January 1, 2007

And the Crows sang at Dawn...

The sectarian Iranians Shi'as in Iraq changed the day of the Feast. They postponed it one day , till Sunday the 31st of December according to their so called Jaafari "Islamic" calendar.
You are intelligent enough to figure out what the message is behind all of this.
They have offered us "sunnis" or "sooooooneeees" as george bush likes to call us as a "sacrificial"gift for the Feast. The Zionist Jews planned it as craftily as the Eyeranians. One hand cannot applaud.Ask Al Hakim during his last visit to D.C. He can tell you all about it.

Saddam is gone . A hero. Like it or not. A fearless, brave, courageous, defiant, principled Arab. Till his last breath, he said " Palestine is ARAB" and "Long live Palestine and Long live the Arab Ummah and long live the Iraqi People."

Let us have a quick look at the Arab Ummah as it does not deserve anything more than a swift glance.

Jordan - Total Silence. Let me remind Jordan that Aqaba its port - was built with 50 million dollars - Iraqi money in the 1980's. Let me remind the Hashemite Kingdom that for over 5 years, it received FREE oil from Iraq and let me remind this "respectable country" that if it was not for Iraq, it would still be gathering seashells on its coasts and trying to promote its dead end tourism whilst riding donkeys in downtown Amman.

Egypt - H.Mubarak has not finished his belly dance choreography for 2006. Do we need to remind him of the Millions he received when he went begging for liquidity in Baghdad ? Of course no need to mention the 3 Million Egyptian workers who came and acquired the land they were laboring in Iraq.

Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf - seems they were too busy with the Eid celebrations to utter anything of substance. The only substance they are capable of sharing is stuffed mutton with rice , the halal way of course . Their gargatuan fiesta in which they are still dripping up to their elbows in meat grease and saying Bismillah, in the name of God is not over yet... Do we need to remind those pimps that half a million Iraqis died to protect them from the Persian Crescent ?

Syria- Praise sly Syria. Syria is "surprised" 24 hours later . Another Ha! to you Syria.
(won't mention the 30'000 massacred in Hama - nugde nudge) Oh well thanks for the cheap shampoo in exchange for free oil during the sanctions years.

Lebanon - too busy being botoxed and siliconized the American versus Iranian style. Leave them to figure out how much of either they need to pump in.

Tunisia- you who you were getting all your school books printed in Iraq for FREE, you have kept your cowardly silence . Oh well, as usual!

Morocco- Apart from a few voices of conscience, Hassan the little one has rolled another joint and received a fax from Israel to the effect.....

Algeria - too busy with its own drills...

Libya - Now that the delusional psychotic fit has abated , Qadhafi pronounced 3 days of mourning and that 2 hours before the execution. Thank you Colonel.

Palestine - or what is left of it : a 1000 marched in a demo. Big deal. What about the 25'000 dollars received for each of the martyr's family ? Forgotten so quick ?(Won't mention the scuds.)

Am not done yet . Be patient...

Somalia - God bless it . Where are your students who came and studied for free in Iraqi Universities ? They had more privileges than any Iraqi... Blame it on short memory.

Mauritania - Have you perfected your Arabic, or did you just cash in the millions.?

Sudan - too busy with Darfur....ok now I got it.

Iran, o little Iran - Your society is chauvinistic Persian and they not only hate your "islamic"government, they hate Arabs with vehemence. As for you little government, we know how much you pay up for your sheep to attend your public demonstrations. Media oblige,behind the "Islamic" cloak bien sur ! Ugly lot. We know you all too well. No surprises there.

So called Iraqis - "damned Iraqis". You called on filthy Al Sadr and Al Hakim your intercessors with the Divine. Backward lot . Male Dwarfs. Retrograde, sectarian dirt. Vindictive scum. Persian sellouts.Little petty fanatics . Small impotent ones. Are you happy jumping up and down like the clowns that you are ? You are a circus, a cheap entertainment. You are nothing. Nor you nor your little corrupt coward puppet of a goverment. Big bellies, hooded faces, cloaked bodies and shit for brains . If you knew how much people mock you, if you knew how despised you are outside of Sadr city and your rotting Najaf and Kerbala. Another ha ha ha for your little hasssan's and your little hussein's, small people that you are .

Kurds - two words and not more. Am sorry.
Sorry for every single minute I wasted fighting for your rights. Oh and by the way tell your minister to pronounce correct Arabic. Seems Kurdish Iraqi autonomy has screwed up your accent. Too bad you were not able to experience the same in Iran, Turkey or Syria. As for your whining over Halabja- ask the Iranians- they knew the secret compounds of the chemicals.

You- Muslim Ummah , one sentence. You have been stoning the wrong devil during your pilgrimage. Wake up !

Am not done yet .

As for you america, blood thirsty america - your small georgie , your very small georgie in your very small nation of very small people . Little, short, post orgasmic xmas shoppers of the little usa. If you only knew what a joke you are to the nations , you would shrink even further.
You think you can offer Iraq on a platter for your zionist congress for 2007 ? That congress made of old farts and seniles ? so little do you know ... keep contemplating how you can figure out EyeRaq. And good luck ..tell me when you reach 3000 plus. I just might give you a way out.

England - "dear" England. From grace to grass. Madame Margaret Becket, the english scarecrow,thinks capital punishment is not politically correct ...but ...well.. since when was England nothing but a sneaky hypocrite ? Tell me something I don't know.For more of the same ask the Iraqis in the South.

France - Oh Monsieur le President Chirac. Petit Faux Cul. You seem to have forgotten all the business deals and the billions you got from the land of the Tigris. Oh la la . Even le Pen the Fascist had more balls than you .

And israel. the zionazi israel. First I need to apologize for the several "reconnaissance"spies we caught in the Hillah area of Babel lately. I know you are trying to rehearse defeating Nebukhadnezzar 21st century style. Sorry you failed. You were caught red handed. Try again in a new holocaust "pleurnichade" maybe someone will believe you then.
Little tribal jews , whining lamenting tribal jews . The game is over.Cry some more.Tough if you can't find a new shoulder. As for your apartheid wall - everyone can see through it.

As for you my favorite ones , the "anti War " movement . First let me enquire how Herr Chomsky the "closet zionist" is doing those days ? Any luck with his proposal for a referendum in Iraq concerning the american troops ? And to all of his followers- how does it feels now that capital punishment has been executed ? Do you feel a couple of inches taller in your self righteous stand or do you need more donations ? I heard you are promoting anti- war panties to that effect. Any profits so far ? No worries, you have little "american arabs"parading as "intellectuals". They will help in your anti-war efforts. Just make sure to teach them the "right way" to suck up to you.

Do forgive me if I have forgotten anyone else. Blame it on the Satanic execution of the Plan coupled with the New Year's "Euphoria".

Talking about The New Year. I wish to those who have not been polluted by all the above :
I wish you to find that Inner Place not found in textbooks. That Special Place of steadfastness, resistance, defiance and mockery. I wish you to find that Inner Place of Fortitude in Truth, of Courage in Hardship and of Laughter and Joy in the face of it All.

Painting : Iraqi Female Artist, Nadia Mohammed Yass.