January 8, 2007

Saddam lives on...

Whilst Bush Clausewitz is putting his "final touches" on his upteenth revised "micro strategy" in Iraq, in a badly staged "coup de Theatre", the kangaroo court of the Iraqi puppet government produced today "tapes" of Saddam's voice approving the use of chemicals.
Tomorrow I can produce another tape of the American/Iranian agent- Al Maliki approving the "ethnic" cleansing of all sunnis in Baghdad and the day after tomorrow you can produce a tape of my opera skills, singing "La Donna e mobile" from Verdi's "Rigoletto".

You may think that it is preposterous on my part to allude to a forgery of "hard facts" like the above tape .
Tell me is it as preposterous as the falsification of facts undertaken by two "democracies" America and its lapdog Great Britain with the blessings of the United Nations (a body supposedly established to protect human rights and the rights of nations) ?
If America and Great Britain can forge documents and invade and occupy Iraq, under several pretexts one of them WMD's, why can't it forge and produce more hollywood crap?
If Iran can pay 100 million dollars to a circus court, why can't it produce tapes too?
WMD's ? Yes sure - Weapons of Mass Deception.

In the meantime, the western press (R.Fisk style), intellectual masturbators, (fill in your favorite...) so called humanistic voices (ditto...) and unspecified others, tried very hard to pretend indignation at the way Saddam was executed. Notice I said "the way" not "the fact". This is the refrain. See if you can identify with it.
"Obscene BUT..."
"Deplorable BUT..."
"Unacceptable BUT..."
"Horrific BUT..."

Try saying "but" fast enough- but but but but but but but - sounds like a lame duck quacking.
But what? Ladies and Gentlemen. There are NO but(s).

This continuous demonization and vilification of a dead man serves only ONE purpose.
That of covering up a bigger crime committed against a legitimate President- Saddam Hussein Al Majid, a people-the Iraqis and a sovereign nation-Iraq.
But by all means , keep at it. It does serve another purpose. I will leave you to guess which one.

Meanwhile, the Arab streets, the people (forget governments), have not stopped condemning loud and clear and demanding justice. No buts here. Nothing but unconditional support.
Since the day of the assassination till this very moment, and on a daily basis - Arab people took to the streets, in demonstrations, in feigned funeral processions, in letters, in articles...denouncing the true murderers. USA, Israel, GB, and the covert hand of Iran.
The Four Hyenas as Gabriele Zamparini aptly calls them.

Only yesterday, hundreds of Morroccans went on a demonstration , organized by Trade Unions,Lawyers ... They were carrying an enormous white sheet. On it were printed the pictures of Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Mao, Mahatma Ghandi... and none other but Saddam Hussein.
In Algeria, members of the Algerian parliament sent an official letter to the wagging tail/finger Maliki threatening to cut diplomatic relations with the current puppet government of Iraq.
In Lybia, three days of mourning plus a statue to be erected in honor of Saddam.
In Jordan, people are still commiserating , erecting tents and serving the traditional bitter coffee.
In Egypt, the lay person is angry and disgusted and the Muslim scholar,Yusuf al Qaradawi sent a letter to Ayatollah Khameini of Iran asking him to interfere in stopping further sectarian bloodshed in Iraq. (hmm..I wonder what the grand Ayatollah has to do with it !?).
Even the New York times , not usually known for it's love of Arabs, hated to admit that Saddam Hussein is indeed now a Martyr and a Hero to many true Arabs.

Listen to this :
" As for our President...in my desperate mind, I want to turn the clock back, to rush and grab him and run away somewhere so he is safe. I want to scream and shout and ask the world if it realizes what it has done ...They killed his sons, his grandson and now him- all his male heirs. But I know that there will be many who will carry his torch...Pictures of him (Saddam) being "checked" by barbarians, was a personal assault on me . I cried so much ....as I know I will cry for a long, long time."

This is an extract from an e.mail addressed to me. No this person is not an Arab, nor a muslim, this person is from India!
So not only Arabs , but Turks, Indians, Pakistanis, Indonesians.... all those "Third World" people you patronize and deeply and secretly detest, see Saddam as their Hero.

And now :
After the ugly pictures parading the sons of Saddam naked and bullet ridden-read rape of the family.
After the cheap images of Saddam's capture and the subsequent vulgar and obnoxious ones of some american soldier "checking" his mouth- read oral rape.
After the disgusting snapshots taken of a legitimate President of a Sovereign country in his underwear - read rape of basic privacy.
After the heinous video(1) taken of his lynching on the holy day of the Eid- read rape of the Sacred.
After the truth emerging of sadistic thugs dancing and celebrating around a dead corpse- read rape of the deceased.
After the americans troops "screening" the holy Koran held by Saddam and the books and notes he kept whilst in solitary confinement- read rape of the mind.
After evidence of all of this - I am presenting you the "grande finale", the latest in the series of rapes - video2.

Watch for yourself if you have the stomach for it . Then come and write your "yes...but's ...."

This latest video reminds me of sacrificed lambs laying to rest whilst blood is pouring out from their jugular. Saddam Hussein is now our Lamb, Our Martyr, Our Hero...

No President of a sovereign nation in contemporay history has gone through what Saddam went through whilst the whole world sat and watched. None.

All of you who have directly or indirectly raped Iraq, its people, its President, its resources and massacred, slaughtered and maimed us , you have turned Saddam and consequently us , the people he represented, the true Iraqis into a legend and legends don't die. They live on forever....

And don't you ever dare come and talk to me about "Crimes against humanity" and "human rights" in pre "liberated" Iraq, ever again.
All fingers are pointing towards you now including my own.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Suhair Salman.