comrade gone "astray" back to his senses and back to the good fight period.

Asking too much ?
Layla Anwar said…
Nur Aris,

Next time you meet in the Higher Union, please tell them that many in the lower union have been abandoned despite their calls.

Thank you
Layla Anwar said…

enough of your bending and twisting.
Am not your brother. I am a woman hence that makes me if at all- your sister.
Secondly I have not gone astray.
Thirdly, why don't you show us your asexual muscles (since you are neither nor) and fight the fight yourself, instead of coming here with your inuendoes that amount to NADA, NOTHING, RIEN,ZILTCH

You take care and don' trip on your way out.
Anonymous said…
Am a WOMAN, and ROOTED in it, unlike you who change sex, name, job, and MIND every other day.

Feather in the wind that you are ! :-)
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous above,

Frankly I do not give a shit if you are a woman, man or a hermaphrodite...
If there is ANYTHING you are rooted in, it is your own psychotic episodes.

Stop sniffing coke that much and you will stop smelling moles everywhere...

And you failed to listen to my advice concerning your paranoid bouts...go back to your neuroleptics pronto.

Again, take care on your way out, do not trip. Alcohol and drugs don't mix well.

Layla Anwar said…
fleur de lys,

google it or give me the title in Arabic.
YoUnicorn said…
My Dear Layla

Excellent as always !!

what can we expect of anyone
who is anonymous ? rubbish !

Take good care of yourself !

Lots of love

ps. ICH posted it today
Anonymous said…
I have googled it many times to no avail.

I don't speak Arabic (fluently), so I would not know how to translate it; I guess it is the exact translation, though.

I was flicking through the English version at a rare books dealer's in Bridgeport, Connecticut, many years ago; I remember I was going to buy it, but realized I had left my wallet with the money at home that day, so I had to give up; the day after I went back to the same place, but was told it had been sold and was the last copy left.

Since, I have been looking for it in several other bookshops in different cities and countries, but never found it again.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
The Higher Union is you, me and all people longing for peace.
I sent you a friendly hello message, you answered back like a politician, shoving EU down my throat. That is all.
The Higher Union is above EU and above all politics, it is not an organization that has meetings. I heard your call and answered it.
Take care.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Nur Aris,

Before you jump to your guns, take a breath and I suggest you read my two replies to you here on this post and on the following post Family tree.
Take care and those of higher unions should keep their humors in check :-)
Anonymous said…
Hi again.

So what can you tell me ?

Was such a book actually published in Iraq to your knowledge, and by which author, or must I think I just dreamt the whole episode ?

Pardon my insistence, but it is a matter of the utmost importance to me...

Thank you very much.

Layla Anwar said…
Fleur de Lys,

If you give NOT the translation but the Transliteration i.e the title in Arabic spelt in English I may be able to help you.
Otherwise I can't think of any author like that, off the top of my head.
You mentioned you live in the US.
Maybe, a good University Library that teaches arabic lit will be able to help you. If you are in Europe, then am sure there are many venues to explore...

alternatively you can write

They have a website maybe they can help you.

Is this author a poet or just a writer or both ????
Average Joe 2.0 said…
To: less confused arab

I wasn't going to quibble over your numbers. You were on a roll! You pointed out something that is such a huge part of the problem with the balance of this world.

We (the U.S.) are a runaway train of consumption. It is complete insanity and most people don't even realize it. We waste so much without a thought. I was excited that you brought that up because that is the battle that I have chosen.

To: Layla Anwar

Papier Mâché is the first thing I read by you. It hit me on a couple of levels and I wanted to reply sooner but your words made me bashful.

"And I can go on and on about your own history but your history does not interest me...anymore. You do not interest me either. Nor you, nor your collective or individual stories...

Words and more words...and more words."

It's odd but I wanted to agree with that and yet rage against it at the same time.

Your comment about the gym rat tickled me. I am a gym rat myself.

I'll spare you more of my words and just say good night and best wishes.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

As I told you, the only title I know is that the English version: "Trilogy of the Self" ("Self" as in philosophy, psychoanalysis etc.)

How would you say that in Arabic ?

As for the author, I recall the summarized biography describing him as a humble-born Iraqi from Baghdad, very patriotic, pro-Saddam, religiously very much into Sufism (at least in his youth), philosopher and poet, his life was devastated by the loss of his beloved wife in the Al-Ameriyah Shelter bombing, since self-exiled from Iraq on some spiritual quest, said to have embraced Qutbism in Egypt and been involved in underground activities.

In a word: an enigma !

Thank you for your patience :-)

Anonymous said…
Dear Lord Asshole:

Do you wake up every day feeling this way? How pitiful you are. Truly pitiful. Your mindless hatred of someone simply because they were born in the United States is testament to that. It’s truly not healthly It’s not even logical. All you do is run in place and not get anywhere. What a low quality of life you must have. I can’t even picture you smiling. Oh yes I can, smiling at the picture of some dead American…especially a baby.

“This is my flag and so far, not one single Yankee has had the gut to try to take it back from me”

Well buddy, it’s not your flag, it’s my flag. It’s an American flag. That’s an American rattlesnake on there. A symbol of American Independence. I may hate my president, can’t stomach was our current government does…but I love my country. Consider it taken back.
Layla Anwar said…
Fleur de Lys, I will see what I can do for you. I will ask around.
Rolf Brandt said…

This is the first time I've read one of your articles. I saw it on, isn't that funny? Because - as you say - "the Truth is out and ..[it] is not ENOUGH. ACTING on that truth is what brings results." You have hit on one of the worst frustrations one can have: Knowing how it is all so wrong, talking/writing/shouting about it, demonstrating, protesting ... No results. Not even a reaction. Deafening silence. It's as if you (and I) didn't exist. Should we therefore stop protesting ? Is "words on paper" all we can achieve ?

"..words followed by actions ..produce change" you say. Yeah, right. But most of us are not Alexander The Great or Ghandi. Yes, I find it difficult to sleep "when a Genocide is happening". But what more - apart from total apathy - can I do ?

Thank you for this article. Its inspired, passionate, touching. Its not exactly physical "ACTION", but I do believe that it does achieve something. There are still a few people left out there who can be moved, who can be motivated to put some more “words on paper” in the hope of influencing a few more people ...

Thank you, Layla.

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