August 29, 2007

More Sacrificial Lambs !

I had promised myself, I will stop writing for a few days at least. We all deserve a break, including me.

But how can I? Iraqis are not given a break. No respite whatsoever.
So, it seems this is a luxury I cannot afford myself.

By Friday, all the British troops will have pulled out of Basrah. The Brits have effectively handed over the whole of Southern Iraq to shiite militias. Need I remind you that these militias are Iran's proxies in Iraq or do you get it by now?.

So :

1) the whole of Southern Iraq is loyal to Iran. Include Najaf, Kerbala etc...
(see my previous posts. I can't keep on repeating myself)

The fact that there are shiite factions fighting one another is irrelevant to the rest of the story. It's a power fight for control not a political ideological fight.

2) the Iraqi government in Baghdad is another of Iran's proxies in Iraq. Its parties, its militias, its armed forces i.e police and military guards.

Today Ahmadinajad stated the following :

"Iran is happy to fill the political vacuum in Iraq."

Iran has already filled the political vacuum in Iraq. Iran has done everything possible for it to be a political vacuum in Iraq and so it can nicely fill it up.
Ahmadinajad furthermore accuses the USA of interfering in Iraqi affairs!!!
And adds that: "any effort to topple Iraq's PM Al-Maliki will fail."
(full article here)

3) Today, Bush wagged his finger against Iran again, and Iran responded with more pavlovian drooling. Two dogs, a pitbull and a doberman barking at each other. Not more not less. Hear what Ahmadinajad has to say to that:

"He dismissed the possibility of any U.S. military action against Tehran, saying Washington had no plan and was not in a position to take such action."

Repeat after me: The U.S is in no position to take such action.

Do you know why ?

Look up points (1) and (2). Or do you need me to draw you a picture?

4)In the eventuality of a limited attack on Iran's nuclear plants, a highly unlikely eventuality, (1) and (2) will go like rabid dogs against your brave boys and that will take place guess where? No, NOT in Iran but in IRAQ.

Which brings me to

5) The IRAQIS will again pay the price. More genocide, more killings, more suffering, more exile.

Today the UNHCR stated that Iraqis are "THE FORGOTTEN PEOPLE" of today's world. (article here)

So before you join your barks to the two vicious dogs, U.S.A and Iran, taking either a pro or against stand, remember "The forgotten people" that are guaranteed more genocide because of your stands.

Proclaim it and say it out loud. " No to America, No to Iran ! For the Independence and Sovereignty of Iraq ".

Proclaim it loud enough and shout "NO MORE SACRIFICIAL LAMBS!"

Just a hope...

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohammed Jaafar. * Explosion *