August 16, 2007

Hide & Seek...again !

You know something, this business with figures is starting to really aggravate me.
I understand that you can count very well, when it comes to dollars...This we all know.
But why is it when it comes to killings, you conveniently misplace numbers ?

In previous posts, "An Add'h'olic" and "Let's call...", I alluded both directly and indirectly as to the number of deaths in Iraq. I even asked you to check the series of correspondence between Gabriele Zamparini, the Guardian and Znet.

I maintain that the Iraq Body Count figure of 70'000 is shameful to say the least.

I have also said on numerous occasions, that even the Lancet figure of 655'000 Iraqis dead is obsolete by now. I was slightly relieved to see that some websites did publish the more accurate figure of 1 million +.
I reiterate yet again, the figure is greater than 1 million+.

I have also said that prior to the invasion the total population of Iraq was approximately 24 million in 2003.

German figures for 1997, placed the population number at 22.5 million. Remember that 1990-2003 were sanctions years and we lost 1.5+ million people during those 13 years.

I have also mentioned the famous Bremer question time and time again, when he asked one of the persons in his bureau in Baghdad what the population was and when the answer given was 24million, he said let us bring it down to 5 or 6 million, that should be enough.

The same hide and seek game is being played out when it comes to Iraqi detainees.
I mentioned in more than one of my posts as far back as 9 months ago, that the number of detainees in Iraq was well around 67'000.

The UN Human rights report which bases itself on official government figures quoted the number of detainees for 2006 alone at 34'000.

I need not go into the maths again to show you that the official number of detainees given by the U.S army of 40'000 is fallacious.

Back to the population figures.

Now, about three weeks ago, an american from the democratic party, by the name of J.Moran was interviewed on al Jazeerah TV. He said to the effect.

- The population of Iraq is 26 million, and these 26 million are incapable of getting along. They are infantile and are not fit for self governance. We have spent millions of dollars from the taxpayer's money and it is about time Iraqis learn the art of managing their own affairs.

- In an article by Oxfam, two weeks ago, this latter reports that the Population of Iraq is 26.5 million.

- The CIA fact book, for July 2007, reports that the current population of Iraq is 27.5 million.

- And now the "grande finale", UNICEF which has not set foot in Iraq since the sanction years (and do remember its wonderful lousy role when 500'000 Iraqi babies died during that period), now claims it has the accurate figure for natality rates.
It says in the past 12 months, the birth rate was 1 million Iraq infants.

Now how on earth did UNICEF or Oxfam get their figures? These two have not set foot in Iraq since 2003. Or have they been relying on the CIA fact book or on the Iraqi Ministry of Health figures ?

And you know what the Ministry of Health is all about. It is ruled by the Sadrists gangs of Muqtada the driller, who kill with one hand and inflate numbers with another so as to cover up their crimes.

So in the space of 6 weeks, the population rose from 26 Million to 27.5 million.
And not only that, UNICEF assures us that fertility and reproduction are booming in Iraq with a birth rate of 1 million every 12 months.

I am no statistician, and I will not sit and debate with you the how's ...

All I can tell you with certainty is that this playing around with figures fulfills an important objective.

Remember, I told you that Arabs are perceived as "breeding like rabbits..."
This is a common inherently racist belief about most "third world countries" but in particular about the Arabs and the Muslims.

I used to hear that sentence so often from the brits, the americans and the israelis are keen on repeating it too...for obvious reasons.

I also said to you that population control is a weapon to change geography and its boundaries...

These seeming discrepancies in figures are not the fruit of haphazardness. They do serve a purpose and not a noble one for that matter.

The message is clear and loud if you care to listen to it. And it goes along these lines :

However much of them die, they will keep reproducing. They will not be exterminated. And even if the real figures of the carnage finally show up, we always have an abundant, generous birth rate to make up for it...

Another perfect crime from the "respectable" West, where Iraqis are not even given the chance to bury their dead in their real numbers, but are also perceived as a baby machine that will keep on producing more feed for the beast.

And I tell you, the mass graves are here alright and no, they were not Saddam's doings but yours...

What a shameful lot this "respectable" West is.

So do you get it now or are you still playing hide and seek, yourself ?

Painting : Iraqi artist, Abdel Rahman Al Saadi