A Few Bad Apples ?

Finally an ex-detainee from Abu Ghraib testifies. This one is a "mild" case.
The "heavy duty" ones, the "heavy duty" cases are still terrified and too traumatized to speak out - assuming of course that they are still alive.

"Photographs showing the abuse of inmates at Iraq's infamous Abu Ghraib prison by US prison guards have shocked the world.
The latest one to be outraged is Admiral Michael Mullen, the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff. Mullen has voiced his disgust after seeing some of the withheld photographs of the abuse that the administration of Barack Obama, the US president, is seeking to keep under the wraps and not let the world to see. In a leaked memo obtained by the Fox News network, Mullen said he was "appalled" that someone in an American uniform would behave in such a way.
"We haven't all absorbed or applied all the lessons of Abu Ghraib," Mullen said."

Appalled ? Oh really appalled ? Appalled that someone in an American uniform would behave in such a way ? Hahahahahaha.

Because you believe that Americans in or outside uniforms don't behave in such an "appalling" way ?

Because you believe Abu Ghraib is a thing of the past ? You don't think a hundred Abu Ghraibs have been set up instead, in occupied Iraq. And camp Cropper and Bucca -do they "appall" you too ? And what else are you withholding ? I know, but your sheep Americans don't. Oh wait, they do. But they pretend they don't. Because they would have to put on an "appalled" face too. Mind you they had the opportunity to put on an "appalled" face for the past 7 years or more. But they did not. Not in any meaningful, sincere, way.

And what about the ongoing Gitmo tortures, the shadow secret prisons in Eastern Europe - Poland, Romania, Uzbekistan, Tajikstan... What about the prisons in the Middle East - Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lybia, Morocco...What about the prisons in Africa - Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia....What about the Subcontinent - India, Pakistan ...And Afghanistan's prisons, specially Afghan prisons Do you find them "appalling" as well ?

I have news for you just in case you are not aware - they were and are still run by you - appalling lot.

Khalil, the ex-detainee said he "saw guards deliberately abusing and intimidating prisoners in full view of other inmates..."[One]detainee was tortured in front of my eyes, only three metres from my cell."[He] was tortured by dogs to confess to a crime he never committed." (source)

He did not say "a few bad apples". He insinuated that your ways are organized, methodical and deliberate...

A few bad apples in uniforms ? Hell no !

You are all a basket of rot and decay.

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