A Quickie...


Quick, quickly, quickie....

Do you realize how quick the Americans are when their fingers, if not busy masturbating to celebrities from Hollywood, are on the trigger ?

Quick trigger

Bang, bam, boom, wham...

I will bang you, bam you, boom you, wham you...

They love those triggers on machine guns.

They got quick fingers.

Boom, boom,

This is John Wayne.

Oh, yeah !

This is Lucky Luke, the lonesome cowboy,

Oh, yeah !

Gotta get them.

This is fast,

Fast food, fast cars, fast sex, fast fix, fast...

This is fast Death Industry.

How long does it take Doc ?

No worries, a couple of seconds.

Oh yeah !

Praise the Lord for being so fast...

A Santa Claus,

A Bell Boy,

Give it to me

Now !


Am the citizen of quickies

Got no time to waste

Bang, bang,

Boom, boom,

That kind of quickly sums me up,

That's all folks.

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