A Road Map.

I had the misfortune of watching the speech by the jewish benyamin netanyahu, addressing some right wing, jewish crowd, in some right wing jewish university, set up on Arab stolen land. I swear to God, my stomach was queazy while watching this despicable ugly face and the ugly crowd that applauded him.

I am now convinced that the jews are not interested in any form of peace. They were never interested historically in any form of peaceful entente with other people and today even more so...

Has anyone heard the speech ? A disgrace, but then everything the jews undertake is a disgrace.

Why am I calling them jews and not zionists ? Simple.

a) over 95% of the jews voted for this israeli government.

b) this jewish society as represented by its government wants the whole world, in particular the Arabs and the Palestinians to, not only recognize the right of the state of israel to exist, but to also recognize that the state of israel is the all jewish state for the all jewish people. "Israel is the jewish state for the jewish people." These are not my words - these are the words of netanyahu.

So in effect what the jews are asking is not only the recognition of their illegal state, an illegal racist, criminal, entity built on stolen land, built by terrorism, built on Arab bodies and blood, but also the acceptance and recognition of the jewish zionist project in its entirety, past, present and future...

So from today onwards, this group will be not be referred to as zionists, but simply as jews since this is how they want to be recognized.

You want the word jew as a race to figure - it will.

The jewish government has not given us anything new and frankly I was not expecting anything new from this lot.

First, netanyahu said that his jewish nation was interested in unconditional peace with Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, to develop economic ties, tourism, water treaties...that is the only thing that jews love - money. This is their golden calf. This is their god.

And he added that it is incumbent on the Arabs and the Palestinians to recognize not only israel's right to exist but to also recognize it as the jewish nation for the jewish people.

He argued that historically, all the prophets (Ibrahim, Yacoob, Mussa, Ishaac, Soleiman...) came from this land, and all were jews like him. Hence the jewish people being so faithul to their prophets, and to the message of their prophets are automatically entitled to this land from a zillion years ago.

I, as a muslim, argue that those same prophets are mentioned in the Koran as muslims, and therefore this land belongs to us. So how does it look now ? It looks good to me.

So following, this line of logic, these are the points to retain from this despicable jewish character speech.

- Jerusalem shall remain the eternal capital of the jews.

- the Palestinian refugees should settle permanently in the countries they are in. In other words there is no right of return for the Palestinians.

- the Palestinian will have their own state but unarmed, with its own flag and "culture" - of course the jews stole a lot from the Palestinian culture, along with their lands. They stole food, music, even the traditional Palestinian dress..

- there was no mention of the ever expanding jewish settlements.

- and any future Palestinian state should be monitored by the jews so they can ensure that it will not cause an existential threat to them...

netanyahu then went to talk of all the great sacrifices the jews did for peace, what brilliant contributors they are to culture, civilization and science, how much they were persecuted in Europe and the Arab world, and he endlessly quoted ben gurion and t.herzl...and added that if the jewish state was born before 1948, maybe the millions of jews would have not perished in europe.

So basically netanyahu in his typical jewish way was arguing for the jewish zionist existential necessity, regardless...

Frankly, the nazi are like choir boys compared to the jews.

This group called the jews are the most arrogant, paranoid, psychopathic, neurotic, dishonest, racist, lot that I have ever seen..They always play the victim, the persecuted ones and they do nothing but victimize, terrorize and persecute others...

But I have a road map for the jewish/israeli - Arab /Palestinian conflict. A very simple one.

I recognize the right of the jews to exist, but in their own countries, right where they came from...

In other words, this means that every single European jew will have to fuck off back to Eastern Europe or whatever dump he/she emerged from. Ditto for the American jew, ditto for the African jew, ditto for the Arab jew (from Yemen, Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon) - fuck off back to your original countries and only then can you talk of your right to exist as a jew. But as long as you are living on stolen land, terrorizing, displacing, demolishing, appropriating and murdering Arabs, then there is not right for you to exist in my book.

I told you it was simple.

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