Another Love Mail...

This one comes from someone called Sahley Dern.
And this is what it says :

If i ever see you i will attempt to gauge your eye out of it's socket.

You have officially made we want to join the army just to have the chance to see a relative of yours get shot, explode or burn.

Tell me where you live so I can fly to your run down shit of a place and beat your terrorist ass into the fucking pavement.

Future assasian "

Followed by another with :

Burn in hell bitch...fuck fuck fuck...fuck fuck fuck..."

A whole A4 page full of "fuck" infinitum.

It feels so wonderful to be that psychopaths, pathological liars, sadistic murderers, plain assholes, ignoramuses, backward cave men and women who live in trailers and below average, mediocre specimens who can't spell....and the list goes on...

A reflection of Iraq. These are exactly the kind of people who are currently occupying and ruling it.

Bravo for a such a great accomplishment.

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