A Sample of the "Brave and Free".

This is the West, this is America, this is Great Britain, this is Democracy...this is really what it's all about, in diminutive...a small sample of the kind of animals the Iraqis and Afghans are experiencing on a daily basis.

To : Layla Anwar
Fm : Johnathan Regis - upgitit@live.com
Date: 3rd June 09 /7.46 am.
Subject : Something to say to you


I just wanted to let you know that I am an American soldier who has fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. I want you to know that I have killed many muslims and even raped a few of the pathetic women I came across. It's ok, I shot them straight in the head when I was done with them. You know, we might not ultimately be successful in Afghanistan, but we sure will kill a lot of you bastards. Oh, by the way, if I ever see you I'll skull-fuck you until your eyes bleed then choke you out and go to town on your smelly pussy. You will not wake up. See you soon.

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