The Uncensored Anger Manifesto - Part VI

So did you miss it ?

Did you miss the uncensored parts ? It's been a long time, has it not ?

Some of you may argue, it's all anger.

Wrong, dead wrong.

There is general anger, and there is specific anger. The uncensored Anger Manifestos, like your fucking Karl Marx, or Marxists, or leftists ( hahahahaha) , are very specific. They are directed straight at you.

Talking of "leftist" clowns, there is a circus visiting here, soon. Think about joining it. The pay is good, but I confess, maybe not better than what bloody Iran has been paying you in "pots de vin" - bloggers included, through paypal, direct cheques and website supports...not excluding "anti zionist" blogs, naturally.

It's all a question of money really. K.Marx was after all, correct, in his "Das Capital".

And it is also all a question of "Islam", one peculiar kind of Islam, Shii'te Islam.

Islam ? No. Wrong wording.

One peculiar kind of affiliation, that conveniently goes by the name of Islam.

Even the most ardent "believers", swear by it.

Fuck it, even atheist pieces of shits, pledge allegiance to it - in their angry arab state of mind - after all they met Nasrallah in person and he blessed them with an interview. They did manage to make a name after that...

The Baraka/Grace of Hassan and Hussein, the forever martyred Imams, commercial icons in Nejaf and Kerbala, peddled by Iranians, through tooman and dollar, ecstatic puppet Iraqi middle men, all vouch by their Obooma political prophecies...

So do the angry arabs , palestinians and anti-zionists fuckheads - composing pieces from retarded America. They vouch too - through paypal, or more discreet avenues of cash in hand - direct transactions, in the name of the "cause".

What am I telling you ?

Am telling you that you are sold. A bunch of sell out, cheap, easy to get, whores.

This is what am telling you.

Am telling you that you are the worst kind of prostitutes. That's what am telling you.

Am telling you that even street walkers opportunism is clear, while yours is perverted.

Am telling you that you are the worst of the worst.

Am telling you, that I don't hate you. Fuck no. Am beyond gracing you with my hate. I despise you. I have contempt for you. And those of you who "master" well the English language and wank to it, ya'nee, jerk off to it, to make an impression - like tenured professors - various ones, intellectuals of two cents worth, hip, savvy popular "sources" --- you will know the fucking difference between hate and contempt.

I hold you in contempt.

I hold you guilty, hands bloodied.

Bloodied hands with a 1.5 million Iraqi martyrs, ya awlad al sharmoota.

In the past I have covered the terminology, like awlad al gahba, awlad al sharmoota. I suggest you refer back to my "bibliography" or better still, ask your "alternative" websites, your "angry arabs" or your " palestinian" "anti-zionists" what these words mean. Am sure you will get a Persian translation for it.

Let me cool down a second...

Cool her down, cool her down. Her language is grotesque. Her wordings foul. She is a shame. We did promise ourselves to never publish her again...but....

Cool down. Or kewl down as the retarded American fucks say. Kewwwwl dowwwn.

Am kewl, ya awlad al sharmoota. Am cool and am on a fucking roll...or is it rowwwl ?

Am really kewl now.

Took a few deep, "tantric", "new age", California breaths, and am kewl.

Took a few deep foggy polluted East coast, sex in the city, smoggy breaths...and am not only kewl, am also very sophisticated now. Very sophisticated, in a politically correct, nasal kind of way. Very nasal. Nasal enough to make soap shit like Sex in the City make up for lack of nasally induced sex.

Took a few deep breaths, from executioner Iran "joon" (joon or jewnn = darling in Farsee), and now am a "sophisticated" , theologically revolutionary, shiite revivalist, mahdi marxist, , fresh, new blood breed...

Can I take a break ? I am laughing my ass off now.

I'm mostly laughing at you.

So what is this all about ?


Except the usual Fuck.

Fuck your Iran. Fuck your Iranian - part of the status quo opposition - a familiar handy cushion to fall back onto - to prevent real opposition from taking over.

Fuck your Ahmadinejad. Fuck your Khameini.

Fuck your Ayatollahs.

Fuck your propaganda websites and blogs.

Fuck your Hawza and Marjia in Nejaf and Kerbala. Fuck your Sistani. Fuck your Dawa, Hakeem/Badr, Driller Sadr and Jaysh Al-Mahdi.

Fuck your Hizbollah, your militias, your Vali Nasr, your politically wretched hidden Imam.

Fuck your Quds Al-Arabi and its pro-Iran editorials.

Fuck your Obooma anti-war clowns and the P.Bennis and Co. who offered bouquet of flowers to the american puppet shiite sectarian Maliki. Fuck Code pink and their fucking Mullah pistachios...

Oh, and fuck Cockburn and Co - the advocates for mass drilling in Iraq...

And it well past my bed time, if you like to add anyone to the list, please be my guest.

OK. I feel much better now. I feel really "kewl" in a politically correct kind of way.

Oh and I forgot to add - if you don't like my language - Fuck you, too.

Nite Nite.

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