Psy-Op Stupidity.

One would expect from psychological operations aimed at changing and or mobilizing world opinion to hold some kind of credibility, when spun over a long period of time, by so-called eager anti-war mongers and warmongers alike (yes I do realize the paradox) and zealous anti-Zionists. But no such luck. They can't even manage that !

I have not stopped hearing and reading about the so called forthcoming war on Iran.
This collective delusion, hallucination is what it is - a hallucination.

Pundits from all sides have been doing nothing but parroting this utter bullshit for the past 5 years or so, promising us, in the mode of Nostradamus, some sure apocalyptic date when this explosive truth will happen. And the months and years passed, and their claims have remained a chimera not even fit for a third rate science fiction film.

Five years and we keep hearing the same crap. And tons of diarrhoetic articles are published, bulging up alternative and non alternative websites alike, with comments breaking the comments sections seams...

A collective hysteria, akin to a bad acid trip, that soon abates when the self prophesied set date goes by and a new apocalyptic one is uttered from the mouths of the political luminaries and visionaries. And there we go again, on another collective hysterical roller coaster...on another round of beefed up, sexed up preorgasmic shivers...It's very comical. And this time quite fit for a third rate comedy show.

Truth of the matter is a war on Iran will not happen. Cannot happen.

Any layperson with a modicum of intelligence and insight and who has been following Iraqi developments since "the liberation", will not need elaborated analysis to understand the ABC's of the Iraqi occupation - namely that IRAN is ruling IRAQ through its militias, special intelligence forces and Shiite parties, all confounded.

Now does it need that much of a genius ? If yes, then I can safely say you are nothing but a bunch of idiots and bad faith ones too, for that matter.

I have been meeting with several Iraqis, some are from the South, Center and North, some are Sunnis and some Shias and they all tell me -- that Iran is ruling Iraq in both the South and the Center i.e Baghdad. They have no doubts about that, they have no qualms about it and they don't scratch their heads trying to figure out who is running the show...For them it is a sure FACT.

Ask any Iraqi who is not paid by the Green Zone hookers Shiite parties, or is not on CIA / Mossad payroll, who is ruling Iraq, and he/she will tell you the same.

But as it has been the case for the past 6 years, in this dual occupation, the American - Iranian one, Iraqis are not heard and when they are, they are not believed.

The irony is that they are the ones who happen to be occupied. But, oh no! academics, reporters, journalists, pundits, bloggers...any fucking idiot on the outside, knows better than the one who is occupied.

A mix of deceit, bad faith, stupidity and arrogance. A lethal combination that has done nothing but contribute to the ongoing occupation of my country.

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