August 23, 2007

Lucidly Insane...

Sometimes, when I hear news about the current "political" scene in Iraq, I don't know whether I should laugh or cry. Sometimes, I do both, simultaneously. Cry and laugh.

Someone remarked on some blog, that Layla Anwar is starting to have a crazy twist to her, crazy notes...
Starting, only starting ? Oh no, am not starting, I'm already crazy.
A lucid insanity. Horrible thing, this lucid insanity.

A few articles have appeared as of late, in both the Western and Middle eastern press, discussing who can be a possible "alternative" to Al- Maliki, since this latter is being described by most Iraqis as a Dictator.

Someone, who is after his own interests, the interests of his sect, and his party. Well, one wing of his party, the Dawah party. Because the other wing of the party belongs to Al Jaafari, and yet another wing belongs to Muqtada al Sadr...Many wings to one party.
May they all fly away soon. Amen.

So we have a Dictator now, Al-Maliki. Am I missing something here?
Four years of genocide and destruction so we can have a Dictator ruling a "Democracy"?

Wait, it gets better...

And now most Iraqis not only prefer a secular government but would like to see a "Strong Man" capable of holding the country together and restore some basic services, like water, electricity, security, infrastructure...the whole bloody thing.

But I thought we did have a strong man keeping the country together did we not?
And he was deposed and murdered by America and Iran.

Wait, wait, it gets even better...

A potential alternative to the weakling dictator, Al- Maliki, is guess whom?

Muqtada al Sadr! The psychopath. The boy who never made it through high school, the guy in jeans who was hooked on billiard, and harassed girls in the street.

This guy is now made to look as the "patriotic", "strong", "Iraqi", "man" who will save Iraq !

The argument runs along the lines, that he has massive grass root popularity and that all the sectarian drilling and torture that are taking place, can be blamed not on him and his Jaysh al Mahdi but on some rogue elements who infiltrated his party, rogue elements from the SCII Badr brigades and from the Maliki militias...

But, basically, we are told Muqtada al Sadr is a good guy. If only, we could start to understand that his drill boys are not really his drill boys... They are just infiltrators. He is our potential man. The Iranian sword in one hand and the drill in the other.
But apart from that, he really is a good guy. Ah! Heaven. Am now in Heaven.

This ironical argument was presented in several papers, from Time online (check below for further readings) to Al Basrah net which is supposedly an Iraqi Baathist news site.

Lucidly insane ? You bet.

Every single person I know who has run away, leaving their homes and carrying nothing but a plastic bag and their travel documents say that one of the main reasons for their exile was the terror they felt from Jaysh Al Mahdi. Every single family I know of.

Not only that but Muqtada al Sadr and his men were clearly present at the murder of Saddam Hussein! How can a so called Baathist website print such treacherous rubbish???

Are you guys trying to tell me that Muqtada al Sadr is going to represent the New Iraq? Are you telling me he is the patriotic strong leader that is standing up to the occupation when he and his men along with the Dawah party and the SCII party (all Iran's proxies in Iraq) and the Americans murdered the President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein?

Not only that but some dude called Al Kubayssi - the so called new pro Resistance voice, states that Muqtada al Sadr is only an immature, uneducated boy with no experience. Not that he is a murderous psychopath, no, just immature.

Am I supposed to feel better and safer now?

If, this is what you are telling me and preparing us for, am seeking political asylum in Siberia.

Saddam Hussein said in his final letter:
" I offer my soul as a sacrifice to you..."
And this is what you do to the sacrifice? You have no shame. Wallah, you have no shame.

What a waste! What a bloody waste!

I said it before and will repeat it again, I was never a member of anything nor do I wish to be a member of anything. I am no Baathist, no Communist, no Islamist, no nothing.

And now in retrospect, I realize that was one of the wisest things I have done in my life. Not join anyone or anything.

Crazy ? Yes likely. But at least my lucid insanity is not colored with high Treason.

For further readings:

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4) Dar Al Hayat English Edition: "Ayoon wa Azan" by J. al Khazen.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki,