January 11, 2007

A Magic Carpet...

I am going to let you in on a secret that very few know.
In my late teens, I had a terrible crush on a Persian boy called Amir.
Amir in Arabic means a prince. And Amir was a true prince. He had to be, he had a crush on me too. A lovely boy, beautiful eyes, kind, soft spoken, a great sportsman, and at times, quite eccentric.
His passion besides sports was Persian rugs. He loved them so did I.
He taught me for instance that each single rug, handwoven of course, had a story to tell.
The assiduous weavers would draw perfect shapely patterns and then would deliberately botch up a couple of knots. The reason for this was because " Only God is perfect." So even the most stupendous persian carpet could not allow to reflect God's perfection. It had to have a flaw. A deliberate flaw.

One day, Amir invited me to join him on his carpet. He said: " Want to fly on a carpet ?"
And of course I did . Who would not wish to be on a flying carpet?!
He suggested that I pick a carpet that really attracted me. Sit right in the middle of it, in the exact center, close my eyes and let the pattern beneath me fill my mind and just wait... So I did.

Today, am sitting in the middle of my Persian carpet, right in the center.
I close my eyes and I see :
Sherezade recounting more horror stories. Sindibad the sailor approaching with 20'000 captains. Ali Baba and the 40 thieves from Bagh-Dad hiding behind a magical door "Sesame". And high priests from recaptured Babylon shuffling a deck of cards.
I see a perfect "triangle" with it's tip decimated.
I see red blood pouring down the streets of Baghdad. "Halal","Kosher" blood covering play grounds where children used to pretend being princes and princesses.
I see our new "Shahrayar" impatient for a new dawn, giving execution orders to clean his new courtyard and his "triangle", whilst encouraging and urging his Ali Baba and his 4o thieves through the back magical Sesame door.
I see the court jester becoming a vizir. He even sailed to the West and made it through the doors of CNN and cyber world - a new idol perhaps. Only yesterday he was a jester dancing around a corpse but today he has become an "enfant de coeur". His name was Karim Shah-Pour but even that changed.
I also see Ali Baba galloping to the North to avenge for the holding up of a few of his buddies.
I even see a wishy washy troubadour from a foreign land admitting that the king's court had turned black.
I see weird looking boys in strange outfits flying on some wooden board on top of a palace.
And now I am seeing Sharayar, Sindibad Al Bahr, Ali Baba and his petty thieves ruling Bagh-Dad with one single Hand.

Where is Amir now ? Probably smiling from far away. I last heard he is holding a very important position in Washington.

Someone, wake me up ! This is one hell of a bad trip.

Paiting : Iraqi female artist, Widad Al Orfali.