January 7, 2007

Persian For Dummies.

News from Basrah.

Basrah has now become a complete Persian enclave run by Shi'as whose allegiance are to their Mother country the Safavid chauvinistic Iran of the Mullahs.

Two families I personally know, Sunnis, who have lived all their lives in Basrah, born and raised there for generations - left.
Each of these families lost a husband, a wife, a son, a daughter, a mother, a father,a relative, due to the sectarian massacres undertaken by the Iranians carrying recently issued Iraqi nationalities.

One grandmother lost her son who is a doctor, her daughter in law, another doctor, and now she has to look after 6 kids alone. She escaped with them.

The second family lost two members who were the breadwinners. Two pharmacists. A man and his wife. The rest of the family locked up their house and left taking nothing with them.

They related the following :

- Basrah is totally dominated by Iran. It is unofficially an Iranian province/state. All goverment and office employees are Iranians and hold the dual Iranian- Iraqi nationality.

-There are no Sunni families left in Basrah. They all fled.

- Application forms to enter Iraq from the Kuwaiti border - known as the Safwan Crossing- are printed in Persian and not Arabic. Hence anyone wishing to enter Basrah has to fill in an entry form on which the official language is Farsee.

- They confirmed to me reports that I had read and heard earlier namely that the whole of Southern Iraq has become an Iranian Province.

My hunch is that the whole of Iraq is going to become an Iranian Province apart from darling Kurdistan. But then that should not be a problem since both Iranians and Kurds pride themselves on being an "Aryan" race.

Iraqis, start learning Persian. I personally have started with a crash course. Elementary stuff.
I have learned so far how to say very good " Khayleh Khob " and a couple of insults.
The latter I will save for some other time . When the Iranian Mullahs become the "official and legitimate" rulers of Baghdad after the full decimation of all those disloyal to Teheran and Washington.
Don't be surprised. I keep hearing that the last elections were legitimate and official. No one mentions of course the buses that were carrying approximately 1 million Iranians who came and "participated" in those "transparent" elections.

As for the"anti-Imperialists","anti-War"venerable personalities and movements in the West,I suggest you do the same thing.
Start learning Persian. So in due time , when the full liberation of Iraq is complete, you can come and congratulate your anti Imperialist Iranian Mullahs with " Khayleh Khob"- Very Good and Bravo !

In today's edition of the Independent, Danny Forston - the oil Expert- states:
"The most coveted sites in Iraq are the Majnoon and West Qurna fields, both close to Basra in the South of the country."
Iranian Imperialism is as deadly as the American one.

Painting: Iraqi Artist, Ali Al Tajer - "People of Mesopotamia" Series.