Objects of Male Desire.

Iraqi Artist Sattar Darwish 2005

I did say, I will take you down, by all necessary means and by all means necessary ... So hear it from me as a préambule :

Let's start it objective, the way you like it, the way you are in the habit of approaching it, in your symposiums and conferences ...entrenched in the aura of "intellectual" inquiry and reflection, as you like to call it.

This -- Draft lawfor a return to "Shariah" Law (of the Shiite Jaafari flavor) in matters regulating personal status which include marriage and divorce. I will not go through each article, take the time to read it yourself.

Not that "Shariah" law has disappeared from Iraqi society after our "liberation", quite the opposite, Iraqi society has all the necessary allure of a "shariah" compliant society. 
How so ? Very simple, just judging by the sheer amount of women who have been forced to veil since 2003, is a good indicator. Well at least in your "religious" books, that is the indicator to look for. 

The fact that Iraqi society has become one of the most corrupt, morally bankrupt societies on the face of this earth, is really beside the point. The fact that Iraqi's societal fabric is torn into smithereens is also beside the point. The fact that disease, poverty, unemployment, and killings is the bread and butter of daily life, is also beside the point.The fact that torture and executions is the ethos of the "new Iraq" is also beside the point. The important thing, though, is that women are compliant..."shariah" compliant.

It does not really matter that rates of illiteracy have doubled, when this latter had been eradicated back in the 80's. It does not matter that girls suffer double the rate of illiteracy than boys, it does not matter that in Baghdad alone, over 15% of youth is illiterate, forced into street labor, it does not matter that over 20% of youth in Southern Iraq, your shiite stronghold, can't read or write, (ironically in Najaf the "great lieu" of Shiite "learning" wants to be called the "Capital of Knowledge" kid you not) what matters is the "shariah" compliant aspects that will regulate your lives. When I say your lives --- I am really referring to the lives of men. Wait not men, males...is a better word. The Shariah compliant women who will provide an infinite source of delight for your infinite intimate pleasures. Ironic how the Shariah regulates your lives, isn't it? You even managed to turn god, to your advantage.

Which brings me to the second point -- was it not always to your advantage? Did it not comfort you in your rigid perception of the world, into higher and lesser beings...where you could finally overcome that gnawing anxiety that ate your souls up, that vicious anxiety to preserve so called "order" when in fact all that you aimed for was to protect your power and privileges ?

I think so too.

This new draft law, will ensure a continuous flow of object of desires, from 9 year old girls to 80...and the law is so clement towards your pleasures, it clearly says -- if you marry a minor meaning a little girl or a senior, basically any female who is no longer able to fulfill your endless stream of phantasmagoric desires, you don't even have to pay "financial support (nafaqah) when a wife is either a minor or a senior and hence unable to sexually satisfy them".

So here is the Phallus back in full power. Edified into some god given law, regimenting our lives and our sexuality into submission to what exactly? To a great fallacy of a false god called the Phallus.

Mind you, I wonder if that too was not the unconscious drive behind your "liberation", the emasculated American male, trying to re-establish his phallic power on the lands...and behind all these shows of "virility" (LOL), he and you got shafted big time...and in turn you shaft all the same...

I see nothing "virile" in any of this, I just see desperate, insecure, impotent, and therefore lethal males trying very hard to re-affirm some illusion of power, under the pretexts of either "democracy and freedom" or under the pretext of " the natural God given order".

But you are not what matters in this equation, nor you, nor your phallic expeditions into foreign lands or into the female body, what matters to me is the stream of broken women who will emerge from under the rubbles of your unlimited desires...

And that, I will not allow.

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