January 14, 2007

Raw from the Morgue...

You know something, everytime I promise myself to wear softer gloves with you, a piece of news forces me to get another pair of a different kind, out.
I don't like it that way. But this is a "way" you forced upon me, despite my good intentions, despite my values, despite my ideals, despite my humanness.
Why are you so adamant of stripping me of whatever ties me to you ?
You want it ? You will get it. If not from me , a "simple" woman... but you will get it for sure. Just be patient.
I am certain your old timer colonialists are still complaining over a couple of gin and tonics in for "men only" "fraternity clubs ": Damn it, those Arabs are too unruly.
Yes, sorry Sir, we are. Do bring them on...
If us, "desert ragheads" have anything in our favor, it is this one thing. An enormous sense of dignity. ( and no amount of pornographic sadism a la Gitmo style will take it away.)
Something you are not very used to. I do understand but don't expect me to sympathize for your loss of that basic "thing". That raw unnameable "thing" that is so foreign to you , yet so vital for us.
It is no longer a question of survival in the face of death, nor a survival of the fittest (according to your social theories of crude Darwinism).
It is not even a "narcissistic" question of national pride.
It is not about oil, even though you love the concept because it is so safe and easy.(and because it absolves you of any response-ability).
It is not about geopolitics even though this latter is central.
It is beyond all of that.
It is a question of Dignity. Not Arab dignity, nor Muslim dignity. No, that has nothing to do with it. It is all about Human Dignity. Touch it , feel it now. Feel the texture, see how smooth and soft it is .
You have tried to erase that one with force and we are safeguarding it and reclaiming it with the exact same force if not more.
Bring them on...

Easy equation. No need for sophisticated theories here. It is all out there for you to see. Simple but very effective.
Now enjoy the ride to... the Morgue. And let Death be the ultimate Judge.
Pitiful, very pitiful lot.

Painting :Iraqi Artist, Saad Al Qaabi.