December 6, 2008

For a Laugh...not quite.

Well maybe not...not really.

I want to thank one of my regular readers re:Kofi, the UN/Kofi Annan basher for introducing me to some funny videos...

I was invited to a concert, but I turned down the invitation, preferring to watch comedy online.

Well re:Kofi, introduced me to Russell Peters, a Canadian of Indian origins. I watched all of his videos tonight. This one stuck out. Might not be the one that got most viewers but he was taking the piss out of the English, and am all game when it comes to not so Great Britain.

The following video partly sums up my feelings about the English, but does not stop there.
One day, I will tell you all about sharing lodgings with English women. But not tonight...
Take that as a preliminary, an hors-d'oeuvre, for more to come - as an entrée principale.

Since this is comedy night and am on a roll, I was checking out other videos, and found this one by an Iranian - Maz Joubrani.
The following video sums up it quite well, albeit in a sardonic manner, the difference between the Persians and the Arabs. You may need to read between -the political - lines.

Have fun. I sure did.