Stuck in the Middle...UPDATED.

You're probably wondering - how come Layla didn't mention the black, bloody, Sunday's blasts that left over 700 Iraqis dead and injured ?

It's already been covered...And it does take massive explosions to remind you of the "forgotten war".

And am still here...ain't I ? No worries, I will never let you off the long as God gives me life.

I will not cover the gory details...besides they hardly affect you. They did not affect you in 2003, nor in 2005, nor in 2007, so why should they affect you in 2009 ?

As the demonstrating, very angry, Iraqis shouted in Baghdad yesterday : " We have no water, but our blood is pouring in gallons..."

But hey, you are beyond what people under occupations shout, you are beyond their tears and grief....beyond their tragedies and are beyond and above it all...

So Fuck You. A grandiose Fuck You.

I don't personally give a fuck about what you feel or think or what happens to your mediocre lives...unemployment, swine flu, tsunamis, dwindling interest rates, illiteracy, school drop outs, urban crime, teen pregnancies, obesity, plant closures, deficit, no health care, poor US boys biting their nails or blowing their brains or yours out, with PTSD...

I don't give a fuck...I truly don't.

Anyways this post is not about you. You, self centered, self serving, narcissistic, mediocre, pieces of garbage...

This post is about Maliki...and how stuck he is... A bit like you and your fucked up're both so stuck in...Iraq.

Let me get back to this not so funny puppet Maliki, with his 3 day unshaven beard, and his stinking silver rings from Qum.

That poor son of a bitch, who pretends to have finished university when everyone knows he was a 3rd rate teacher in Syria later on taking up some Cambio/money exchange kiosk in Damascus...and employed as a full time terrorist by Iran, in Ze pathetic Lebanon, fighting alongside the sectarian shits called Amal of whom the Hezbollah thugs are an offshoot, massacring Palestinians and blowing up Iraqis...all funded by the little darling of the fascist left - Iran.

Anyways, this post is not about his personal resume nor about the politically debauched whorish left, in particular the Arab left and its two cents worth "activists", who are increasingly looking "better" than any of your extremist, Zionist son of a bitch...when it comes to Iraq.

Maliki, the "poor" asshole is stuck in all assholes are. Like you are as Iraq.

Maliki and the rest of the Shiite stooges from Iran, first blamed the attacks on Baathists, Al-Qaeda and Syria...

So boring. One would have hoped they could have come up with something a little more creative. But Iranian sheep are not creative. That's why we call them sheep. Right ?

Why Syria ? Good question.

Rumors have it that the Americans being so stuck in the middle of the Iraqi quagmire, are hoping to have some strong central government in place, like in the good old days of the Hero Saddam Hussein, ensuring themselves a semblance of a face saving military withdrawal...This in itself is becoming even more pertinent as the Afghan resistance is really teaching you and your little empire a very good lesson in humility.

From what I have gathered thus far, the Americans have established some form of contact through intermediaries with Baathist elements and from one article I received, it seems that they also contacted the daughter of Saddam Hussein, Raghad, expressing the following : " We are not against Baathists, we were just against your Father's regime".

Now, is that stupid or is that stupid ?

So what is Raghad Hussein suppose to answer ? It's okay I forgive you ?

There must be some truth to the above maneuvering by the desperate U.S because back in 2000, Charles Duefler, senior CIA agent who was also WMD inspector, was partisan of Saddam change but not regime change.

In other words, he and a group within the U.S administration favored the elimination of Saddam Hussein and his team but advocated for keeping the state apparatus and its technocrats and cadres as is. Something that both Chalabi and later on Bremer advised against. Hence the total destruction of the Iraqi state apparatus and the moving on from a "controlled chaos " to an uncontrollable chaos...for the Americans.

Based on the fact that the puppet Iraqi government keeps blaming Syria, I conclude that this "dual" approach by the US may still be operational on some level...i.e. favor some form of Baathist return yet at the same time find a consensus with Iran in particular around its nuclear dossier This dual and contradictory approach reflects tensions within the U.S administration, CIA and Pentagon.

Or it may very well be that, in view, of Syria's rapprochement with both the U.S and Saudi Arabia, (and Syria's return to the ARAB fold) this has caused massive alarm bells in Tehran. But I personally don't opt for this one...because both Syria and Iraq will eventually sit at the negotiations table with Israel with the blessings of Iran. After all that was the whole purpose of the American occupation of Iraq, but not only...

The above both hypotheses are not satisfactory for me. Simply because I see a pattern.

Whenever there are elections in Iraq, any forms of elections, things go bloody.

It happened before the provincial elections and is happening again.

But there are cues...the cues lie in the blame. Who is blaming what on whom.

Let's have a look now.

- the people in Baghdad - ALL BLAME the sectarian parties infighting for power.

- the sectarian parties are blaming Al-Maliki

a) Jalal Al-Sagheer (the shiite psychopath) in an interview with some French press blamed Maliki. To find out who J.Sagheer is, you need to go back to my post - Vultures and Pistachios. Jalal Al-Sagheer is 100% Iranian, and 100% a murderous sectarian.

b) The Sadrists, party of Muqtada Al-Sadr, the Chief Driller of Sunnis in Baghdad and in the South, blame Maliki for the bombings, accusing him of being a BAATHIST.

c) INA, the new Shiite alliance which is comprised of the criminal Hakeem, the driller Sadr, the Pakistani/Iranian Shiite murderer Jaafari, and the double CIA, MOSSAD, wanted for embezzlement, crook Al-Chalabi, are now asking Maliki to leave his "State of Law Coalition" and join them in their Shiite Alliance. That would be considered some sort of a redemptive act that will absolve Maliki from his seemingly official non sectarian stands

Now it does not take a genius to figure out that if the Shiites themselves are accusing the sectarian Maliki, it is in fact an inside job, that has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with either the Baath or Al-Qaeda.

My hunch and my hunch never proves wrong...this last deadly carnage is the work of Iran and the work of the parties currently closest to Iran, until all Shiite parties return to the mother's wing...

And this was a second message to Maliki, from Iran, to retun to the real Mother and leave the American surrogate one, with its sham make believe "non sectarian" parables

Furthermore, many circulating news confirm that the explosives used on that deadly black Sunday were not only made in Iran, but were allowed inside the heavily fortified area, despite hundreds of checkpoints and literally thousands of armed forces that stop every car, every person and check IDs with endless interrogations...

So, Maliki, you and your jokers and clowns..."On ne vient pas de sortir de l'auberge". In English, this means we are no spring chicken.

Iraqis KNOW who is behind their carnage.

And you, Maliki, are now very stuck in the middle...with them.

P.S : I have not even broached the role of the Kurdish militias in the annexation of Kirkuk and that card being played in the upcoming elections. That in itself deserves a chapter apart.

A little UPDATE : Two pieces of fresh info that sorts of illustrate what was said above.

1- UK is patiently waiting for Syria's to accept joining the Europe Mediteranean council of the E.U. Ralph Miliband considers the wait well worth it. Another small illustration of the Syrian rapprochement I mentioned above, which coincidentally is taking place alongside an official warming between Iran and the West.

2- Iraq has suddenly remembered its nuclear reactors bombed twice. First in 1981 by the Israelis and the second time (what was left of them) by the US/GB forces in 91. Iraqi puppet government is now asking permission from the IAEA to rebuild its well damaged nuclear reactors . For me, this request from puppet sectarian pro-Iran government can't be seen outside and independent of, a U.S/European/Iranian deal on both Iran's nuclear dossier and on IRAQ.

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