August 17, 2007

Puppets on a String...

Goodness, I have so much to tell you tonight.

I had already prepared a piece about women, yes again ! I will leave it for next time.

I don't believe in coincidences...I believe in synchronicity. I guess you can call me "superstitious" and that is fine with me...

Battling with an excruciating pain in my arm, I tried again, to put some order on my desk...

You should see my desk, it looks like Mount Everest, with piles and piles of articles, papers, bits and pieces and of course the "pending tray" looks like the Himalayas. Everything goes to the pending tray and it has been going on for years you can imagine.

I have become increasingly obsessed with "order". A reaction to chaos, I suppose.
But then, my developing compulsiveness was suddenly made to look "OK".

As I was sorting out for the enth time the same pile, I came across a print out of some study conducted in England about sex and order...

According to this fairly recent study, over 1/3 of English women derive more satisfaction from tidying up their surroundings than from sex.
Am sure the figure is higher, seeing the state of Englishmen, but hey, that is not for me to say... After all, I never considered the English royalties as a turn on and, no, lying down and dreaming of Mother England, were never a pass time of mine...

Anyways, this study concludes that English women derive a great sense of empowerment from controlling their own environment. One way is housework – which I detest, and tidying up which I equally detest.

I guess you can say am very much of a man when it comes to these two... And that is fine with me too, as long as you don’t shove a broom in my hands.

But this desk of mine was getting really out of everything else.
So here I am sorting it out, or trying to... And I fall on a tiny piece of paper, and on it was one of my lousy drawings.
And it was called “Puppet on a string”. Meanwhile, the TV was blasting. And on,came the news :
“Maliki is forming a new alliance to save the government."
A new alliance ? Save it ? From whom? I smiled...I knew it all along...

Maliki declared today that a new alliance is formed. An alliance of 4 parties.
- The Dawa party of which he is a member. Other members of the Dawa party are: Al Jaafari and Muqtada al Sadr and his drill boys.
- The other party is the Supreme Islamic Revolutionary Council of Iran - sorry meant Iraq. The SIRCI headed by his “eminence” (hahaha) Adbel Aziz Al Hakeem.
- The third party is the Jalal Talabani party, our buffoon /mossad agent/ president, of the Kurdish Patriotic Front and
- The fourth is none other than the other mossad agent/crook, M.Barazani of the Kurdish Democratic Party.

So our new government is made of Shias loyal to Iran and Kurds loyal to Iran and Israel...and both are loyal to America. Oh wow...what a novelty!

Absent are: the Sunni Alliance and the butcher of Falluja, Allawi.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Israel and Iran in Baghdad. And who said that enemies can’t be lovers ?

I told you so. Am starting to sound like my own mother. She keeps repeating it: "I told you so."

- I did say that there is an increase of Peshmergas mobilization in Baghdad. Peshemargas are the armed wing of the Kurdish parties (trained and armed by Israel).
- I also said that Kirkuk is on the agenda. Preceded by a massive ethnic cleansing. Both Talabani and Barazani are pushing for a referendum on Kirkuk before the end of this year.
- I also mentioned time and time again of the ethnic cleansing of Sunnis as a political and demographic weapon. The Shia parties like Al Dawa and the SIRCI of Iran, and their armed wings have been conducting a genocide within a genocide against the Sunnis in Iraq. It started in Basrah where most Sunnis and Christians have fled and the government then worked its way to Baghdad.

The Americans and the Brits have aided these two parties in power, by building walls, arbitrary arrests,(prisons in Baghdad are full of Sunnis), and massive shootings and bombings of civilian targets...killing so called “insurgents”.
Who happen to be for the most part Sunnis unarmed civilians.

That is one of the reasons the Sunni Alliance and Allawi,the butcher, walked out of this government two weeks ago.
The sectarian nature of the government backed by the Americans was becoming way too obvious. And even a paycheck of 30’000++ dollars a month would not obliterate that truth.

So let us see what these killings have led to and let us assess if they are in line with the initial American plan of ethnic division and partition of Iraq, or not.

Remember the Americans came with a precise agenda: 1) Regime Change 2) The Division of Iraq along ethnic lines. Shias, Sunnis and Kurds. Kurds are majority Sunnis by the way.
And I have said it before and it is getting boring repeating myself. You cannot divide a country along sectarian and ethnic lines. It is either /or...But the Americans did as they did so many other things...

So far, four years down the line this is what we have.

1) The South of Iraq is an all Shia Iranian enclave. Sunnis and Christians have fled. Basrah, Najaf and Kerbala have been literally bought by the Iranians. Persian is the language there.

2) The North, so called Kurdistan has full autonomy. The Kurds have been cleansing Dohuk, Erbil, Kirkuk and soon Mosul of all non Kurdish inhabitants. Turkomans, Arabs, both Christians and Muslims, have been fleeing en masse. Any non Kurdish Iraqi who wants to go to the north of his-her own country needs a visa. They have their own passports, their own flag and their own secret service trained by the mossad.

3)What is left is Baghdad and its surroundings. Ramadi, Falluja, etc...
The majority Sunni areas like Diyala, Falluja, Ramadi...are under total siege and the fighting has not stopped there.
Baghdad, on the other hand, has witnessed some massive ethnic cleansing. Sunnis have been forced to go and artificially form an all Sunni area like Ameriya and Adhamiya for instance...and these two areas are sealed with huge walls...contained.
What were once mixed neighborhoods, have been virtually cleansed and there still remains little pockets of resistance from the inhabitants but they too will be driven out...Examples: Fadil, Amil, Bayaa, Dora, Mansur...

What am basically driving at, is what has preceded this “new” governmental alliance, was the logical thing to do. Cleanse first then partition.
They managed to drive the Sunnis out, both in terms of population and government members. Al Dulaimi, one of the Sunni reps, pleaded for the hundredth time, saying there is a genocide against the Sunnis and asked for assistance from Sunni countries but to no avail. Jordan and Saudi Arabia will never come to the rescue and forget about Egypt.
The government also managed to drive out the so called seculars as represented by Allawi.
So what you are basically left with is a chauvinistic, sectarian government, exactly like the Americans had planned it. A government loyal to them, to Iran and to Israel.
Great Britain being the coward lapdog is slowly retreating. But am reserving a special one for those ugly brits.

A blogger called Karl Marx was right, keeps referring to the “soft partition” of Iraq.
Karl Marx was right, sorry, but you are wrong on this one, however much I agree with the rest of her-his posts.
There is no soft partition in Iraq. There is hard partition drawn in blood.

The plan is in full effect. What the Zionists in Washington D.C wanted, they got.
The lousy Americans and the lousy Brits, have been willingly hijacked by the Zionist Jews and their agenda.
My country is gone. YOU gave it to the Zionists and the Iranians. It is in pieces now. I will never forgive you for that. Ever.

Am still at my desk…I have not managed to gain more control over my surroundings but I can understand why these English and American women prefer housework to sex.
With men like the ones you have, who wants sex?!

They are puppets on a string. Very much like the so called “Iraqi “ government.

But puppets on strings eventually break…and fall…of this am sure.

With this delightful thought in mind, let me go back and put some order in my life…

I have no art work tonight, but am dedicated this song to the puppets of Iraq and… elsewhere. Do listen well to the lyrics. It is one of my favorite songs. Good night.

Video youtube : Peter Tosh “ Equals rights and Justice”. Posted by Brutal561E