Sitting with It.

I am feeling very edgy. Yesterday's post left me seething with a raw rage...I searched for Sense in all this and I can't find it.

I sat for a whole hour, shut off every distraction around me, and stayed with that feeling of raw rage, hoping it was going to lead me somewhere, somewhere deeper...somewhere where things made sense, where things were coherent, congruent...

I was shocked to find the Absurd staring me in the face...the Absurd holding a mask of Derision, a mocking face, ridiculing me, ridiculing us...So I questioned it.

I asked - Thousands of men and women, crossed oceans, armed to their teeth with the most sophisticated weaponry and technology, thousands of mercenaries, snipers, special forces, intelligence groups, logistics landed you can sodomize, rape, kill our men, women and children, so you can destroy our homes, our livelihood, our lives, steal our wealth, so you can exile us....all on bogus charges. Can it be ?

Can it be that ideas and concepts of Freedom, Democracy, Rights, Law, Sovereignty, Integrity, Conscience be prostituted that way ?

Can it be that whole "developed" nations, supposedly states of law, fabricate so many lies, to attack and destroy an innocent people under the ideological banner of Freedom ?

Has it happened before in history - the way it did in Iraq ?

The Absurd masked with Derision, smiled and said - It's unprecedented...and no one really cares.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Amir Al-Obaidi.

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