August 2, 2007

All Black from the Green Zone.

I have "hot" news for you.
Over 70 Iraqis perished today and 4 american soldiers plus one brit in Basrah.

Three massive explosions rocked Karrada, Al Mansur, Al Harthia.
Your brave boys on the other hand said their final goodbyes in Baghdad al Jadeeda district i.e "NEW Baghdad."
So many "signs" if you only care to look for them.

The Sunni Front has resigned from "government" and it was about bloody time too.
Al Hashimi accuses al Maliki of secretly helping the iranian sectarian shiite militias.

Got news for Mr.Al Hashimi - We already knew that over 2 years ago. Hello Mr!

Al-Maliki is in a tight spot. Very tight. Seems that a new "axis" is being presented as a "viable" alternative to the overtly persian government. Hold your breaths.
Al Jaafari - Allawi axis. Oh no ! Not the butcher of Fallujah again. Not Al-Jaafari vermin. Not them again.

By the way, just a bit of gossip on the side - "Dr" Al Jaafari's advisors are all back in London. Several of them opened "kebab" shops and bought a few buildings too, including the master. See, Iraqi blood pays!

In Baghdad, along with the sectarian iranian militias, the kurdish peshmergas are marking their territory like wild dogs.

There is a massive mobilization of peshmergas - the archaic "fighters" for a free Turdistan. Seems that they are struggling hard and dirty to gain the upper hand in the control of Baghdad.

Well, I earnestly pray that they get at each other's throat. Them and the sectarian militias.
That would indeed be a joyous day. You pray for it too.

Our short lived moments of happiness soon evaporated...Even a bunch of poor football supporters, 50 of them, got arrested in Mosul for carrying the Iraqi flag as opposed to the kurdish flag.

And since when is Mosul kurdish? Since when any part of Iraq is exclusively kurdish? And who are the kurds anyways?

Historically, they have been herders and nomads. Too bad they kept the pastoralist mentality. Herders and nomads are not fit to run a government.

Barazani, the other crook, mossad agent (the other one being Talabani- Did you ever wonder if Talabani and Bush competed who will come out as most stupid?) threatened today that if there is no referendum on Kirkuk soon, there will be a massive civil war.

And only in this light, can one understand why the israeli trained peshmergas are roaming Baghdad's streets.

If you really want to understand who is who in the Green Zone, you absolutely need to read this article on the Ministry of Interior.
Forget about the bullshit where it mentions that Al Sadr is anti-occupation. Al Sadr is pro- Iranian occupation. Full stop. And occupation is occupation, Iranian or American.
But do read the article, for the ministry of Interior - the famous torture center of Baghdad - as I have previously stated and on numerous occasions is a microcosm of who is who in the Green Zone. (full article here)

Southern Iraq has become an autonomous "province".
Iran and do not forget that little mini bedouin state Kuwait, played an important role in this.
I did mention 8 months ago in my post "Persian for Dummies" that Southern Iraq is practically an Iranian annex.

That serves you right for disbelieving me. Had you listened to me, you could have beat Patrick Cockburn to some hot news.

Since I mentioned Monsieur Cockburn, I am glad he finally woke up from his Green Zone slumber. You need to read how the Green zone hookers and their pimp Iran and their matron USA brought about the biggest refugee disaster since world war II - and you are to read carefully how Iraqi refugees are treated in a kurdish camp in Sulaimaniyah. (full article here)

Oh those poor kurds! Did you not profusely weep for them and their rights? And the supposed mass graves ? Did you find them by the way, or are you still searching for them...along with the WMD's? (hahaha- honestly you are a bunch of fucking idiots)

What about the shiites mass graves, any luck on that front? How many shiites were said 1 million? or was it a little less? Come on, who says more? - I have a "lady" over here who claims they were 2 million.
1.2.3 - They are all yours "lady". Go find them now if you can.

Oh the lies - your endless lies. Lie after lie after lie...

With all this money you got paid for your lies, I am sure you can go open a kebab shop too. Make it *chello* kebab iranian style or stick to hamburgers if you still can't locate Iran on a map.

I am looking forward to that day, when each one of these thugs, criminals, thieves, embezzlers, will be exposed. And I will have my contribution to make.
I have a neat little list of some of them. Their origins, their backgrounds, their education, their families...
I guess it pays to be older and it pays to keep lists.

As a matter of fact, a good majority of the people you see now in the Green Zone, have all been educated at the expense of the former Iraqi government.
Hundreds of them were sent to England, France, Germany, for postgraduate studies.
The Iraqi government tried to turn them into humans, alas that was simply impossible.

And a good majority of those working in the Green Zone now, were also the same ones who made heaps of money dealing in contracts with the former Iraqi government. Kissing hands and cashing in the checks. Again I have my list.

And that glorious day will come, when they will all be exposed, and women.
And another glorious day will follow when they will be tried for Treason, Murder and Theft.

That list of names is here and will be produced one day. I promise you.

Now you see them, a bunch of backward, nouveau riches, parasitic vampires, living off Iraqi blood. But this will not last long.

Scum from the sea always resurfaces and is vomited back to the shore. And so it shall happen to them. Of that I am sure.

So you wanted ethnic divisions ? Bunch of mediocre assholes, you got it.

But do watch out for more "hot stuff" from "New" Baghdad and do keep a couple of tissues handy, next to you.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Thamir Dawood.