January 20, 2007

Hush now, little one ...

I have good news for you.
American "consumer sentiment has improved to a 3 years high, propelled by falling gasoline prices and a favorable view of personal finances and economic growth" says a survey.
You must be happy. This means more savings for you so you can consume more, eat and spend some more. Go right ahead and anesthetize yourself.

Now what this survey won't show you, is that during those three comparative years, over 260'000 Iraqi children died since 2003 to make your life smoother over there, wherever you are . Now,Iraq has the highest mortality rate for children in the world.(read full article here)

Since you love economics and you count so well when it comes to figures, dollars and dimes, let us do together a simple calculation.
-In the 13 years of sanctions from 1991 to 2003, a conservative estimate places the number of dead Iraqi babies to 500'000 .(and the price was well worth it according to M.Albright, your democrat.)
-Since 2003 , another conservative estimate is 260'000 dead Iraqi kids due to lack of medical care and a health system in total chaos.
-Amongst the official figure of the Lancet report of 650'000 Iraqis dead, let's assume that at least 10% of that number were children killed by violent acts. So that makes around 65'000. (knowing that Iraq has a big youth population).
-In the latest census by the UN, which was not taken into account when the Lancet report came out, 34'450 (plus) were killed due to violence. Assuming again a mere 10 % were children, that brings my calculation to3'400.
-Add to the above the dead Iraqi children during Gulf war 1 - let's say about 400 (The Amaryiah shelter alone had over 150 kids and am being very generous in your favor here.)
-Add to that Abeer Janabi, the Haditha kids, Falluja, Al Ramadi, Al Qaem,Tal Afar, other unreported children deaths in Baghdad and elsewhere , I will say around 500 and again am being very kind to you here.
So a quick summing up will give us a total of : 829'300 Iraqi children Dead.
Again, I repeat this is a conservative estimate as the official figures lie and the UN figures are always "toning" issues down.
829'300 Iraqi Children DEAD.

The above figure does NOT include : the injured,the sold,the trafficked, the abandoned,the cancer ridden with your Depleted Uranium, the sick,the malnourished, the hungry, the destitute, the kidnapped, the raped children of Iraq.

According to the latest UN Human rights 30 page report for November-December 2006 (a title that never fails to stir my amusement) it states and I will quote a few paragraphs only. We don't want to depress you, do we ?

"Human Rights Org. has received information of children abducted and sold to militias and forced to become supporters..." - "Children are also trafficked outside Iraq to work as sex slaves,labourers or unlawfully adopted by families abroad..." - "Dozens of children are currently seeking shelter and protection in safe houses...". Stories unheard of prior to our "liberation."
(those of you who sent me e.mails accusing of fabricating stories about kids being sold, I demand an apology.)

So over 800'00 plus, little ones dead. Huh ? What have you got to say about that? Who are you going to blame now ? Saddam Hussein or the old regime? (just for your info, Iraq used to have the lowest mortality rate in the Middle East and the best health care service until you all screwed it up.)(see also here)

Do you understand what we are talking about here? We are talking about CHILDREN.
Not adults you can blame , nor elderly you can dispense of , we are talking about CHILDREN.

Remember children ? You may have some of your own or planning to.
I know that in the west, a pregnancy is a big deal.
You have blue and pink clothes, baby shower parties, gifts and a pregnant woman becomes an icon of worship (since it is so rare to see one.)
Then, everyone takes turns holding the little one, oh so softly.
You make sure that when your little one grows up , he/she lacks nothing. You try to give him/her your best. Best schools, best clothes, best toys...(within the limits of your possibilities and assuming you are mentally sane and not some perverted sadist.)
And then you have organizations teaching you about children's rights, about good parenting, about listening to your kids and a thousand self help books about 101 topics on how to.
How and what to feed, how to nurture, how to change diapers, how to hug, how to talk, how to play with your kids, etc.... Yes you are very caring indeed.

And since you are so caring, had there been 800'000 plus: dolphins, monkeys, donkeys, cats or dogs massacred, the western world would be on the brink of a revolution by now.
The left would have armed and gone underground as guerillas freedom fighters, the democrats would have issued irreversible statements of condemnation, the liberals and progressives would have stood in pickets or gone on strike. We would have mass demonstrations and mass mobilization.

Had these 800'000 children been western children, we would be having a Third World War by now.

But, alas, they are only Iraqi, Arab, majority Muslim kids. Who gives a fuck?
They are not your kids, you don't care.

If per mischance, you get to see them in pictures through an e.mail you are quick to delete it. Besides which, there is not much you can do about it , or so you like to believe.
If per misfortune, you see them on your tv screen (unlikely since you either have your favorite sports channel or porn channel on), you zap. You drink your 12th can of beer and hope your Mrs. won't catch you. As for your women, they are more interested and engrossed in Desperate Housewives and Sex in the City. Understandably, frustrated libidos and ensuing neurosis love company.
But then you all congratulate yourselves on being such an advanced people. So humane and so fucking politically correct. So distinguished, so refined...
If per mishap, you come across an article in your press, you swiftly turn your page to either the economic, consumer, investor, inflation index or to the sports page. Who needs this shit anyways?
If by mistake, you hear a conversation around the subject, you quickly divert the topic, you don't want to be disturbed in your socializing. Let us talk about something constructive you think, or you change the conversation to something petty like, yourself.

As for the very progressive left and the rest of the apparatchik, well what can I say?
They are already dressed in black chadors, beating on their chests, thumping on their heads, wailing in advance, for a improbable farfetched attack on some other country...
They have turned their attention from the scene of the crime. Too much for you darlings?
A mirror of your impotence or of your sellout?
800'000plus, Iraqi Children dead. I congratulate you. Let your new patron give you 800'000plus, medals as proof of your dedication for peace on earth.

As for the few honest voices left, let us commiserate together. Black sugarless coffee is on me, Arab hospitality oblige.

Meanwhile, my Iraqi little ones , die softly, make no noise, we don't want to disturb the slumbering consciences...Hush now, slip quietly, ever so quietly...into Death.

Postscript : I just read that a petition has been online for that crippled Iraqi dog mentioned in my previous article (see also comment section). A dog is more "neutral."See what I mean now ?!

Painting: Iraqi artist, AbdelAmir Alwan.