August 28, 2007

Just a thought...

Some american "lady" wrote to me, saying that she is "distressed" and getting quite "depressed" reading my blog.

And she asked me if I could write about more "positive" things instead. Because, she assured me, she liked my writings...

Dear "american lady" (does that exist, a lady in the U.S?)

My writings and my reality depress you? Oh! Am so sorry...

Maybe you can tell your fucked brave boys to get the fuck out of my country for starters.

Then you can start paying full compensation from your tax money, preferably on an compulsory basis. After all you have paid for the "war, surge" effort.

Then you are to personally look after at least 3 Iraqi families that your government and your sleeping, obese, ignorant, stupid, people have contributed to make destitute.

Wait, am not done "lady".

You are also to personally come to Baghdad, and help us bury our dead ones, those we find on the streets daily, and not only that...

You are to put your big fat ass on some chair and work out logistics. How many years, people, how much money, material,and time are needed to reconstruct what you have destroyed.

And am still not done.

You are to stand up in public in the middle of Firdaus square, where the Statue of Saddam Hussein stood tall and you are to officially apologize to all of Iraq for murdering their president, for all the mayhem you wrecked, and ask for, no, BEG for forgiveness from every single Iraqi you meet. If you are fit to represent the USA that is.

But then no one is fit to represent the U.S.A because you are nation that is not fit to be part of the international scene to begin with. You are a nation of criminals, mafias, thugs, drug addicts, idiots, ignorant, backward, barbarian, base subhumans...

Wait, "lady", more to come...

You are also to participate in hiring top notch international lawyers, because you will be actively involved in assisting us in taking your president and all of his clan and his opposition party the "democrats" to court for war crimes.

Once you agree to these terms, maybe then we can discuss, what further reparations are required, demanded, requested, needed...Get it lady?

We are not materialistic people but you will pay. I assure you, you will pay.

Until then, you are to read my "depressing, distressing" blog.

Yours sincerly,

Layla Anwar.