December 11, 2008


This is a short post, a short post to express how pissed off I am with Iraqis.

What the fuck is the matter with you people ?
What is this paralysis that I see ?
Where are your voices ?
Where is the outrage, the outcry, the indignation, the shouts, the screams...?
What happened to you ? What happened to the Iraqi spirit ?
Where is that fire ? Where is the passion ?
What is this silence and this resignation ?

Damn you make me angry !

Either you are busy commiserating, busy with trivialities or busy kissing someone's ass in the Green Zone. What the fuck is the matter with you ?

Like the other day, I heard one of the most idiotic Iraqi females ever, say :
"Haram, all these orphans. Yalla insh'Allah I will get married soon and adopt a few..."

What are they, barbie dolls for you to purchase as a wedding present?
What is this flippant attitude in the face of the misery and tragedy of your country men and women ?

And if you peruse the blogs, articles and the rest, you would think it's all a "fait accompli" - a done deal. Poor analysis, poor quality of a message, stupidities, superficial, shallow subjects, or outright treachery and treason...

Wake up people, your country is a goner! Seems you don't care much...

Yalla go and bask in the shadows of your satellite dishes, and rejoice in your forever to construct, unfinished shopping malls - so you can become the perfect American consumer, or go and hide behind your Green zone walls and your Iranian chadors -- while you are being stripped naked of any dignity, resources, future...and vision.

That is all that your "liberation" gave you.


Painting : Iraqi artist, Ismail Fattah Al-Turk.