January 5, 2007

A Picture is worth a 1000 words.

My dear Friend K. sent me a photo of her country. A beautiful scenic view of a sunset, wishing that one day I will be able to visit this beauty spot where she lives.
I wanted to return in kind. So I checked not less than 100 pages on the Web.
I googled "Pictures of Iraq " "Photos from Iraq" and all that I could find were the following Pictures :
Abuses in Iraq, War in Iraq, Death in Iraq, Destruction in Iraq, Children in Iraq, Army in Iraq, War maps of Iraq, Military aerial pictures of Iraq, Broken homes in Iraq, Hospitals in Iraq, Depleted Uranium in Iraq, Car bombs in Iraq, Sectarian Strife in Iraq, Rape and Torture in Iraq,Occupation of Iraq, Invasion of Iraq, Looting of Iraq,Prisoners in Iraq, Beheadings in Iraq, Camps in Iraq, Soldiers in Iraq, War effort in Iraq, Oil wells in Iraq, Massacres in Iraq, Drills in Iraq, Executions in Iraq, Phosphorus bombs in Iraq, Sanction years in Iraq, Trials in Iraq, Assassinations in Iraq, Women Grieving in Iraq, Families displaced in Iraq, Killed babies in Iraq, Burned Bodies in Iraq, Destroyed schools in Iraq, Scorched earth in Iraq, Sewage and rubbish piles in Iraq, Straying dogs sniffing corpses in Iraq, Widows and Orphans in Iraq,Unemployed in Iraq, Polluted water in Iraq, Wiping out villages in Iraq, Blown up worship places in Iraq,Rubbles in Iraq, Ruins in Iraq, Morgues in Iraq, US troops in Iraq, Militias in Iraq, Mercenaries in Iraq, Contractors in Iraq,The Green Zone palace in Iraq....

Then I came across a reference to a National Geographic site . I was elated. Finally a picture of some natural scenery. Iraq used to be beautiful , surely this is where I will find it.
No, none of that. Instead it was a reference to an urgent intervention in Iraq by some medical team and National Geographic took pictures of the relief work.

For the sake of "objectivity" I must say that I did find 3 sites that had nothing to do with destruction and death. One site had old pictures of Iraq, kind of "outdated" and the quality was not good. And another site had few pictures of some greenery in Erbil.

And check this out, one of a 14th Century Torah "recovered" in 2006 in Iraq and shipped to Israel - The picture did not say how this Torah landed in Israel since it was Iraqi property. It just showed the US Ambassador visiting the Babylonian Jewish Heritage Culture House in Israel and being shown the stolen antiquarian piece. The site belongs to the U.S State Department, just in case this looting story piques your interest.

Oh and there is one picture I found of a sand storm.
It looked like a tsnunami in the sky. A frightening scene. A massive whirl of sand erupting out of nowhere. A thick merciless veil covering a picture that is worth a thousand words. A picture that only a few are willing to look at and even fewer are willing to see:


Sorry my Dear K, I could not find any photo to send you . Please accept the above post instead.

P.S: As for you other viewers (whatever your nationality or creed) I have no painting to share with you today.If you want to see works of "art" google like I did. Maybe the veil of sand will be lifted from your eyes. My guess is by then it would already be too late. But try anyway. I am sure you will ask yourself this question : "For God's sake what have We, You, I done !?!?! "