News Flash ! continued....

More of the same . Different Soooneeeee (sunni) neighborhoods, same stories.
From very, very reliable eyewitnesses :

- Al Amariya : Remember this name ? Remember the shelter where over 300 women and children were seeking refuge from the B52's bombs during "Desert Storm"?
For those of you with short memories , it is also referred to as Gulf I. A very smart missile carbonized to death and during their sleep, all those who sought shelter in Al Amariya.
For well over a week, Amariya has been encircled by American occupation forces, the puppet iraqi army and of course who else but the Badr/Sadr Iranian backed milita-death squads.

Um A. wakes up ever morning and sees two dead corpses lying at her front door. This has been going on for quite some time but not on a daily basis like this past week.
Her small grandchildren who live not too far away can no longer visit. They tripped over a couple of cadavers a few days ago and have been screaming hysterically with fear ever since.
One of her kids is married to a Shi'a. The spouse has been receiving death threats from the Iranian backed brigades. Was forced to move to another neighborhood, a shi'a one. The spouse is still pursued daily with death threats. The crime ? Married to a sunni. So is the spouse's mother as well all of the aunts and cousins. Go figure now ...
Umm A's other grown ups: One of her sons escaped to a neighboring country. His name was too sunni !
Her other kid is also married to a shi'a. Cannot visit her. Changed names more than once to remain in the predominantly shi'a neighborhood where he/she lives , to no avail. Packed their bags and left the country.
Her other child has diabetes. Wanted to make an appointment with her/his doctor. Too late- he has been murdered. He was a sunni. Now they have to make arrangements to drive 2 hours to visit another doctor who is willing to receive them.
Check this out, they need to get an authorization from the occupation forces first (remember they are in their own country!!!) in order to leave al Amaryia. Then they are met half way by other members of the family since no one dares to undertake that drive all the way for two hours. They relegate this poor patient from one car to another. She/he needs to change three drivers and cars before getting to the doctor. Hopefully this latter is still alive today, or so we wish.

Oh and I forgot to mention . Today around 33 men (could not get exact figure) were murdered in Al-Amaryia. The reason?
They fit the right age group : 17 - 35. By whom ? American occupation forces,Iraqi Army, and of course none other than the militias. But hey, that is only a detail right ?

Wait it gets more surreal...

- Al Baladiat : Another neighborhood populated by Palestinians.
M's family i.e his parents, siblings, nieces,nephews, uncles, aunts and cousins have all escaped. Reason ? Have a wild guess. They are Palestinians.Yep, the Iranian backed Death sqads of al Sadr and Co were at them.
The irony - part of his family sought political asylum in India and got it (thank you India!) because no other Arab country was willing to accept them. As for the other part, he is not quite sure where they are.

End of News Flash. Have a wonderful, wonderful evening !

P.S : Another detail. Um A. only found out about Saddam's assasination 8 hours later through a phone call. No electricity that day. Deliberate black out. Not that it really matters or so you think.

P.S.S: No Art work tonight , draw your own.


Anonymous said…
Cool/Not cool but we don't get much info over here in USA.
have to go to to really figure out the picture.
Amazing how I always hear about Saddam and what the gassing, but nobody even mentions that all the sectarian (is that the word? ) violence and insanity was totally verbotem under mr. evil himself.
But it's being used quite effective in USA now, and I have started to see people wearing bigger and bigger crosses, as supersition is fun and profitable to the puppetmaster. Another F%^^ Day In The EMpire.
Anonymous said…
just watch this video. And find out why Iraq couldnt win against Iran
Anonymous said…
Watch this Layla, watch and see who our brave soilders were. You demonize the Iranian army, and talk about how they wanted to march and conquer all of arabia. Watch this and see in their decent eyes, that they were ordinary citizens, young and brave with a lion's heart, who defenced their homelad and repelled the Iraqi invasion. The same lion that was the symbol of the Iranian Flag, watch this and see reality
Anonymous said…
another gem of a video from the Iran Iraq war
Anonymous said…
divide and conquer is their game,..
the longer you fight amoungst yourselves, the further they will be in position,...

there is no duality, but one middle eastern block,..

this needs to maintain it's integrity in the world view,.. else they do seel arms etc to both parties and fuel the fire of confusion fear and thence hatred,...

this beast has many heads,..
you have seen the results in philipines etc,.. don't give the devil the chance,.. don't entertain the debate,..
he plays you for fools,..

Unite and drive the Beast out of your back Yard,..
Tate said…
My dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters. My dear Iraqi Brothers and Sisters. My dear Sunni, Kurd and Sheite Brothers and Sisters. I am a white Christian American. And I am so sorry and so ashamed and I have become numb. I don't ask for forgiveness. I just ask that you unite against the evil that rules my world. Unite you Arabs! Unite you Persians! Unite you Middle Easterners. Don't consider any other options. Do it now!
Tate said…
I mean, unite together, against America. (I hope that was understood)
Layla Anwar said…
Am glad you came across
Keep at it.
Layla Anwar said…
Iranian, anonymous Warrior...hahahaha.
Many thanks for your links on youtube. If you were so victorious ,I wonder what you are still doing in Iraq ?
Layla Anwar said…

i am willing to convene with the devil if necessary - even though I believe it is not longer necessary since he is working full time now.
But please do tell how can I unite with anyone if I am dead or about to be massacred. Many thanks.
Anonymous said…
Maybe if the iraq sunnis had treated well the iraq shias under Saddam government, maybe the shias, today, treat very well the sunnis. You reap what you sown. One opinion from a Brazilian...

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