January 17, 2007

Ugly Tidbits.

A University- Baghdad :Al Mustansiriyah used to be one of the best in the Middle East.
Over 70 people blown to pieces. Mainly female students. Why target students ? Bunch of CRIMINALS! Pools of blood mixed with sewage and rain and human limbs and books floating amidst the debris.
Bush blames Al-Qaeda . Seems that is the only word he can pronounce correctly. He is also disappointed that they "fumbled" Saddam's killing. And the other dumbass Al-Maliki, the new Cyrus of Iraq, blames Saddamists terrorists. A new term in the genius vocabulary. And Blair the liar says these deaths are tragic but cannot be blamed on the occupation.

UN : Has finally awoken from its past Kofi Annan overdosing. It published today that the Iraqi government figures for Iraq's dead were underrated. It is not 16'000 as those bastards pretended, it is in fact 34'400 plus. And around another 34'000 injured. I say Bullshit. The figure for 2006 is around 60'000 dead and don't ask me for sources. I will not give them to you.

"Green"Kurdistan: is sending troops trained by Israhell to back the Americans/Iraqi Army.
Did I say Iraqi Army? typo. There is no Iraqi Army. There is a grouping of Militias/Death Squads/Badr Brigades/Al Mahdi thugs with the Ministry of Interior criminals and they constitute the so called Iraqi Army. The Kurdish general is requesting a translator since his boys can't speak Arabic. What ? And you claimed and whined for decades about forced Arabization !

And according to the UN again , Kirkuk is heading for some major troubles as our kurdish "brothers" are now found guilty of gross human rights violations and detentions with no charges of Arabs and Turkmen. No shit, did you just wake up now or what ? Plan - to annex Kirkuk and have the independent state of pastoral Kurdistan. Again, whilst the prime and proper english democrats supported an independent kurdistan, they are "edgy" about an independent Scotland. Blair calls the idea "crazy".Typical english hypocrisy.

The Iranian/Iraqi Boys : The lunatic Al Sadr has decided to end his "dignified" boycott of the puppet goverment . Ha,Ha and Ha. He has officially joined with the Badr Brigades to form a unified army for purging Baghdad from all Sunnis.
Meanwhile a document from the Islamic Revolutionary Council of Iran - sorry meant Iraq gives out clearn plans on how to proceed with the cleansing. The kurdish minister (too big of a word) Zebari confirms on the other hand that Iraq is edging closer to Iran with or without this latter's blessings. On a side note , all Iraqi embassies worldwide are now run by a majority of Kurds.
The foreign ministry of Kurdish Iraqi Affairs. Great representation of "Iraqi interests" abroad!

On the ayatollah's and mullah's front : This off the wires.
The not so grand ayatollah Sistani issued a fatwa that was quickly removed from his website, urging his faithful followers to undergo another set of ablutions if they ever shake hands with a sunni. This does not surprise me one bit. My good friend S. who is also a shi'a but not a retard, confirmed to me that when he was very young, he was told that sunnis have tails like dogs and he should avoid them at all costs.
On another note- Nasrallah from Hizballah of Ze Lebanon will be visiting Najaf and Kerbala soon before heading to Teheran. Maybe he needs to thank Sistani for his latest fatwa and train a few more Iraqi hizballah fighters in good ethnic cleansing. Notice the lebanese party of "God" never condemned any of the sectarian killings in Iraq and has kept conveniently quiet. Of course dears, Zionism oblige !

The Arab Fart World : is watching Iraq with dread , impotent and unable to move despite the heavy ass kissing they administered to Condi Rice. She needs to change that ugly hairdo by the way. Seems that Iraq is not as interesting as the sex tourism provided by Ze Lebanon. N'est ce pas Your Royal Highness ?
Oh and Syria has been engaging in secret talks with Israel since 2004 whilst beating the cacophonic anti-zionist drum.

Meanwhile :
- the killings, murdering, slaughtering in Iraq continue. Families are imprisoned and divided by fear.

-Prisons and detentions camps are overflowing with men as young as 13 years old held up with no charges. The latest official figure is around 30'000 (lost the link- do your own research).Of course nothing is done by the shitty government of Iraq to release them. Naturally, they are soooneees. But mountains were moved to release 5 iranian agents ( see here as well) from The Islamic republic Revolutionary Guards caught trafficking arms to their darling Death Squads. One of them is their Guru, Hassan Abassi also named as "Dr.Kissinger"(source Iran Press News)

-U.S Air strikes have sieged Baquba.

- More Palestinians are being massacred by the Mahdi Army. Hey Nasrallah where are your brave boys ? SorryI forgot, you are training the Iraqi death squads in Lebanon. Others are left stranded in no man's land as refugees again and again !

- It is now semi-official: the Husseiniyats have become torture and spy centers in and outside Iraq.
(many "refugees" who were also Dawah party members were actually spying on Iraqis and providing names to Mama Iran, to Papa America and its puppets. How do you think the liberation/occupation took place? Overnight ? It was planned long ago. Wake up !

- Another execution is planned for the end of the month.

- The worst refugee crisis since World War II - which will prove to be worse than the Palestinian exodus.

-Umm Yasser sold 2 year old Yasser to her neighbor for 10'000 dollars. She needed the money to bribe the prison guards at Abu Ghraib before they move her husband to Bokka prison.By then it would be too late. Her husband was arrested with no charges. Need I repeat myself all the time?
The neighbor wanted little Mariam (3months old) but then realized Mariam was still suckling.
Besides, Umm Yasser could not accept the 6'000 dollars offered for Mariam as the guards wanted 10'000. So Yasser has been sold. The father released . The mother, suicidal, is begging anyone who has seen Yasser (sems he is now in Egypt) to ask the lady to return the boy and Umm Yasser promises she will sell herself instead- just bring the boy back she cries.
(you will not find this story on your respectable CNN nor on your BBC.)

- My friend Nadia finally managed to get a box of antibiotics in capsule form.
She tried to swallow one but something stuck to her palate. She spat it out and found that the capsules have been emptied of the medication and filled with sand instead.

- Still no news from O. Maybe he is dead, maybe he is alive , or maybe he is a vegetable because of torture. Remains to be seen in the next gory episode from the "New Partitioned Iraq."

Sweet Dreams !

Painting : Iraqi artist, Munthir Ali.