January 25, 2007

Happy Now ?

Again, the Independent has been voicing its concerns over the hole in the soul of its anglo-saxon readers. A noble thing to do, naturally.
The article states that despite the West's affluence, people are gloomy, sad, depressed..in short unhappy. It seems being wealthy brings on the blues. The wealthier you are,the more depressed you are, according to the article.
It also says something very interesting : "In a world of abundance, when everybody has what they need,something strange happens. They begin to want what(omega) they don't have." (of course we are talking about the West here and don't you ever forget that.)

Fascinating, this business of wanting what you don't have, is it not? Which reminds me of a story.

A "well intentioned" man, a journalist, a writer, I am not sure, ended up in Baghdad when it was being "liberated."
He proceeded to loot some of Iraq's belongings. He says so himself and calls himself a thief of the occupation.
He ransacked through Uday Hussein's (Saddam Hussein's son) "shag" house, as he calls it. And pillaged whatever he managed to loot. He sold everything with "good intentions", so it seems. Giving the money away to charity to help Iraqis emigrate to some Western capital. And this man prides himself on the fact. Wilful arrogance and dupery at its utmost!
I wonder how much he looted and how many Iraqis made it to the Western Capital in question. I also wonder if he is experiencing a hole in his soul due to affluence, now?
Mind you, if we had not been "liberated", we would not need to emigrate nor would we be in need of charity.
3.7 Million Iraqis are seeking refuge today, outside of Iraq. Maybe our venerable writer can arrange for visas now.

Incidentally, even Saddam Hussein's underwear and personal clothes were looted by the "liberation" forces and its "embedded" journalists and writers. Forgot to mention, that the above "gentleman", our struggling writer, promotes his books on the web, books dedicated to "anti-occupation themes"!
I suggest to this man, whoever he is, to return now all that he has looted from Iraqi nationals, and I want to remind him that Saddam Hussein and his family are Iraqi Nationals, to their rightful owners. Even if that means that he pays a visit to the daughters of Saddam, Raghad and Rana Hussein.
That would, in fact, be the only manly thing he can undertake to rectify his disgraceful actions.(if he is capable that is.)

But, my anger subsides and I feel a sense of serenity, from what a Native American person said in one of my comments section:
"Layla, the greed of these white people will bring the end of the world. Remember, they can't steal your soul."
We will be all drowning together Mister Writer. (by the way, I have always had great respect and admiration for Native Americans- they are the true owners of America.)

On the same subject of Iraq and the hole in the soul.
When I posted my article on the poor crippled dog being "taunted"(have you noticed how this verb has become so vogue since the lynching of President Saddam Hussein?) by american soldiers, I received tens of mails .
An outpouring of heart felt sympathy. I was very touched. Really.
Some even denounced the cowardice of wanting to kill a defenseless crippled animal. And rightly so. A few words uttered though, on the million defenseless Iraqi civilians.

Thank God, and God whether you believe in It/He/She, does not matter, arranged for a wonderful article titled "Individualism and the Dog." Through sheer coincidence, I promise you.

I understand, that in the face of strong individualism, dogs are favored. Besides which, dogs do not beg for our forgiveness and understanding ,but humans in their albeit limited, imperfect forms do.Dogs are simpler, Humans beings are a test.

Getting back to the article and it is very much related (you need to read it though- can't do the reading for you.)
What is it that you are after and cannot have?I wonder...
What is this fascination with this "Oriental" thing?
What is it we have, apart from oil and being the cradle of your civilization,that you want so much and cannot grasp or grab?
After all, you expropriated nearly everything. You ransacked and pillaged, you looted, you starved, you killed,you raped...so what else are you after ? Come now, be true with me, if you can.
What is it that hooks you so much to the Orient?

The fact that "God" is part of our daily reality?
The fact that we can find pleasure in simple things, like the smile of a good friend?
The fact that Time has not managed to control us the way it controls you?
The fact that we have resilience in the face of calamity?
The fact that we care about our families no matter what?
The fact that we may be very poor and still share everything we have with a guest or a wayfarer?
The fact that we have managed to surrender inwards to whatever life deals us with?
The fact that we don't have too many hangups about marriage and raising families as we consider this a natural gift from the Divine? (despite your malthusian theories)
The fact that we are still capable of deriving satisfaction from non material things?
The fact that we hold on to our dignity and honor even if it means our physical death?

By the way, etymologically, to orient someone is to guide them when they are lost.
And the Orient(Mashreq) is where the sun rises and the West (Al Gharb) is where it sets down.
"Maghreb" means sunset, "Ghareeb" means strange, and "Ghorba" means exile in a foreign land.

And you have managed to do the three. Bring darkness like in "Maghreb", act in "Ghareeb" ways and drive thousands into "Ghorba."
Belying your apparent belonging to the race of humans and even to that of animals.
And you still have not managed to fill that hole in your soul.
Happy now ?

Painting: Iraqi artist, AbdelAmeer Alwan.