January 12, 2007

News Flash!

Three very reliable eyewitnesses confirmed to me the following :

- Al Adhamiya District , a predominantly Sunni neighborhood, has been shelled heavily.
The home of one of the persons has been partly blown away. She and her husband saw several corpses , at least three according to her, lying in different streets in Adhamiya.
She and her husband were not "quite sure" if it was the Iraqi Army, the US occupation forces or the Mahdi Death Squads. Her husband added:" It is probably the three of them."

- Karrada District, a mixed neighborhood. Sunni/Shi'a and Christians.
The third person stated that they have been without electricity for the 5th day in a row.
The shelling and mortar bombs have been continuous. Since most Iraqi homes use gas or kerosene for heating , they have been "freezing". It is impossible to go out and purchase any.
Supplies are short and it is too dangerous to leave the house.

End of the News Flash . Happy Dreams !