January 22, 2007

Oh Bloody Day !

Oh bloody day, oh bloody day, when zionists americans walked, when fascist iranians walked, oh yes when they walked, to wash Baghdad's "sins" away. It was a bloody day.

Another 100plus blown to pieces today and over 150 injured,maimed,crippled for life...today.

The mainstream media says the slaughter took place in a "predominantly sh'ia" area, Bab Al Sharqi.
They claimed the same when Al Munstansiriya University was targeted and another 100 persons were carbonized just last week.
Bullshit! Both Al Munstasiriya and Bab Al Sharqi are very mixed areas. The latter is in the center of Baghdad, a commercial area,akin to your local downtown. Stop manufacturing sectarianism whoever you are.

Everytime an attack takes places on innocent Iraqis, the "predominantly sonneeee" areas get sieged . Haifa street, Al Amariyah, Al Yarmouk and today al Adhamyiah. What a handy convenient fabricated excuse.

The Rat and the Mouse, the rat being none other than Muqtada al Sadr and the mouse, the Maliki/Hakim government.
For the past 10 days, I have read not less than 10 articles confirming one and the same thing, namely that the Sadr thuggish bloc will be ending its "boycott"(last article in the series appeared yesterday) of the puppet government and that the two have reached a political deal.

Don't you understand that rats and mice are made to cohabit in the gutters of the Green zone and that they have been doing so admirably well?!
They are bed partners, get it in your head once and for all. Their love story goes back a long time.

Forget the staged 12 hour "siege" of Sadr City. Forget the claim of the Iraqi "leader" saying he is going to drop his protection of the shi'a militias. (incidentally this came out yesterday too at the same time that Sadr urged the end of the boycott). At least we know now that the puppet protected the criminal rapists, hole drillers of Baghdad.
Forget what Sadr says about issuing passports to his family (fleeing to Iran very likely). Forget about his going to hide like a fugitive.How can his group join the "official" government again and he, their brave leader hide away? Well if he has, he is some "anti imperialist revolutionary" leader indeed !!!
Those of you who support him blindly and stupidly (or maybe not so blindly), make sure to arm him with a new electrical drill. You never know he might cross some "sooneeeeee" on his way to his rat hole.

As for those who have not stopped beating the empty cacophonic anti-war drum, crying wolf and blowing out of proportion an improbable attack on Iran, I have extra thick black fabric just in case you need some. Wear your chador, good boys and girls.
(By the way,I am reserving a special post on Iran, as well as another one for our "brothers" the kurds who keep needing a translator from kurdish to arabic for later.Forced arabization by Saddam Hussein? my butt! )

I hope I am right and I think I am right on this one .There will be NO attack on Iran.
I really would not like to see the Iranian people suffer the same horrors their neighbors, the Iraqis, are going through and this despite their government dirty hand in Iraqi affairs.

Last time a racist,chauvinist, fascist, nazi, proclaimed the superiority of the "aryan" race, millions died as a consequence and that was during World War II. And we continue seeing the tears till this very day!
Our neighbors, the Iranians have been shouting the same slogan for centuries.
The superiority of their "aryan" race, as opposed to "semitic" arabs.
Even a seemingly benign event like a fashion show in Teheran, raised criticisms for exhibiting Arab style muslim dress as opposed to typically persian "muslim" chadors.

I reiterate what I said above. There will be NO attack on Iran by either Israel or the U.S.A.
Stop reading what the zionists like Kissinger and Perle proclaim. They are playing with your political nerves. That is all.
It does not take a wiz in strategic international relations to figure out that:

- Israel is deep into its neck with rape/harassment charges, embezzlement charges, corruption charges and resignations due to military impotence. Its army moral is way down in its socks. Moreover, had Israel wanted to stop Iran nuclear capabilities, it would have not waited until the plants are complete, it would have attacked way before, like it did in Iraq in 1981.

- the U.S.A is up to its eyeballs in Iraq. Even the warmonger Gates stated that the region cannot absorb another conflict.

But for your sake, I will hypothetically assume there is an inherent planned attack on Iran.
Do you honestly think that the zionists who planned the occupation of Iraq, were unaware or did not foresee the following :

1) that they have 150'000 american boys plus another 50'000 mercenaries/subcontractors stationed in Iraq and concentrated in Baghdad ?
2) that in the eventuality of an attack on Iran, a few missiles from Teheran will wipe the americans boys out ?
3) that when the americans built several military bases in Iraq and built the hugest embassy in the world with 5'000 employees in Baghdad, they forgot that they had Iran as a neighbor?
4) that by encouraging "ethnic divisions" and backing and supporting a sectarian government they(zionist americans) were encouraging Iran to control the political apparatus in Baghdad ?
5) that Iran has been grossly meddling in Iraqi politics since the famous Iranian Islamic Revolution ?
6) that Iran will be controlling not only the puppet government, but also the ministries of:
interior, health, education.... and controlling the militias, the "police" and the so called Iraqi army as it is currently doing in Baghdad and the south of Iraq?

Enough political nonsense. Enough. Get real!
Even the Iranians admit that "our enemies have waged a psychological war in order to make us retreat from our nuclear positions" and the article continues, "it is the second time this week that officials...have sought to dismiss a military strike against atomic installations.."

I repeat for the ength time, the American, Israeli, Iranian plan is to partition Iraq into three states. And each will be getting a piece of the Iraqi pie.

Those of you who keep repeating the sacred mantra "there will be a strike on Iran in April 07", stop your fabulations.
Wake up and smell the coffee! Wake up and smell the burnt, torn flesh in Baghdad!
Oh wait... you are fully awake, you know all of that already, you knew it all along.
The Iraqi genocide and holocaust is continuing and you knew it all along.
And you dare call Saddam Hussein a fascist?!

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Nadia Mohammed Yass.